Baba Is You

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 02:35 am

Baba Is You


Baba Is You is one of the best $6.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hempuli Oy, Baba Is You is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 22nd June 2021 with the latest update 7th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


233 people have rated 1.06

You can download the game Baba Is You from APP STORE.


Baba Is You is a puzzle game where you can change the rules by which you play. In every level, the rules are present as blocks you can interact with; by manipulating them, you can change how the level works and cause surprising, unexpected interactions! With some simple block-pushing you can turn yourself into a rock, turn patches of grass into dangerously hot obstacles, and even change the goal you need to reach to something entirely different.

Updated on 7th March 2023

  • Several bugfixes and small improvements.
  • Added an option to remove the pointer UI.

Baba Is You Reviews

Baba is an inventive, super original game that really tests your logic. There is so much humor and wit baked into every interaction between objects. The puzzles are quickly hard, but really rewarding to figure out. Great game!!

Think of this game as basic Legend of Zelda but just as challenging. There are a few puzzles we just cant solve but will come back to because we dont like to use cheats. But we might have to reach out to others playing for a clue or two. We love the challenge and brain gymnastics!

This is the best puzzle game we’ve ever played. A lot of puzzle games have consistent rules throughout them, not this one. The rules constantly change sometimes by yourself. You have to think outside the box and abstractly to figure out some levels. One warning though, this game gets HARD. The earlier levels are manageable but the later ones are insane. There have been some levels that took us a month to figure out. Great game worth the money.

Baba is You has an incredible number of puzzles which will keep you thinking for hours. We have spent more than 40 hours on the game and we still havent beaten everything. This is a great game to kill time while waiting for something. You can easily put it down and pick it back up later in a heartbeat.

They add level editing but we like it but we just wish they add level editing.

We’ve been wanting this game for awhile and it doesnt disappoint. A great puzzle game with fun art.

Roses are red violets are blue we’re too stupid for Baba is You.

Prepare to be completely humbled. Who are the people who made this??? What a bunch of psychopaths.

Baba encourages long, logical, experimental solutions. Every level is truly unique, as is its solution. There are so many great moments of a-ha and wait, we can do that? If you like head scratching puzzles that take a long time to figure out, Baba is incredibly rewarding. This game is nothing short of genius. We have no criticisms. It is worth far more than the meager price.

This game is amazing! We like the beginning were you have to kinda learn how to do the puzzles. This game makes your own brain work so hard! Some things are a little confusing, but you will start to understand the more you play. You think you know the answer, but then it doesnt work! Its amazing how you all just outsmart us so easily! This is all the amazing features of Baba is You! The BEST puzzle game!

We love this game so much, its brilliant. Please add save file syncing over iCloud so we can sync between devices! Thank you!

Bought it 1-2 days ago. Would like a refund but cant find a way to request it.

Im going to say that despite the good reviews and overall good will for this clever little game, many people might find that the fun stops rather early as the puzzles become punishingly difficult very quickly. We tend to enjoy good puzzles, lover The Room series as well as the DaVinci series. Im also not someone who gives up too easily on difficult games. Having said that, we suspect most of the official reviews were written by people who never went past the first dozen or so levels. Things get steep very quickly beyond the first 3 locations, to the point where the game simply becomes an exercise in frustration coupled with tremendous guilt for having to search for hints on line over and over. Be warned, you will quickly arrive at the point where you just want to delete this game from your device due to the fact that its no longer fun.

We love this game. Period. Its amazing. As for the iOS port, when will it support iCloud saves?

Saw Cracking the Cryptic play this on stream and had to get a copy of this delightful game to play myself. This app is easy to pick up and play for just a few minutes (or for hours). Worth every penny!

Baby back baby back baby back ribs.

Baba is you is completely unique! Being able to mess around with the control logic made us laugh at how static we have become after decades of typical arcade games – fixed in our head that walls cant be moved or the flag is always the goal. Some of the boards are super challenging, taking us several sessions to work through, but when you finally get it right, its totally satisfying! We especially like that the game is non-linear so that if you get stuck, you can work on another level and come back to it later. Thank you for putting a fresh spin on puzzle games!

Where is the level creator otherwise the game is good.

This is the most innovative game we played ever since we born.

We like this game a lot, as it goes on you may learn more about text and logic such as you can do baba and rock is you, and theres many ways to do one thing its even award winning, wow baba is you is a fun, battery saving puzzle game and we say that 7 dollars will be worth it and we recommend this to everyone who dose not have it :D.

Love the puzzles and innovative ideas. Played on our pc before but happy to see it on IOS and support the developers a second time! @hempuli Seems to be a bug where sound doesnt work on iPad Pro 3rd gen on iPadOS 14.7.

Can you please add a level creator.

We have no hundred percent completed this game is so good we have enjoyed every moment of this game and will replay over and over And then and again every single moment of us playing through this game had us thinking looking up hints and figuring it out for myself just lied to the end and all the secret levels everything came together for one beautiful game we enjoyed heavily and was pretty good five stars.

Baba is fun game One rule that doesnt exist for this game is Baba is bad.

We love this game and Im glad its on mobile. But the level Ultimate maze is different from the pc version and we dont think its possible anymore.

This role-changing game is the best. We got stuck around Level 7 but we managed to find a solution. We’ve been messing around with the in-game rules to give it a little more spice. We like all the obstacles and how theyre made. Some obstacles that we really like are the jellyfish the water and the skull. This game is really fun and we hope you make a Baba Is You 2, soon. Sincerely,Biocam1.

Absolutely brain-melting good fun! This game requires such impressive lateral thinking from the player and is so unique. Very clever, addictive, and engaging puzzler. Great value and the controls are easy and intuitive. Highly recommended.

Chinese language selection not works 1.0.

Dont get us wrong, we love Monument Valley and Gris, but those games rarely challenged us like this game does. Im almost never stumped on puzzle games, but theres several levels in this game that we cant figure out, and many more that took us a long while to get. Which is exactly what we want! The actual logic of the puzzles is so refreshingly new and interesting. The levels have a range of difficulties, and you dont have to beat all the levels to progress. This allows you to skip levels that get too frustrating while having the option to try them again later. Theres also some bonus puzzles and secret areas which are so satisfying to find.

As IGF Winner, the design concept is awesome. We feel extremely surprised for the level design, and we enjoy the process finding solutions. The most amazing part is finding the inner world, solving levels outside the levels. The levels tell us that things can also be different ways, and never bring your fixed opinion into the game. Great! The developers also respond fast to the issue report. Worth for a like. The only weakness may come from the full openness of the concept. Some levels may be too hard for first players to solve, the attributes of some special nouns or objects may be too hard to figure out.

We like but why no level editor on mobile.

If you cant figure it out get a friend to stare at the puzzles with. Our gf and we do this and we solve some together.

Despite its simplistic appearance, this is definitely the hardest puzzle game we’ve played. And the best. The fact that it was created at a GameJam is awesome. The concept is fun and unique, great to pass the time, works your brain, nice eerie soundtrack, neat Easter eggs, a boatload of levels, however the game is still beatable (which we like), and some of the thought behind the levels is actually crazy. Truly challenges you to think outside the box. Plus, the developer collects no user data, which is a nice cherry on top. (One thing to note, we also own the PC version, you should bring the level creator over to mobile ;)

Absolutely the most original mobile game we’ve played. When its hard, we find its because we’ve not been thinking creatively enough. Theres a special pleasure then to solving it. That keeps it challenging very challenging often but not frustrating because theres always a new way to attack the puzzle. Highly recommend.

Battery drain was a big issue but the most recent update completely fixed it. Now the game is perfect.

Amazing puzzles. Love that it accepts the magic keyboard for input. Very pleasant to control. Unfortunately theres no cloud save, so its pointless to play on our phone. It would be great if we also had access to the level editor. Finally, iPad has some weird gray borders that appear to be unintentional.

Great game, we would give it 5 stars but the level editor isnt on mobile.

We played this mobile app on a friends Android before purchasing. However our version has no music and the bar at the bottom of the screen makes movement there difficult. Ill just buy on the Switch instead.

Its a great game and has actually become of of our favorites. But, because there isnt any save data syncing between iPhone and iPad, Im kind of stuck playing on our small iPhone screen if we want to continue the progress we’ve made. All because we chose to start the game on iPhone and didnt realize there would be no game save synchronization. So, we dont play much anymore.

Its a great game and has actually become of of our favorites. But, because there isnt any save data syncing between iPhone and iPad, Im kind of stuck playing on our small iPhone screen if we want to continue the progress we’ve made. All because we chose to start the game on iPhone and didnt realize there would be no game save synchronization. So, we dont play much anymore.

Trying to run the program on a MacBook Pro M1 Max running Monterey (12.1), but there’s no way to get Baba to move; the game either does nothing or crashes. Runs fine on iOS, but that’s not the point.

We are absolutely without a clue on how to play this homely game.

We love this game but it keeps crashing on our phone right in the middle of puzzles. Not acceptable for an app of this price as genius as the puzzles are. (iOS 14.7.1; iPhone 12 mini 256 GB; using most recent version of app at time of review)

We love this game. The puzzles are challenging and highly addictive. We find myself coming up with solutions outside of our play time because the problems continue to cycle in our head when we close the game However. And its a big one. However, the graphics are so dark that some objects are essentially invisible while they are in their inactive state. We’ve used the setting for force high contrast colors and it does Nothing. No change. Im on an iPhone SE second gen. We continue to play in dark spaces with our screen brightness turned all the way up. And this is the sacrifice we make for this game. But it shouldnt be this way. Please tell us there is a fix coming!

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