Archer Forest : Idle Defence

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 06:00 pm

Archer Forest : Idle Defence

Archer Forest : Idle Defence

Archer Forest : Idle Defence is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Game Duo Co.,Ltd., Archer Forest : Idle Defence is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 1st April 2021 with the latest update 9th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Archer Forest : Idle Defence ?

7,170 people have rated 8.05.01

What is the price of the Archer Forest : Idle Defence ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Archer Forest : Idle Defence released ?

Archer Forest : Idle Defence was released on 1st April 2021.

When was the Archer Forest : Idle Defence updated ?

The latest updated date of Archer Forest : Idle Defence on 9th June 2023.

Where can Archer Forest : Idle Defence be downloaded ?

You can download the game Archer Forest : Idle Defence from Apple Official App Store.



Become a fellow of archers and protect the forest!

▶Enormous Stage
Clear numerous stages and explore the new continent!

▶Easy to Control
All you need to do to become stronger is tap the screen and merge two arrows!

▶Fast and Speedy Growth Speed
Upgrade to a nicer and more powerful arrow! You can be the best very easily!

▶Endless Contents
Earn more items by Boss fight!

▶Cute Animal Heros
Collect unique and cute heroes with various abilities!

▶ Game Contact: [email protected]

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  • Developer Contact: 3F, 16, Yanghwa-ro 12-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea / [email protected] / VAT ID: 552-86-01407

Updated on 9th June 2023

  • Archer Mine now a Sesonal event
  • Fixed bugs and made quality-of-life improvements

Archer Forest : Idle Defence Review

We literally just need green buttons to make it feel better and know where to tap without having to actually read the text.

We enter the game and then It reaches 90% and kicked.

The game is very good. Its fun to progress, there are always events which help with progression, and the game is updated frequently. On the other hand, the price of the VIP packs are a little ridiculous. If there are going to be 9 VIP packs, that you have to get in order to have a completely meta account, they should not cost as much as they do. To buy all VIP packs would run you hundreds of dollars, thats a little crazy. If the price was lowered, we would buy the last few packs & we are sure that a lot of other players would purchase them too.

Thought this was a fun and innocent game to kill a little time, but then we started unlocking the pets in the game. Many are named after demons like Lilith and succubus. So sad they have to pay homage to evil.

The game does not load past 90% and only gets to 90% if you are lucky. The support page is from 2020 and is in Korean and appears to be terms of service instead of support. We believe Apple should remove this from the App Store until actual support page is provided, especially since the majority of negative reviews we have read indicate issues tend to arise when money is given to the app.

Just downloaded but it wont load past 90%, and as soon as it hits 90 it crashes and goes back to the Home Screen.

Having made an accidental $400.00 purchase they have not responded or refunded us. Great game concept owned by crooks.

When we join the game it immediately reaches 90% and 5en it takes us back to our Home Screen .

Game was great, recent update delete our account and would sync with the cloud server. We’ve emailed the devs multiple times and they never respond. Be wary if you choose to spend money.

We really like this game but it wont let us play. We played for a bit and bought the ad free but then whenever we would load up the game it would say loading start at 6% and then end at 90% and the loading screen would say cleaning anvil.

We find myself playing this game whenever possible, and it not to hard to play and time commitment.

So Im usually not one to leave reviews, if we like a game we like it, and if we dont then we dont. However, we feel as if this game is genuinely one of the better idle games we’ve come across in a very long time and we feel as if with a little bit of work, this game could be great! Instead of going right into our issues with the game, Id like to go over what we do enjoy for anyone considering downloading. For starters, this is an idle game, if thats not your type of gaming then we would continue game searching. Other wise we fee as if this game is full of features to keep you interested. The addition of PVP, boss battles (along with legendary battles to receive anvil fragments), an additional village you can build to receive awards, an archer ours, and many other features; theres no denying theres a lot to do in this game. We also like the fact that there is a lot of detail in this game, unique skills from different archers, the look of your arrow changes with every level and you have pets that can also give good bonuses. Despite so many features we’ve found that theres minor issues with most of them. Ill start with our biggest issue with this game its very demanding on your battery. Obviously, when youre running a game for any amount of time its going to take its toll on your device. However, we find that its very hard to enjoy this game as many events force you to stay inside the game for over 10mins+ while it eats at our battery. A perfect example of this is the deep forest. The deep forest gives you items that cant be obtained anywhere else for free at the expense of spending essence of the forest, and this is great but if we close out of the game we wont be able to obtain the loot from the deep forest which means we must keep the game open the entire time which could clock well over 30mins. The same goes for doing legendary boss battles which requires you to wait in a lobby with other players for 10mins before the battle starts, this would be fine if not for the fact that you cant access or do anything else in the game while you wait. This leads us to our next issue, we would just leave the legendary battle and come back when we have the time to wait, but once you leave theres no way to determine when the next battle will pop up. This battle gives you anvil fragments which we would like to argue is currently one of the most rare items in the game purely because of how long it takes for the event to pop up again. It could be days, maybe a week, Im not sure. And these items cant be purchased so its even more important that you take the chance when it pops up. Another rare item in the game is finding unique bows to equip to your archers which in our week of playing this game have not been able to find one. If we were looking correctly we were supposed to find one at lvl. 100 of the archer mines but as soon as we got to the archer ours the tracker then turned to lvl. 1000 which will take us months to get down to. Youre only given 30 pickaxes and one special pick to descend the mines and if many of the stone blocks take 3 picks to break through a long with 2 picks to break red gem deposits or 10 picks to unlock a rune stone deposit we just feel as if promising a bow at these lower levels are a bit unreasonable. We also find that its not very well explained how to obtain a lot of the resources in the game. It took us up until a legendary boss battle to pop up for us to figure out where Im supposed to obtain rune fragments as well as it took us up until we unlocked the deep forest to figure out where we can find black diamonds. We still dont know the best way to find unique bows as we thought it was through the mines but that clearly isnt true. Other than this we really dislike the amount of in app purchases in the form of deals they push at you to buy. We get it, this is a free game and the game devs need a way to make money to keep this app running, but many of the deals the game shoves in your face arent even really deals. Many of these purchases you could easily obtain by literally playing the game for maybe 5mins. The only purchase we would deem worth buying is the bundle that gives you ad blocker as it makes the game loads more easier. We personally have not bought this bundle as we try our best not to spend money on free games, but the devs do give you a free 24hrs to use ad blocker which did make the game loads more easier and better. The final complaint we have about this game is that for some reason literally every tab we press requires some type of load time that can go anywhere between 1-3 seconds. We dont mind this too much but it does get a little annoying when youre continuously switching between tabs and have to wait a second or 3 between each tab. Ill end this the way we started it. We really do like this game and we plan on continuing to play, however some changes to the points we made above would honestly make this game go from good to great for us. Thank you to the devs for making such a good idle game, we would love to see some changes to make the game even more fun to play.

We would like to play this game, but it is crashing at 90% on the loading screen. This is really annoying us. Could you fix this issue? It will make us and everyone else who has the same issue really happy. From: Moonjangsam.

We played the game a lot cause we just like a good idle game. Recent update wont even let the game load and now we feel like we’ve lost all our progress.

Do not play this game if the game doesnt load for you one time if you try to restart the app all of your account info gets deleted and we lost everything we had and all the money we spent on the game.

We use a VPN while on our phone (privacy, etc), and unfortunately, this app doesnt connect to your services while we are connected to our VPN (tested by disconnecting from VPN and app worked as it was supposed to). Im not going to disconnect from our VPN just to use this or any other app, nor should we have to. While we do have to disconnect from VPN to use apps like Amazon for ordering, etc, 99% of the apps we comes across work as intended with VPN, and those are the ones we will use. We mention this to yall as Im sure that Im not the only one whose come across this issue and as more and more people use VPNs, youll be alienating more and more potential clientele by not allowing VPN traffic to access your services.

The game wont even load, trash.

Cant even play the game. The game will only load at 90% and it will just close the game.

We would love to see more done with the characters Maybe slight changes when leveling up? Little story descriptions for each level up? Nothing crazy unless you wanna put a ton of effort in.

Even though parts really harden, just to makes sense we still love this game.

We would like to play this game, but Im crashing at 90% on the loading screen. Can you fix this please? Itll make us happy. From: Moonjangsam PS: Sorry if this is not detailed, its too simple to add a ton of detail.

Kool game needs a auto merge honestly idk bout anyone else but if yall update it and it dont got one ima be disappointed.

Everytime you click on something it always says processing request please wait and it takes forever. Takes the enjoyment away, the processor needs to be faster, shouldnt have to wait everytime we click on archer mines, family, guild, etc.

Warning, dont play this on multiple devices if you make purchases. Our game bugged and rolled us back an entire day which included purchased items. Support will not answer and Apple will not refund you. If you spend, go elsewhere.

Wouldnt boot past 90%. Even tried turning off the iPod and turning it back on. Looks like a fantastic casual game but sadly just wont cooperate with our device.

This is a great game to play when you get bored.

Black Diamonds are required in this game for mid level+ content. We’ve spent about $40 on vip and other stuff, we’ve been playing about 3 weeks. We havent seen a single bow drop. We get 2-5 black diamonds/day. You need dozens for anything more than basic upgrades, with a 70% success rate (that seems more like a 70% fail rate regardless of what the UI says). So, you save up for days upon days just to fail an upgrade. The game is good. But Im quitting over it. Theyre too greedy. They want you to spend literally $119 for a new area pack. If you arent a millionaire and dont want to have to spend thousands on a game in order to progress – save yourself the $40 to figure this all out.

We played the game for a bit and enjoyed it enough to make a few investments. Update rolls around and we start experiencing game crashes. Another update and more crashes. Now, here we are after wasting more data on what is this time a game breaking update. How do we fix it, reinstall the app wasting more data for yet another fix that doesnt work or do we just move on to the next game?

Fun game to play but we lost all our progress when it updated.

First time in awhile we’ve spent money on a mobile game. This games a breath of fresh air for mobile games!!

We understand that you want to push your in app purchases on us but cmon, we wanna see the top section and watch our archers shoot the things, instead we had so many little icons on the top left of our screen underneath our inbox that covered up our arc heres and that top of the screen, not to mention the boss fight 0/2 and clear waves 0/20 take up a lot of space as well, just wish we could see the actual fight going on and there were less adds covering everything, please do something about this, it is our ONLY issue with your game.

WHY DO we KEEP GETTING AUTO KILLED ON WAVE 20!?!? We dont even see a monster, we just instantly die!??????

Got banned for no reason. Emailed them several times to ask for why and they never responded.

If your like us then ^ should be appealing enough.

The game itself is great and has lots of adventure in it but theres one main and annoying fracture in this game, its that it randomly crash our game every couple of minutes, Im on IOS but it has nothing with our end, can you please fix this bug.

Pretty good, don’t need to buy stuff to progress. One bug currently though. Our archer Scar has their info in Korean if we select it first. If we select it after looking at another archer then Scar’s info (name,etc) is the same as that other archer.

Enjoying the game somewhat, but annoyed that the 4star acher we pulled (scar), is bugged and cant be leveled up.

Constantly stalling since the latest updates. Can you please just fix the game before adding more new features?

Beware of remove commercials and other paid upgrades. We paid to win and it led to failure of basic game function. The GUI is out of sync with the data. When you drag and drop to merge into the far right column the items do not merge and return to their original positions. It is incredibly frustrating after we paid to win in a pay to win game. Its a shame it was a very good time waster. We wish we just did not pay to win.

We adore this game, but it force quits a lot and half of the time it wont start at all. It loads to 90% and then quits. Also likes to randomly kick us while playing constantly. If these issues ever got fixed, would rate 5 stars.

This game will kick you off the app after playing for 5 minutes or so. It also a money hungry game stay away from this game.

Black diamonds are required to progress in this game but we have zero opportunity to get them even with 230 lvl arrows Im over a 100 rounds behind anyone just to get 5 forest essence the minimum possible in a day we cant beat the whales who spend hundreds a week for the love of god put us in a server we can actually participate in because right now we cant play the game.

It game is perfect. Ads only if you want. The is very easy and fun Definitely worth our time.

If you are tapping the screen just to get some extra damage on a boss, there will be an ad flying where youre tapping /ahole design.

If youre really honest with yourself the game is extremely repetitive. You level up your archers, your arrows and you try to beat the level. Every level is IDENTICAL just harder with asset swaps for enemies. Theres some interesting things you can rat hole down but at the end of the day all this game is is a very repetitive gameplay loop.

They stole money in 3 separate transactions from us. We NEVER tapped to get them. Stay away from Archer Defense!!!!!

Good game but we cant figure out how to change the heroes we have equipped, and we dont know if its a glitch or a game design we will give a better review if we can figure this out.

Used to be able to pay 200 gems to toggle auto merge for 30 mins or watch an ad, now you can only watch ads to toggle it.

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