Backflip Master – Parkour Game

Backflip Master – Parkour Game


Backflip Master – Parkour Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Backflip Master – Parkour Game is a Sports game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 7th October 2021 with the latest update 22nd April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


6,329 people have rated 1.10

You can download the game Backflip Master – Parkour Game from APP STORE.


Backflip Master – a dynamic game with unique gameplay, built using a state of the art physics simulation engine.
A full ragdoll system brings you endless possibilities and surprises.
Come to various locations performing extreme jumps and stunts.
The Parkour system helps you unlock new tricks and skills.

Updated on 22nd April 2022

Bug fixes

Backflip Master – Parkour Game Review

Can you please change the ads to kid friendly ads.

This game is so fun but there is one bad thing about it it stops working and makes us delete it and download it back but accept that the game is so awesome!!!!

This is so addicted we playing until 3 AM playing this game we love it.

Normally we skip mobile game ads but this one was pretty good we play it a lot in our free time just keep adding more costumes and flips.

We’ve been playing for about a hour and a half and we already have 1b coins and on level 128, we’ve never seen a game like this, :D – Your Friend, us.

Good game but after a few hours of playing it kicks us and doesnt let us play again.

Its good but feels slightly incomplete. You have no choice with the hats, as you cant take them off or change them. Its a pretty casual game but pretty challenging at times.

This game is good, fun , and exiting. The one problem is that the levels do not get harder,and the flips get lamer and lamer. Please add harder levels and better flips !!!!!

Im cool with the levels there r, plus Im only on 150 so we mightve not seen all of them but yeah pls keep adding more thank you love you.

We have had this game for about a week. It is very fun. We cant say much about it. We are on about level 520 or so, and 1 octillion coins. But, after you buy all the different types of flips and characters, it gets a bit boring. Still 9/10. Good game.

It makes it harder to do stuff.

It was fun until level 40 which is just a scheme to give you ads cause it is impossible to beat that without dying 20,000 times.

So in level 49 there are boxes in an inappropriate shape.

The glich is about the back flip every time we try a backflip it gets slowed down and ruins backflip streaks. Im level 115 and this glich ruins the glich and makes us hate it so much that we wish this game gets deleted because of the glich.

This game helped us improve our backhandspring.

This game is good but we found bugs, when you try to jump sometimes it just makes you sit curled up in a ball also we have notice that it repeats level witch is disappointing because in the add it showed more levels but in the actual game is just repeats so that is a big flop. But on the bright side the game is really fun and entertaining, we had to quit our fav game and then we found this game and we got addicted, we like this game.

Would love to play the game if there wasnt an ad every couple seconds , even when im in an area w no connection / service im not even able to play an OFFLINE game, dont even try to put on airplane mode because theyll just not let you play.

Ok so this game is really satisfying even when you have the right jump it is the best. The skins are so cute :) we love dis game we recommend. But there is ads when we make it so CUT THE DANG ADS! Please and thank u bye.

We love the game but there are many adds so we suggest turning on airplane mode because airplane mode still lets you play but also gets rid of the adds. Overall addictive.

Its a great game but its very laggy and we have to keep resetting our phone but overall its a great game.

We love this game! Its very nice and fun to get new characters and backflips. Butthe ads thoughIts a lot of ads in the game and us loving this game we dont want a lot of ads in the game so yeah! Thats it, and thanks for this bootiful game.

We recommend this game not that much ads and good gameplay and fun.

We Play everyday this game was very fun one backfill so go tall!

We don’t know why but we’ve been playing this game for like a month and we’re on level 645 and have 7n coins. THIS GAME IS AWESOME!

Its not even that crazy of a mini game but im actually addicted. We’ve been playing for maybe 5 days and im on level 421 and am in the sextillions of coins. Only thing is that theres no more flips or outfits to collect but still rlly fun. Also just so yall know the coins start glitching out in the levels once you get to the trillions.

This game is absolutely amazing we love how you can claim coins so fast we love how the flipping is so smooth.

Everything is good besides that ur useing the same levels.

We LOVE this game! We started playing this game in about the beginning or middle of March, and now its getting to the end. Im on level 327, and we have like 641q coins, but we decided to stick with the main character and the main jump because it works better. Also we’ve seen from the other reviews that the new update has messed up the game. We havent updated the game yet, but now we dont think we will. The owners of this game should really fix this update. Even though we completely love this game, Im giving it a 4 out of 5.

All in all we think the game is fun, we really do. But after we got the zombie chick skin we havent been able to unlock the last either 4 or 5 characters. All tricks we have. Also, we think there should be more levels or at least scenery instead of doing the same levels with just higher coins in place. Its relaxing but when youre trying to unlock everything and this happens then its just nothing new.

Every time we flip we cant do flips and sometimes we can like what???? And we always get stuck in the weirdest places and cant flip out, isn’t the game called backflip master???? Way too many bugs in this but could be fun if there wasn’t so many bugs.

We love your game! It is a Actually good game!5 stars.

All the skins look cool and the tricks and the ad didnt lie about the game looking like and also our friend told that in the ad there was a white ninja with white sleeves and a black ninja with black sleeves please contact us back.

We are so addicted to this game and we cant stop playing it. We recommend playing and trying it out. It is a really good game and it is our favorite!!! We LOVE IT.

This so the worst flip game we have ever played its impossible to land on ur feet because the character doesnt stand right or squat right.

As soon as you reach level 28 your progress restarts to level 1, we’ve played this twice to see if it was true and it is indeed true. Dont waste your time on this honestly.

We dont usually rate games but we just felt like we had to with this. Its really addicting and we cant stop playing it. Our only thing is we maxed out in the first 2 days of having the game, and now we have a ton of money and nothing to do with it. But we love it!! Good job! Maybe you could make a sandbox version where you can see how many flips you can do in a row without a finish line.

The different wardrobes and flip styles are expensive, so all the money Im making is taken.

This game was alright we are on level 4317, and with this new update we lost all of our tricks and characters. Yall need to stop screwing with the power settings for the characters and the trick styles. You have screwed it up. With the new update AGAIN we have lost all of our tricks and characters. Now the jump timing is off and the characters are crap.

We really like the game and we hope they add more updates.

Im on level 3 for a day we and we cant do it!