Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition


Bad North: Jotunn Edition is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Raw Fury AB, Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th October 2019 with the latest update 17th December 2020

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,348 people have rated 2.00.18

You can download the game Bad North: Jotunn Edition from APP STORE.


Bad North DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air/Mini 2, 3/iPod Touch 6th gen and lower

Your home is under attack. The king is dead at the hands of Viking invaders. Hope is a distant glimmer in the fog, fading fast with every passing moment. As you rise to take your father’s place as ruler, it will fall to you to stage your defenses. But make no mistake – this is no fight for victory, but a desperate grasp for survival.

Bad North is a charming but brutal real-time tactics roguelite. Defend your idyllic island kingdom against a horde of Viking invaders, as you lead the desperate exodus of your people. Command your loyal subjects to take full tactical advantage of the unique shape of each island. Everything is at stake: fail, and watch the blood of your subjects stain the ground red.

It’s charmingly brutal, with beautiful procedurally-generated islands and adorable soldiers juxtaposed against the blood-stained realities of war. You control the broad strokes of the battle, giving high level commands to your soldiers who try their best to carry them out in the heat of the moment. It’s accessibly deep, with simple player inputs masking a dynamic combat simulation that make it inviting to new players while challenging veterans.
Keep fighting, warriors. Not for power or riches or glory, but for hope of peace to come once again in the harsh lands of the Bad North.

Key Features

REAL-TIME TACTICS ROGUELITE: Position and relocate your troops to fend off the Vikings, who each have their own counters to the threats you pose. Pick your battles and plan your evacuations carefully! Lose a commander and they’re gone forever; lose everything, and it’s game over!

INTELLIGENT UNIT CONTROLS: You command the broad strokes of your defenses and monitor positioning — your soldiers do the rest, navigating and engaging intuitively in response to the situation at hand.

PROCEDURALLY-GENERATED ISLANDS: Each island is both stylistically charming and unique in its layout. Plan your strategies around every nook and cranny, for you only get one chance to save them from the enemy invasion.

UNLOCKABLE UPGRADES: A stronger, smarter defense leads to greater rewards. Use these to develop your subjects from a ragtag militia into seasoned warriors.

Updated on 17th December 2020

Optimization to memory usage

Bad North: Jotunn Edition Reviews

When we start the game it is not letting us press start.

After update 2.00.9 the start button in the welcome screen seems irresponsive, and does not allow the player to proceed into the game. This is happening on an iPhone XS (iOS 13.6.1). Thanks in advance for looking into this.

Game isnt responding anymore, very fun when it works.

The game is a lotta fun, and its beautiful; however, we think it needs more depth, maybe add more classes of enemies and soldiers. Also a wider selection of items would be nice .

We enjoy this game as its a nice on the go quick game to play with strategy. But, it has been very buggy recently. We hadnt played in a good month or so, cane back to play and we cant actually start the game. Pressing start game does nothing. Wont get 5 stars until we can play it again.

We truly do love thins game and have played it for about 17 hours, though it does get a bit repetitive. We think that maybe it would be nice to play as the attackers for once, and also to add more classes such as siege equipment. Or make it so that the battles are more extensive with bigger islands and the ability to have an army to defend or attack hordes of enemies, but at the same time maintaining the the strategic feel to the game. We hope that the developers take note of this review and possibly do something like this.

Great game been playing it on Xbox, was disappointing to spend $5 on a game we were excited to play on mobile, Just to have it not work.

It loads just fine but when we press play it wont do anything.

It wont let us click start. We have brand new devices- Music plays but the screen wont respond.

Game sticks in the loading screen of our iPhone XS Max running iOS 13.6.1 For all we know its a great game but we cant play it after paying for it.

App crashes sporadically, either while playing, while attempting to navigate to different menus, or simply at launch at the start game screen. Thats where Im at with the app right now, permafrozen at the start game screen. Submitted a support ticket but a paid game really should be having these kinds of rampant issues.

Using an iPad Pro and it doesnt go past the title screen. Doesnt work, dont waste your money.

The game is nice, gets hard towards the end and normally you just end up fleeing all the islands to save your units which kinda of let down since its m8ch fun to engage in battle. The game however, is not loading at all. It presents us the START icon and when we touch it on our iPad, the game doesnt launch. Please fix this, thanks.

We purchased this game last night, and it will not load past the start screen. There appears to be some sort of input issue when it asks users to press start. Really really disappointing.

Had this game on our xbox and had high hopes…. Wouldnt even let get past the title screen with unresponsive buttons!

The start button doesnt work. Its as if the screen doesnt register when we tap it. All other apps work fine. We have deleted the app and redone loaded it as well as restarted our phone several times. This game looked cool too :\

Awesome game until they update it then you can’t even touch to get past menu. What a waste of money.

With the recent update the app is stuck at the start button.

Game seems stuck on the start screen. Wont let us start at all. Really exited about this game, but disappointed as of now.

The game hangs and frozen with start button. What a waste of $5!!. Dont recommend .

Just bought it, thought it looked decent and could kill some time. Cant get past the start screen. IPhone X.

It seems to be, that whenever we try to get in it says start game, so we tap on it, and it doesnt work, so we go on our iPad with a keyboard and press the arrows to log us in, then we press begin, but when it say start the game, we doesnt work, may someone help us fix this problem?

We have heard great things about the game but, we cant even touch the start button. Maybe if you fix it then we will give a higher review but until then. Bad.

Unable to click start, unable to click share data (or dont share) on 5th gen iPad and same problems on iPhone 11 Pro Max, though data share cleared with app close and restart. Developer support website did not inspire confidence that issue would be correctable. Requested refund through App Store, will wait for next update before possibly trying app again.

Just bought the game and was enjoying the game play and strategy until a recent update made this unloadable. The game freezes now when loading and now we cant play. What a waste of money spent for only one day of playing. Such a disappointment.

Plays well, graphics are great for a mobile game with the reflections in the water and the, progress in the game has a feature that makes it unable to go back to previous levels so theres even strategy in the map good game guys buy it its worth it.

Dont know what the negatives are on about. This game is so well done, from the art and sound design to the balance of play. Its a joy. Those who think it repetitive must hate chess, whose armies and map never vary. Cant recommend this highly enough. A recent download for us and already in our pantheon of great and fulfilling games :) One very minor aesthetic suggestion for the powers that be: Could the Vikings not be supplied with a rowing animation? Some spars, maybe a sail or two, already furled so as not to block our view upon beaching?

We feel like they should add new units to the game and add more upgrades add to where you can have more than four generals.

We’ve heard a ton about crashes in this game. We have a beat up iPhone 7 and it still runs very well. We’ve played for maybe 10 hours and had about 3-4 crashes which havent impeded the fun and strategic appeals of this game. We were on the edge about buying it because so many people said it would barely run, but we ended up getting it and have loved it since. Its totally worth the money. If you have an iPhone 7 or above and youre interested, you should totally get this game. Also we’ve had it on 60 FPS instead of 30 and it makes it look way better and still runs great. Edit: we would love to see some new type of unit, it would really spice things up for the people playing it through more than once. Maybe a catapult that you can only get later in the campaign or even a ship of your own with archers or guys with crossbows on it. Crossbows itself could be a good idea. As long as its not too similar to any other troops.

App literally wont move past the loading screen at all and has been completely unplayable. Its a shame because we were so excited to play this game, we hope the developers fix this issue.

We own the original version on our ps4, we were exited to see there was a sequel on the store. The original game was really good, the graphics although minimalistic make the game feel real and alive. The strategy aspect of troop positioning and countering maneuvers is unmatched by other games of its kind. However the base game lacked more depth. By adding traits and more items it makes each run more unique and gives each commander its own implied background story with more added portraits . This makes the game better at storytelling. As soon as we saw the game we knew we had to purchase it. We look forward to any updates to the game or even new version building on whats already in game. Kudos to the devs for an awesome game and keep updating the game w/ new traits/items.

If you are a fan of RTS style gameplay and enjoy skirmish infantry battles, then you will most certainly appreciate Bad North. It is the best example of a deep and dynamic strategy system, while being easy to pick up and play for short (or long) sessions we have been able to find on the App Store. We are confused why the reviews are mixed for this game, because we have not seen its equal on mobile. It does crash from time to time in varying frequency, but the rest of the game is near flawless.

This is the best squad based game we have played on iPad to this point. Combat is quick and brutal and requires effective management of troops. Troop management is interesting and there is variety as to how you build up. The interface is intuitive and easy to work with. The graphics are sublime. Edited: Developers resolved our only complaint. Wonderful game!

This game needs some improving but overall it is an amazing game we just hope they treat this like their kingdom franchise.

We think its really cool how you guys made this game! The design is really beautiful especially the sounds when you are in a quite room. You definitely have to be a patient gamer if you play this game. You also have to hold your tolerance a lot, because there are some times where you will lose and have to start over again (depending on the difficulty you chose). We wasnt even mad about the ending! It was really beautiful how you guys made the sun come up! We just want to say for all the people that have not bought this game, that its worth the $5!!! We challenge you to try a harder difficulty each time you start over!

We love the strategy and the art the only complaint is it very often crashes.

This is a great game. Even with the patches there are still times when the app crashes or wont load our saved file. Other than that we love the game. Its like a real-time tactical command your troops type of game set on 3D islands that are each unique. We think the game is pretty flawless as is but there are a few things that could be improved. First we think that the special ability of the infantry units is terrible and should be replaced with something like temporary invulnerability. Second we think that there should be a reward for finishing the campaign or even the possibility of keeping your troops for other campaigns. Finally we think that the troops should be more customizable and unique. For example we should be able to name them. If you like strategy games and are thinking about buying this one do it! Its so good!

We have this game on our computer and we love it but the issue we have on mobile is the fact we cant zoom in as much as we want. We have no issues with it crashing or anything of that matter. Im very glad this game came to mobile :)

We were hesitant to buy because of reviews. Its working great on iPhone xsmax. It has a map system like FTL. We bumped up frame rate to 60fps runs super smooth. A lot of interesting upgrade choices we recommend we’ve been eyeing this game for months and finally decided to go for it Im glad we did. Update… Several days in ZERO crashes.

Gameplay is great, campaign is challenging ( never made it past 52%) and the different strategies and builds for commanders creates a new challenge every play through. We would like to see more added to the game such as different units, or combat ranking or even a new game mode but all in all great game.

Try to make it not crash on mobile.

Super fun and challenging, please make a sequel.

We got bad north maybe a week ago and have already beaten hard mode!! Its a very fun game but maybe making the campaign longer (or maybe making a endless mode) would make the game more enjoyable ! We get a little attached to our commanders so its sad when you beat a campaign especially since its rather short!

Hey! We love this game. Maybe it can have a story or something else?

Its a good game and we like it but the game crashes when we get on a island to start a defense and when we do get on the island an a few second later it crashes so we hope that youll fix this bug.

We thought this game was really challenging and hard but is very fun as well 10 out of 10.

We have all ways wanted to play bad north but we did not have the right teach to play it. But know when we saw bad north was on the iPad we just had to get it. Great job. We do think you should put more kinds of troops though.

This game is perfect just like the pc version. The game is so much fun and to mess around with, but the game crashes when we reach around 50% way through the game and cant play the save file. Thats why we took away a star but if you fix the crashing problem we would be so happy and re add that star.