State of Survival: How To Increase Battle Power Quickly

State of Survival How To Increase Battle Power Quickly

Battle Power is your overall strength in State of Survival. As you progress, your Battle Power will increase and we will teach you how to increase your Battle Power quickly.


Battle Power (BP) will gauge how strong a player’s settlement is overall. BP consists of your whole settlement and includes economic and military buildings, researches, number of troops you have and their level, Chief Gear, Chief Gear Badge, Heroes, and Hero Gear. This may sound like a handful at first but as you play on it’ll soon become familiar.

Economic and Military Buildings

Your builder should always be working on upgrading buildings as this is the fastest way to progress in the game and become stronger. If you decide to spend some money on the game, the permanent second builder would be the best first purchase costing $5 for an extra builder.


From the Research Lab, there are three categories of research which is Development, Battle, and Economic. If you want to grow quickly and increase your Battle Power, the best is to concentrate on Development research followed by Economic research. Development research will help you grow faster in the long run with increased construction, research and troop training speed. With the increased speed, you will need Economic research to get more resources to sustain your growth.

When you are strong enough, then you may concentrate on Battle research which will give an impact on your strength.


There are three types of troops in State of Survival and each with their own building. You will want to always training troops in these buildings and request alliance help to speedup your troop training. Apart from training, you may also upgrade lower level troops as you unlock higher level troops. When you start a troop upgrade those troops will be taken out from your army for upgrade, hence a drop in BP. But don’t be alarmed, you will get back those troops once upgraded and your BP will increase accordingly.

Chief Gear and Badges

Chief Gear and Chief Gear Badge will increase your overall stats and make you more competent against other players during PvP battles. These are also what top players are spending tons of cash on to upgrade. There are many events which require you to upgrade the Chief Gear and Chief Gear Badge, so you will get some rewards if you upgrade them during an event.

Heroes and Hero Gears

Heroes are like special units in your army. They can increase your army’s combat potential during battle, increase gathering speed when you send them out to gather resources, and they are needed for explore missions.

Upgrading heroes will give a huge boost in your Battle Power and unlock the hero’s individual skills. When you reach headquarter level 16, the hero gears will be unlocked. You will be able to equip and upgrade hero gears for your heroes. Try to join Influencer Trap event in your Alliance to get hero gear items.