Baseball Clash: Real-time game

Last updated on June 10th, 2023 at 10:35 pm

Baseball Clash: Real-time game

Baseball Clash: Real-time game

Baseball Clash: Real-time game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Miniclip SA, Baseball Clash: Real-time game is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th November 2020 with the latest update 30th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Baseball Clash: Real-time game ?

63,709 people have rated V1.2.0021396

What is the price of the Baseball Clash: Real-time game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Baseball Clash: Real-time game released ?

Baseball Clash: Real-time game was released on 6th November 2020.

When was the Baseball Clash: Real-time game updated ?

The latest updated date of Baseball Clash: Real-time game on 30th May 2023.

Where can Baseball Clash: Real-time game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Baseball Clash: Real-time game from Apple Official App Store.



A multiplayer Baseball game for everyone!
Enjoy thrilling matches against your opponent!

▶ Fast Matchmaking & Quick Games!
Single tap for multiplayer matchmaking and start the game!
Don’t wait to finish all 9 innings. Play only 1 inning of fierce competition!

▶ Intuitive Controls!
Choose your location, select your pitch, and throw!
Wait for the throw and tap to hit!
Wow! Playing a multiplayer Baseball game was never so easy!

▶ Simple & Solid Gameplay!
Takes less than 1 minute to learn to play!

You just need to practice to get the perfect timing and master the mental game of Baseball!
You’ll never get bored. Baseball Clash remains challenging even after a full day of gameplay!

▶ Enter Higher Leagues!
Collect trophies and join higher leagues!
Better players await at higher levels of play!
Maybe you’ll enter the MLB or even the WBC someday!

▶ Unique & Charming Players!
Burrito shop owner? Insurance Salesman?
Remarkable skills presented by players of diverse backgrounds!
Collect unique players to create your very own dream team!

▶ Friendly & Fun Baseball for All!
Are you a Baseball fan? We are too!
Experience a Baseball game enjoyable for everyone!

** Notice regarding real-time matchmaking **
League play matches players of the same league together in real-time.
However, if real-time players aren’t available to match, players will be matched with a player-like computer instead.
Such computers play at a similar level to players of each league.
We are doing our best to make sure they are well balanced in regards to difficulty, making sure games are not too easy nor too difficult.

Contact us: [email protected]

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Updated on 30th May 2023

-Seek riches, fame, and glory with the Treasure Raiders! Season 42 will be available on June 1st.
-Introducing 2 new players: Hammer & Rama!
-Father’s Day! Unlock Rama and enjoy the seasonal event!
-Neville is now available in League 3 and beyond.
-Overall UI/UX improvements.
-General bug fixing.

Baseball Clash: Real-time game Review

The graphics are good . Very easy to play. We believe they make it better, not that there’s any thing wrong with the game . We believe it can get better like how Madden and 2k gets better every year !

This game is fun. Short game is a challenge. Only wish we can enter our name.

We need the remote play option for this game it would make it super great.

This is our favorite game on our my phone it takes great skill and tactics to win it would be awesome if you could add a mode where you could make your own card and play with them and upgrade them along with your team. The game is perfect but just an idea going forward that we would really like to see.

Great Game but it should have in-game community so we could talk to others players.

We enjoy this game very much. We like the reactions from the players. We just would like for it to be full innings.

Anyone remember EA Sports’ slogan? Well, it should be for this one. No doubt. Our favorite game EVER on the iPhone! Great job, to the developers. They really out did their competition. What we love the most are the different characteristics of the players. And with new ones being introduced pretty consistently, gives you the drive to add that player to your roster. "Wow! Awesome! Fantastic!" You know, there’s really not adjective to describe BaseballClash. But one thing we definitely know is… IT’S IN THE GAME!

5 days and we still cant make a new account smh whats going on.

The game is good because it doesnt take long to be ok. The game also is realistic.

Cox: Catcher. Brother of Fox. Ability: high likelihood of throwing out Fox when he steals. Knox: Infielder. Brother of Fox. Ability: Knocks it farther when one of his brothers is on base. (+20 Power) Finn: Boyfriend of Lindsey. He has always wanted a home to share with her, and has mastered the ability to steal it. Ability: Can steal home.

Great game to play with no ADs Time killer and additive.

We love this game and have so much fun playing it! The only issue is that it simply wont let us log in through Facebook to make an actual account. Facebook says we’ve logged onto this game but it doesnt register on the game. Idk if a lot of people have this issue or if its just us but Id love to be a person instead of playerinsert 20 numbers ya know?

Its so fun when your playing it and the rewards are awesome and we got to say this is our favorite game and it blows our mine.

We like this game so much that we are on therapy for addicted behavior, therapy is not working.

We love playing this game. It has just about everything you want in a mini baseball game. If they could add something, we would add an individual tournament style game mode. Something a player would sign up for and compete for a prize. Also, the win coin amount is incredibly too small.

This game is the funnest most amazing game.

Fun game to play. Not overly hard to upgrade players. Im a sports fanatic and this is one of the best baseball games we have played. Would like to see fixes on base running. If you get caught you have no shot in beating a rundown. And adding game controllers would be great.

We absolutely love this game!! In our opinion its the best baseball game to play & enjoy, compared to other baseball games! Good job to the creators!!!

Thank you for making this game its so fun to play.

We would like to know if there will be another update in the near future?!! This clash game is pretty amazing so we would like to know has a fan. Will there be another update?.. You guys doing a wonderful job!!! Thank you.

This game is about baseball and you can have a club and there are leagues.

We like this game because its not a full 9 inning game you start. At the 9 inning.

Best game ever but we can never seem to hit anything in a game only in practice and it lags a lot and throws us out of the game we hate that and too many ADS! We hate that the most and the umpires voice is annoying omg ugh fix the voice. -Lucas too many updates stop. Lucas.

Very simple and fun game. We play many baseball games but this is one of our favorites!

When you hit a ball that seemingly is about to go over the 3rd baseman’s head it forces our runner to take off like it’s a base hit but it glitches and the 3rd baseman catches it and all of our runners are hung out to dry. Also we think being able to sub out pitchers and hitters in game would make the game much better as well as being able to have infield/outfield hybrid or swapping infield and outfield players.

This game is awesome but it seems like it favors one team over the other off the start no matter what team has the better players. We can have perfect timing and perfect positioning while batting and the ball wont go out of the info for some reason even if our battery is better than a pitcher also, most of our players are ranked at 11 or 12 and it seems like its gonna take years to get them to 13s getting two or five cards at a time for legendary players.

We can’t connect to the network since the update.

We love this game and love the effort yall put in the game to make it good but we’ve been thinking of something to add to the game. We are very forgetful and use the wrong pitcher a lot so an idea would to be add a pitching change option to the game. It would make the game a lot better than it is now. Or it could also be useful if the pitcher you use is doing awful and the pitcher allows like 5 runs and you just have to figure out a way to get 3 outs. Then you have the opportunity to switch him with a pitcher of your choosing. It doesnt have to be soon but please do it we’ve been waiting for it to happen for the past like 4 seasons or around that. So please consider our offer!

This game is so much fun and the graphics are awesome! We love how you can earn prizes and uniforms, pick your own players, gain levels as they progress, different ballparks, etc. The ONE THING we HATEand do NOT understand why it has to be this wayis when the game takes over and causes you to lose in blatantly obvious unfair ways to slow down your progress. Players start committing errors out of nowhere. Overthrowing the ball or missing a ground ball. Our shortstop committed an error (you have no control over that) and the ball slow rolled all the way to the fence while opposing players ran the bases at their own free will. We have players who have built their speed up to 189-200+ and sometimes they get thrown out from the outfield on a good hit became it doesnt look like when opposing players are at that speed running bases! Some of the opposing players go faster at around 144 than ours will at over 200. But ours that are at 144slow as dirt. There have been times we threw a runner out, pick off play, and our guy is standing there with the ball in his hand waiting on the runner, and they call the guy safe. Of course he eventually scores and we lose. But we had no control over that because we actually had thrown him out! They have a great game here. But the excessive cheating makes it completely frustrating and thats the only reason why we cant give it 5 stars. Please consider cutting back on the blatant ways the game is programmed to win at our expense. If we lose on our own, thats fine. But when we have no control over the outcome, why should we bother?

We love the game. Its the first game we’ve felt was worth paying for and we’ve give it a 5 five star rating expect for how buggy it is. We’ve lost a few games because of it. Sometimes it will not allow us to pick off a runner. We press the base we want to throw to multiple times, but it wont allow us to throw. This happens about 5 percent of the time. Occasionally the same thing happens when pitching. We choose a pitch, but it wont register and so it ends up using the previous pitch. If Im not fast and quickly move the position of the pitch, it will throw the ball at the center of the strike zone. The last thing that has hurt us is that at times, about 10 percent of the time, it takes us multiple times pressing the bad we want to throw to before it finally will throw. This is what has lost us the most games and can be extremely frustrating. Other than those frustrations, we truly enjoy the game. The graphics are great, it requires a lot of thought in choosing you team, who best to place at each position, etc. It gives the free users the opportunity to play without commercials. That was what sold us on spending money and we truly appreciate and reward the company for it. Overall a very fun game that we recommend with the above caveats.

The game play is not random. After you won 3 games. You will lose a few next. If you hit a home run and your up 4-0. You will magically pop out and inning will end. The game is not skill vs skill.

We’ve been playing this pretty much when it came out. Its quite fun minus all the glitches. Phantom outs, phantom hits, along with freezes where you have to quit the app and relaunch it for it to work. Also, for some reason they add a white circle which ultimately covers the baseball when hitting. At times you cannot see the ball. Unnecessary to add this white circle.

Great game but has been crashing constantly as of late. Very frustrating in the middle of a game. Hope this new update fixes that.

It would be a 5 stars but there should be MLB teams.

Wish there were more innings like baseball 9.

Without a doubt one of our favorite games! However the glitches and wrong tags are KILLING ME!!!!

Wanted to delete our account and it said it would only take a few days but its been about a week and still cant play the game. We’ve tried to download the game again but nothing. Shame since we like the game but wish this problem got fixed.

Like most reviews we’ve read, this game keeps you at a certain level. The same players youve played with, that got you all those wins, all of a sudden cant hit a lick, cant even hit it out of the infield. At least once you hit 3000, you stay at the bronze level, they dont demote you down.

What does the game take trophies away from us when Im not losing games? Help us understand.

Love this game. We play it a lot. But lately this game has been stealing our trophies. We had 6020 we turned the game back on and we had 5950. Then sometimes when the game ends. It freezes. We try to reset it real quick and we end up at the lobby with no trophies and no RUNS towards our next box.. Robbery. Then we had the bases loaded and our player wasnt on first base. Didnt charge us an out but bases were supposed to be loaded. We lost a game because of this. Just frustrating. Hope it all gets fixed.

This is a fun game but they need to put into system that you cant either use a pitch after already doing it or something. At this point players have no challenge with their pitchers, they will throw the same thing over and over again. Its boring no one wants to play at that point.

The game constantly keeps freezing. We reconnect to only discover the game has kept on playing without us and now Im down by 5 runs. Both players should time out when this issues arises so not to accrue unnecessary losses.

Love the game but hate the constant crashing that boots us out. When we come back, we have to wait for the sync. Then either we have an out or a batter with count. Other times the other player have runners on base. We have lost games because of these ir the game freezing. Please do something. Its a fun game but these things can be a deterrent for current and new players.

This game has great gameplay and is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, They introduce silly characters with ridiculous abilities ( e.g., a player that jumps over the catcher to score; pitcher that knows youre stealing a base; player that hits the ball and it ridiculously curves, etc.) that are impossible to defend and take away from the gameplay. We’ve benefitted from these as much as we have lost but It takes away some the fun for us. As we write this they introduced a picture that throws like 106-107 mph and we’ve finally had enough. Its just so stupid.

There are a lot of players out there who wont buy, but you get to the upper leagues. Its all legendary and you cant do anything unless the other player is garbage. So its fun as a little mini game just makes us mad its soooo unbalanced.

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