Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 09:10 am is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 25th September 2020 with the latest update 26th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of ?

29,042 people have rated 1.3.1

What is the price of the ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the released ? was released on 25th September 2020.

When was the updated ?

The latest updated date of on 26th October 2021.

Where can be downloaded ?

You can download the game from Apple Official App Store.



Collect archers and beat your enemies to become the biggest army of archers!

Updated on 26th October 2021

  • Bug fixes Review

This game is the best game we ever played you have to download it.

We purchased this game so we would not have to see the numerous ads but when we did we could not get the skins we earned. All of a sudden our buttons wouldnt work to extra money or accept skins. Fix this.

We love this app so much and there is not too much adds. You should definitely get this app.

This game is the best we love it.

Fun game! Except interruptions for adds back to back! If they fixed that might be 4 stars.

We think that this game is pretty amazing. We think its pretty fun we dont like that you dont get the characters once you kill them also the little white guys are pretty fast. We think we should be able to go faster with out the boost. Because otherwise the white characters are faster than us. But this game is pretty fun And there are no ads unless you push the buttons that you have to watch it add to get. Really we would say 4 in a half stars. Really really fun game. ( if you see catlover watch out that is us we have got 1st place every time so far)

Fun Game But Wayyyy to many ads and Plus more time needs to be added into the Area Instead of just Ads Harvesting Farming we Get you gotta make your money Some how… However Its Killing the app and its play time all togather.

This game is super fun and addicting. For us all . Io are but this is addicting on a whole new level! Doesnt have many adds like most . Up games so thats great too. Love it a lot!!

Its ok lol lol yeah thats good dude.

We like the game but the ads we hate them cuz they pop up every single time we mean its annoying cuz imagine ur playing the game an ad pops up and your like it will be short and you will be not correct.

This game is good and all but our game lagged and now we cant do anything it looks like we have to download it again after EVERYTHING we’ve done.

Theres a glitch in level 105, our army doesnt grow.

Fun game but hard to play with all the ads that stop in the middle of the game.

There is way to much ads in this game we cant even play dis for one second.

Game is fun as any io game is but it made our phone overheat and we had to uninstall it. Iphone SE2020.

Fun game but bout the ad feee and still HAVE to play ads every other round to build armor. What a joke.

The game was good at first but then our character stopped collecting an army he just freezes in place.

We like this game but we HATE THE ADS their are ads each time you die and each time you win its so annoying and sometimes we feel like delisting this game because of how many ads their are this is overall super annoying and we hate the ads but otherwise this game is good but please fix the ads.

Ads make it literally impossible to play.

Seriously?!? Ads in the middle of the game. Come on.

Im on LEVEL 19 but our character is standing and moving at the same time can you fix this please.

This WAS a fun game to play. We’ve been on level 100 for the past few months. Army stopped growing. Hopefully there is an update soon.

Every time we start a level it pops into an ad, takes 4 xs to get out of them, and pops back into the game where during that time we lost. F this game.

When its an online game and its multiplayer its best to keep the ads away until after the round is over . Ridiculous.

Its just bots no real people in the game and they throw ads at you every minute. Avoid this at all cost all good reviews are fake.

Multiple ads interrupt game play not at end of round. Game locked up and lost progress several times. Not worth our time.

This was fun for about a minute, but then the glitches started. Man would only glide around like floating and not collect any new people. Also way too many ads. Way more similar games out there without all these problems do not waster your time.

Way to many adverts. You cant play a single game without being stopped in the middle for an advert.

Too many ads. Ads in the middle of a match. Terrible game.

We’ve tried to restart the app and its glitching wont let us grow when you start out with one guy and you try and get other guys it wont just stays at one guy and we cant fight indie as soon as someone attacks us.

We are loving his game. However, since we updated our software on our phone, it now crashes when It goes to ad mid round (which we absolutely dislike) and we have to close out the app which means we lose the round.

Its a good game if you are bored but there is way to many adds Atleast two adds to a round and they take forever to run through you watch more adds than actually playing not worth it.

If we pay for the add removal we dont want to watch adds! Why would not remove all the adds if we pay! Youre still forcing us to watch them after game.

Dont have so many ads otherwise whats the whole point of playing the game when an ad pops up mid game.

We cant talk about the game cause mostly we were watching ads than playing the game!!!!

No true multiplayer. You play bots, the game stops and then plays ads. So many ads. Unplayable.

Game is fun and addicting. Paid to remove ads and still getting nothing but Ads. What a joke.

Get it it is shuch a good game.

Some times when Im playing this game we like to get the game done fast in that case the time limit is a good thing but when Im trying to be strategic and trying to collect more people BOOM the time limit has 5 seconds left.

We Cant multiply our group now. Im on level 195. We keep dying as 1 person. Can you plz fix this.

We like the games but we wish there was more permanent way to get rid of commercials but still have the same gross in coin that you would get with commercials.

Its a good game but to many adds like 4 a game.

So we have just played one round? And this could just be bc lvl one but. The game is way to easy and Im not trying to brag or be rude Its also just hole.o but worse we guess it l0oked like a good game from the adds but it isnt so far this review is very inaccurate bc we literally just started no hate to the creators and imma make a more accurate review later imma play it more rn (Ty for reading!^^)

There are an array of problems that you cant cover in one review, actually we could probably make a PowerPoint of how many issues this game has. Number 1 Ads, you excessively force ads onto your users whenever you want to just because you can. Number 2 the game is severely underdeveloped and clearly had no effort put into it, for example why can you upgrade your damage and defense if it literally does nothing. Number 3 gameplay, not only is this game repetitive, boring, and all around bland: it has bugs and the levels get more and more unfair. All of the other groups of archer specifically target you and even go across the map to chase you non stop, they all gang up on you and there is nothing you can do about it because you just get sandwiched. As this is not a bug it is definitely a gameplay issue, unlike this next bug Im going to address. Throwing weapon level and armor level aside, if you had 28 archers and the opponent had 26, almost 9 times out of 10 you will lose that fight. This bug normally occurs when there is a large sum of both groups attacking each other or if the formation is a shape other than circle. And ANOTHER bug is when you eliminate a group for example you eliminate a group full of 14 archers, you will only get 5 or 6 of those archers. In conclusion this all around is not a very good game and we honestly dont expect any of these bugs or gameplay issues to be fixed unless the game is making them good money, the company who made this game are your simple run of the mill rinse and repeat Ad launchers. These are not games to them, the application is a source of income. The company even goes so far to being lazy that they use the same blue stick figure model for every game, sometimes sizing up the dimensions if you can even call it a change. So for everyones sake, and so these scum bags who clearly dont want to make video games for the consumers benefit but rather theirs, stop downloading these games. Because all that will happen is that youre going to play the game for a couple of minutes, see its repetitive and riddled with a labyrinth of Ads, and then delete it. All while these dirtbags get every penny out of every second that Ad plays.

In the middle of the round you get an ad. We have no problem with getting the ads, but why does it have to interfere with the game play.

So off of the bat its a great game, and we love playing it on our new iPhone. That begin said the game is glitching way to much. We literally stopped trying to collect most prizes at one point and simply played the game till we had purchased literally everything there was to offer. We decided to try hundreds of times only to fail a majority of them in attempting to collect all the awarded skins, and even still there are some we can not collect at all because the treasure box mini game doesnt function well at all. Understand threw shear force of will, and absolute stubbornness we forced myself to continue attempting to collect prizes awarded by the game for watching ads. Either the ad would play and by the end when the (x) is hit it would freeze causing us to have to close, and reopen the game only to lose the prize offered anyways or the ad/game would freeze right off the bat as we click to view the add. These two things happen about 89% of the time. As for the treasure mini game well even when we open the treasure boxes all we can see is a small blank screen over where the prizes should be shown, and at this point its not even giving the prizes even when the box is selected. Which was less frequent at one point, but is now happening 100% of the time. Ever since we finally FINALLY!!!! Got the last skin there was to win/ purchased with coins collected the glitches have gotten worse. The saving grace is that we love the game play when its not overshooting or lagging which at this point is as soon as we begin playing. Fortunately that issue we’ve found is solved by going to skins and select any except the default skin. Oh and the game doesnt seem to save the skin im using during play when we close it and will about 60% of the time reset to the default skin as we open the game or sometimes start us in a lagged default skin as we start play. During play in this (default skin glitch) we cant collect any white figures, and even if we do our count will not go up nor will there be any growth from the one figure that we start with. Solution close/ open game again, and hope it doesnt happen again. The game is fun, but the glitches are far from fixed. Good luck we hope those issues get addressed, because in our book at this rate the game will never have five stars. Hope yawl can do something realistic to fix the issues.

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