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Automatoys is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Idle Friday LTD, Automatoys is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th August 2022 with the latest update 18th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Automatoys ?

1,712 people have rated 1.0.15

What is the price of the Automatoys ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Automatoys released ?

Automatoys was released on 18th August 2022.

When was the Automatoys updated ?

The latest updated date of Automatoys on 18th May 2023.

Where can Automatoys be downloaded ?

You can download the game Automatoys from Apple Official App Store.



Insert coin. Dispense ball. Tap, turn, tilt and spin the contraptions to help each ball hop and roll its way to victory. Each automatoy is a unique, mechanical obstacle course.


  • Complex machines, simple controls
  • Outpace the clock to better your score

⁕ = Made it!
⁕⁕ = Super fast!
⁕⁕⁕ = Incredible!

“Tinker around with gorgeous digital toys”

“Complex brilliance made tactile and delightful”

“Perchang meets Monument Valley”

“Delightfully Elaborate”

Updated on 18th May 2023

  • Added an option to flip the controls UI

Automatoys Review

Its so relaxing but stressful at the same time.

Really love this app! Feels like we’re playing with physical puzzles. We only wish there was an infinite number of levels. We enjoyed this SO much!

Awesome smart, smooth, innovative, and relaxing. Music was perfect as well.

If you dont pay you can play only 3 levels, BUT they are beautifull!!! We love it!

This is such a great concept, and a really fun game to pass some time. Super satisfying gameplay. This is a perfect platform for a level editor, and the game would really benefit from user levels with various difficulties and themes!

This game is so mechanically simple but so creative each level plays much differently from the last. We could see this being ported to Apple TV.

Didnt realise this game was new – Ill be following for more! Very fun for us in the style of Marble Drop / Monument Valley, easy to grasp even without a guide (but itll be helpful to at least be shown how to start the game). Seconding what someone else said about not being able to replay a level to perfect the star score though. Congrats on a great start, Idle Friday!

Underrated game but needs more levels.

Plz make more free skeldkenpnerdbpbers.

The game is addictive and soo hard to play.

Personally , we really liked the game! But it was really really short. You only have 3 free levels that you can play and then the rest are 2.99. Its not much to pay but its kind of disappointing having to pay money after playing only 3 levels.

The game is awesome but could more levels be added?

Really enjoyable, calm game. Nice music, perfect balance between being too easy and too hard Id say. Only complaint we have is that its a short experience, wish there was more.

Mentally engaging and immersive! Only wish there were more levels to solve but trying for top scores makes for lots of play.

Great game. The entitlement crowd wanting everyone to pay their way and entertain them for free has gotten old, grow up. These fine, smart, creative people made this wonderful product so they could make money, not to ensure youre bored butt has toys. Bravo Developers, Im paying the $3 with a grateful heart so you will be encouraged to make more.

Totally worth buying the $3 key for all the machines. Hoping for more content in the future!

The game was very fun, but it was also very short. There definitely should be more levels added, or even a create your own feature where you can build levels and then post them online for others to play.

Very worth the money to unlock other levels.

We really like the game but we want more of it. Maybe update the game with new levels every now and then to keep it fun and fresh. Plus adding more levels will justify the price tag a little more. Still a great game anyways.

This is quite fun! We learned about this type of marble-track-race toy from a couple of Ashens videos last year, and the concept really stuck with us. We loved setting up big vertical marble racetracks as a kid, and these things would’ve been an obsession for us. It seemed strange that no one had tried to recreate them digitally. They’ve been around since the late 70s in physical form, but no one ever ported Screwball Speedway or developed something in the same vein. Automatoys finally does, and it’s fantastic. It’s short, but the replay value is all in figuring out how to lower your clear time on each toy, and that can eat up hours of your life. Tl;dr: Automatoys is a great little game. If you like doing time trials or watching speedruns, you’ll get hooked. The current selection is, without a doubt, worth twice its current price. If the devs make more levels, we will gladly pay for them (hint hint).

Love one handed games and this one is SOOO much fun! Very fluid, dynamic, and creative. Great job guys and gals!

Very satisfying when you pass a section and looks really good.

Id give this a 5 but please make all levels freeeeeee.

The game is fun and relaxing though.

We really like this game! It challenging, satisfying, and (unlike most games) it doesnt have any adds! But on to the cons. You start off with three levels, but you have to pay 2.99 to unlock all twelve. Also the game is very short, so if you like that, you should get this game. TO THE DEVS OF THIS GAME: Please please PLEASE make a Automatoy maker, then make it so you can share it with your friends that have this game. That would make the game MUCH longer, and more fun!

As others have said, this is a lovely game. But we find it absolutely frustrating to download a game and find that 98% of the functioning game is behind a paywall. Id rather pay up front for the game than to have this bait and switch. It deserves 5 stars but on good conscious we cannot.

The game is really fun and we love it but there’s a weird glitch where nine times out of ten when we open up the game it gets stuck on the loading screen and never starts. Sometimes it will load in and let us play but that’s very rare. If you could fix it that would be much appreciated!

This game is really unique. Nothing like we’ve ever played on mobile. We honestly would have given this an easy 5 stars, as it held us the whole time we played it, but then we quickly lost all of the fun when we figured out the rest of the levels costed $3. Still, first 3 levels are amazing.

We liked the first 3 levels and thought about buying it for our son. But 12 levels?! Thats it?! Need way more for us to purchase. Or like another person said, be able to make your own and submit so there would be many levels to choose from.

We thought that the concept of the game was very creative band something we really liked. The only bad part was that you only hit three levels and than had to pay. We understand that developers have to get paid so we didnt give them a terrible rating. We hope that the devs see these reviews and change it a bit so they make money in a different way they should just make the entire game 2.99 instead.

Like the game concept it is really fun to play. The problem occurs after you complete a level for the first time though. Things that were moving are no longer moving so if you 2 stared a level and want to go back and 3 star it, well unfortunately you cant. This is also a problem on the last puzzle before you even finish it. A block that supposed to move up and down just doesnt move and you are soft locked with no way to finish that game.

Its a really good games but u can only pkay 3 levels and the rest u have to pay for it; its really not worth it.

The game is good, but dont be a douche and make people pay 3 dollars for 9 more levels when thats literally all there is to the game. Its greedy.

The game is okay but not worth 3 DOLLARS, people need to stop over charging for ok games.

First 3 are free and arent hard. Then pay $3 for 9 levels?.. Aaaaaaand remove.

We think of it as Perchang meets Monument Valley, and thats just about the highest praise we could possibly give a puzzle game. Fascinatingly well-designed, thoroughly implemented, and delightfully complex – an incredible achievement. Kudos to the dev team for this latest masterpiece!

Just a fair warning they only let you play a few levels without paying.

This free game is not free. It gives you three basic levels for "free" and then demands you pay $2.99 to continue. Devs, this kind of behavior makes you seem like a crook. If you want to charge for your app, then just charge for it up front. Don’t deceive your audience by pretending it’s a free app.

If youve ever played screwball scramble as a kid, this is basically that, and Its really just excellent. Cant recommend it highly enough, and excited to see what this developer comes up with next!

We highly recommend more levels in this game, and they should all be animal-themed, since Im a big animal-lover.

We really love this game and it keeps us entertained. We would give it five stars but we found a glitch in the game where it gives you zero stars even after completing a level in a certain amount of time to get 3 stars.

YOu get 3 levels free and then you have to pay! FALSE ADVERTISING. GAME IS TRASH.

We never pay for games but this is addictive and so beautiful to play!

This is the kind of puzzle game in which you can fail a level 15 times and every time you know exactly what you did wrong. Clever design, spot on physic, and very satisfying gameplay. Highly recommended.

We havent had a single spam message on our main Apple email (which is not used for anything else, ever) but as soon as we downloaded this app the spam began. We have seen this before on the App Store and we dont usually download any new apps as a result. We took a chance on this one and we regret it. ZERO STARS.

Beautiful game and reminds us of mousetrap.

One of the nicest, cleverly made, innovate games on mobile in years. Bravo.

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