Arkanoid vs Space Invaders

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Arkanoid vs Space Invaders


Arkanoid vs Space Invaders is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SQUARE ENIX Ltd, Arkanoid vs Space Invaders is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th May 2017 with the latest update 2nd September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


167 people have rated 1.3

You can download the game Arkanoid vs Space Invaders from APP STORE.


Two of the most iconic classic games ever made meet in Arkanoid vs Space Invaders!

"There is just so much game here to enjoy…" – Destructoid 9/10
"… it’s really worth putting your money where your mouth is and picking up this game." – TouchArcade 4.5/5


  • Combines the exciting shoot ‘em up and block breaking gameplays in one game.
  • Reflect the invaders bullets right back at them.
  • Gather energy and trigger Attack Mode to destroy your enemies.


  • Each level will test your skills and puzzle solving abilities.
  • Experience over 20 different powers.
  • Defeat huge 3D Invader bosses and save the galaxy.


  • Unlock 40 different characters from the Taito legacy each with their own unique abilities (Shields, split ball, etc.)
  • Hard Mode offers a new challenge for completionist players
  • Compete on the leaderboards in ranked mode

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders is completely free of in-app purchases and requires IOS 8.0 or later.

Updated on 2nd September 2020

Various bug fixes and improvements.

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders Reviews

This is play to win, not pay to win. We love the fusion of Space Invaders and Arkanoid, two games we played a lot in video games arcades of yesteryear.

Absolutely addictive mash-up of two old favorites. We play it everyday in small {or larger}bits,depending on our success. Wish there were more such retro games.

This bring us back to the classics with a twist.

We cannot write enough superlatives to describe this game. A lot of love and attention to detail went into creating this game. This game is the very definition of QUALITY! It combines the gameplay of two games, but is so much more than that. UPDATE: we JUST FINISHED LEVEL 150!!! So Im done with the game in NORMAL MODE!! So much fun!!! Most levels you have to play multiple times to CLEAR STAGE!! But its not frustrating. IT IS A BLAST!!! Now HARD MODE adds new twists to the game! We’ve completed 5 stages in HARD MODE. Im not sure if its going to be possible to clears all stages in HARD MODE, but well see. And then theres a SURVIVAL MODE!! This is the best $5 we’ve spent in a long time. GET THIS GAME NOW, and thank the developers later. Youll love this game. Its a TRUE GEM!

This game is very well done! Makes us feel like we just slipped a quarter into our iPhone, arcade goodness!!!

We love everything about the game itself, but game sounds and music doesnt seem to be working on our iPhone 11. It would really be a 5 star game to us, we will be sure to change the score if it gets worked out.

Cant open the game, it sticks at a spinning wheel upon launch after a recent ios update. Its a great game! Please fix it to resolve this issue.

This is an interesting concept, well programmed game. Most levels are fun, worth paying for. But, we think Arkanoid is the best arcade game ever, so why can we not play it on modern devices? It used to be available on Apple, many years ago, but then it stopped working, and no longer exists. Why?!? We would buy it easily for $15-20, especially if it included all versions. And dont stop there. Can someone please put out legal versions of early 80s video games?? We know there can be some license issues, but come on, todays games are weak, we want quarter after quarter pumping fun!!

We paid for this game a few years ago and now it doesnt work. Stays in loading screen.

Im stuck in a infinite loading screen and cant play anymore. It used to work fine until now.

Stuck on loading screen on latest version.

Used to work, but stopped working once iOS was updated for the year. Dont support these type of developers. Highly NOT recommended. Update – 3 November 18- Still not working with iOS 12. Update – 28 October 2021 – Still not working on a iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS 15.1 ! Game just loads up and stays at the spiny wheel status screen with music playing on endless loop, even with deletion and reinstall action. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!

We’re really enjoying this game. Cool twist on the original.

Practically perfect. Thanks for making a great game with nothing extra to buy. This game is just super fun.

Although extremely frustrating a lot of times, we grew up with Space Invaders and we think this game absolutely contagious and full of exciting awesomeness!

Im enjoying this game. Im in the 60s levels now and its getting harder now. For the price we paid very good value. We would recommend this game if you like break out and space invaders both.

This game is totally worth the money and brings back this old school game in a whole new way. We appreciate that there is no in game purchases, in fact we appreciate it so much we are taking time to write this review.

We were a little skeptical at first about this game until it got harder and reminded us of all the hours we spent playing these games in the arcade back in the 80s. Its super fun and well worth the money. If you love these games then this a must have. Thank you. Please make more levels soon. We finished the game in 5 days but level 137 was a tough one. We had to use 3 special powers to barely complete it.

Great crossover. There is no energy holding you back. We hate games that have a good concept but hide it behind a pointless paywall of only having 5 attacks every 3 hours or something dumb. There is none of that here. You could set down and beat the whole thing a once if you want, but it would take a while even if youre good. Good replay value. Once you beat a level normally, it unlocks that levels Hard Mode, which reduces time to complete the goal. Money seems to be a bit easy to earn, so far the characters (which there are 40 of we think) have all cost 1500 coins, which is sort of easy to get. Im fine with that but we also like a bit of difficulty, and we havent run into any money problems at all so far. We should mention Im only about halfway through the game while Im writing this review. Our only complaint so far is the limited options for spending coins. Every character is 1500, and you unlock 3 new characters ever 15 levels. Also you can buy any of 4 available boosts to help in a level, they cost between 1 and 2k coins each. We wish there was some sort of cosmetics available like once you beat an area you could trade with that area and buy skins for your ship or HUD skins that were themed after that area or something. Idk Im a sucker for that kind of stuff. Overall excellent game so far, we’ve put about 3 hours into it and Im half way through NORMAL levels, there are still all the levels to beat on hard mode after this which we do plan on doing. Oh yea we forgot about the multiplayer aspect. Basically you get an endless supply of minions for 60 seconds and you score as many points as you can and get placed on the game center leaderboards. Its ok, we suppose it will give us something to do after we beat the game, but that will be a while since we only play for 20-30 mins at a time.

Game has a ton of content and is a great mash up of two old school faves if you’re old enough to remember them in arcades. If not, it’s modern enough to not seem too retro. Challenging enough to not be frustrating. Fun unexpected surprise.

Great game without IAP how all games should be !!

This game is supreme! We dont play many games on our phone or tablet, but we cant help but to love this one! It combines two of Taitos best into one superb game! The only thing we wish this game had was more levels. Other than that, WOW!

Well-designed with exciting action and sound effects! If you like old-school gaming enhanced with crisp, sharp graphics and audio, give this little gem a try. Our new fave!! Love it!!

Its so good that we actually took the time to write a review…. That that never happens. Great game. Only a level or two thats almost 100% luck to complete making it difficult in spots, but then the game shifts back to skill. Tons of play styles due to the character power up options. We deleted our 100% game just to start it all over again!

Somehow we missed this when it was released, but we loved it. Beat both normal and hard modes, definitely even more fun the second time!

Arkanoid was fun, but never really got us hooked as a kid, and Space Invaders was about the same, but together, theyre far greater than the sum of their parts. Further, in a world of throw-away freemium garbage with loot box gambling and predatory IAP, Arkanoid vs Space Invaders plays it straight and honest. You get 150 stages and lots of unlockable characters. Im on stage 61 currently, and we know whenever you beat 15 stages, you unlock hard mode versions of those stages. You could argue that this makes 300 stages worth of content. Aside from one additional download on opening the game for the first time, it requires no online capability after that. Its an old fashioned, fun, fair app that deserves support so that Taito and SE know what we want.

Great mix of two arcade classics. We hope more updated classics come out soon.

Great mix of games. Arkanoid and space invaders. Sound effects bring back good memories. We can’t stop playing.

This is an amazing game. By adding a time limit, this game takes the classic arkanoid formula and makes it more exciting and more strategic. The worst part of arkanoid games is trying to hit the final block, but this game has almost none of that frustration. We finally beat hard mode, and there is an actual different hard mode ending. It’s like the team took everything we hate about mobile gaming (ads, iap, grind, lack of an ending) and did the opposite. Great job. Also, ignore that guy complaining about too much storyline. There is a skip button, and we appreciated the storyline despite it being simple and a little goofy.

This game is worth the price. There is a wealth of content! It is challenging and fun. It doesnt harass you to collect tokens for progression. Play at your leisure and enjoy yourself.

Do you ever get the feeling you got this game just for certain Taito game characters? To be honest it is a good game all and all.

A lot of game for little money. Don’t have to pay to win!

We can’t believe this even exists, let alone how well this mash up works. If you like the original versions of either of these games, you absolutely need to give this a try. It’s exactly as awesome as it sounds.

One of the best mobile games out there! Gets better the deeper you get through the levels.

Lots of throwback fun. Each map is unique and has a good difficulty.

Great idea to combine the two. Wish they would of thought of it sooner!

Best game we’ve played in a while for passing the time. Plus it’s pay and play so no having to shell out more money for stupid powerups.

This is the best version of arkanoid.

We biught this game in sale 99cents and was totally surprised how fun this game was. High replayability.

We wish more high quality premium games existed this this.

We LOVE this game! Its so much fun to play, and definitely is worth the money. We want to play it day and night, but our mom and dad wont let us. We think this game is for everyone to play! Each level gets harder and harder, but that doesnt stop us! If we could rate this game from 1-100 Id give it 100% and higher! So this game is definitely right for everyone, anywhere, any age.

Great Mix of 2 Classics! Just difficult enough. Really hard to put down!

Its Arkanoid. Its Space Invaders. It is a lot of fun with a steady ramping of difficulty as you move forward. Well worth the five bucks.

You can spend in game coins on boosts if you’re in a rut, but you can get through the levels with persistence. Achievements aren’t half bad.

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