title is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, is a Racing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th February 2019 with the latest update 19th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,895,275 people have rated 4.5.8

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Reach to the end of the water slide, try to be the first. Bump other players during the race and have fun playing this colorful and sunny water slide game.

Updated on 19th April 2022

  • Bug fixes Review

We were just taking a leisurely run down the slide and then we get knocked off twice by the same player, ok we see how this works, now its our turn. We knocked off 15 of these guys, and kept at it, but guess what, now the game puts the structures in your path ( at least with us because after all they started it ) so now we cant see what to dodge, thats playing dirty pool yall. But no problem, Ill survive your obstructions, great game otherwise.

Theres way to many ads its annoying and Ill be in the middle of the game and like every second one comes in like the frick but we love the game.


We absolutely LOVE this game!! Its so fun, there arent many levels but its still fun!! PLEASE make more characters though, we have all of them and have thousands of coins left and have nothing to spend it on we still love the game though! :D.

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It is great we enjoy it very much it is very exciting when you get first and you can skip the water slides and you can get different items to get in first, like we got a shark to eat everybody and we got up to like 10th or 9th it works good hope you enjoy this game like we do to.

Omg we love this game sm we definitely recommend!!!!<3!!!

Fun but can rage lol when ur board this is the one.

We really like this game it is very fun if youre down and its a very good game to play because you get to knock people off and it kind of feels like youre actually going swimming and we think you should really get this game because its very fun and its just the best game we’ve ever played.

We are having so much fun playing this game we got it three years ago we loved it so much.

We had so much fun playing it whoever made this is a party dancer its just a joke but theyre good.

We love this game we win like every time.

Aquapark. Io is super fun! This reminds us of Great wolf lodge. Im going there next week! LPlus we have our own YouTube channel coming up soon. Five stars!

This game is so good we love it. And there is not enough female skins agreedbut there is just the right amount this game is the absolute best and we love it.

We think this game is cool. We give it an awesome review. We think this is the best game in the world. We think the helper shark boost is good. And our opponents are tough.

So Im soooooooooo good at swimming our mom says so we wanna be a famous swimmer when we grow up and this is a swimming game thank you guys for making this game Clara.

Soooo fun not many ads but still a few.

This game is fun but theres ads, not to many but if you hate games with ads then we do not recommend this game to you.

Its good but there is a lot of adds and its sort of hard to get on a water slide that is far away at least for me.

The old app will let us play offline.


First let us say great game. So one thing is that you should definitely change the age suggestion because Im only 9 and we could play it just fine. Also we think that some problems are 1. To repetitive 2. There is no use for coins after you buy all the skins. But we have some suggestions that could maybe fix those problems.1. Solve all problems:hidden levels that you get by collecting many coins and one of the levels would be you find your way to a closed water slide and ride it but there are obstacles that ether slow you down or make you start over. Please respond. And pleeeeeaaaaase!!! No computer written responses.


OK so this is a really fun game but after we got it we saw an add for it and it was a terrible add. So if you want people to get your game you need to make better adds. Other then that anybody that sees this get the game!

This game is really fun to play but every time you finish the race you have to watch a ad an it is annoying.

It is a great game our only problems are the CPU players and the fact that all of the levels are pretty much the same. Once again its a great game and we highly recommend.

We noticed that each time we play there are the same people over and over again, so we went to see if it was just us or are the just the same bots over and over again. We named myself ImagineYOU because that was the username of the same bot or person we saw, so now Im just playing for fun and we see the same username pop up. We definitely recommend this game but dont play if you want different people in your games.

It is ok it is just boring because we win a lot.

Its alright but it has too many ads.

1:to many adds 2:TO many adds 3:TO MANY adds 4:TO MANY ADDDDDDDDS.

So, we downloaded the game because it looked really cool, but it was really glitchy. Because 1, When you jump off the slide it freezes up and when you reach the end, it gives you an ad that freezes all the time ;-;. 2, When we killed like, 9 people and reached the end and won, it gave us a piano tiles ad, and then the ad froze up. When we went back to the game, it didnt save the coins we got from the last run. 3, When you reach the end when you fall from the slide without using the green thing, it says you died. And the next time you race, you collect the coins you won, but you dont actually get them. Voodoo, you have some questions to answer.

He should delete ads for now because it caused other people to rage.

We used to love this game but after playing it for years it just gets old. There is no new stuff or skins. We would love to see game modes like for example one where you ride a tube or something down a slide.

This is the worst ad placement every single time you fail you get a ad its ridiculous.

Its so bad we hate it it delete it now.

Man we literally cannot believe how in reality if you try sky diving face first off of a water slide you would probably die but in this game its like youre a superhero that can fly off of water slides Lol.

This game is perfect theres literally nothing else that could be improved. Just a few more levels and youll be.

We just like it so so so so so so so so so much.

We really enjoy this game because it is very fun.