Baseball Clash: Real-time game

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:33 am

Baseball Clash: Real-time game


Baseball Clash: Real-time game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Miniclip SA, Baseball Clash: Real-time game is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th November 2020 with the latest update 27th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


34,173 people have rated 1.2.0015847

You can download the game Baseball Clash: Real-time game from APP STORE.


A multiplayer Baseball game for everyone!
Enjoy thrilling matches against your opponent!

▶ Fast Matchmaking & Quick Games!
Single tap for multiplayer matchmaking and start the game!
Don’t wait to finish all 9 innings. Play only 1 inning of fierce competition!

▶ Intuitive Controls!
Choose your location, select your pitch, and throw!
Wait for the throw and tap to hit!
Wow! Playing a multiplayer Baseball game was never so easy!

▶ Simple & Solid Gameplay!
Takes less than 1 minute to learn to play!

You just need to practice to get the perfect timing and master the mental game of Baseball!
You’ll never get bored. Baseball Clash remains challenging even after a full day of gameplay!

▶ Enter Higher Leagues!
Collect trophies and join higher leagues!
Better players await at higher levels of play!
Maybe you’ll enter the MLB or even the WBC someday!

▶ Unique & Charming Players!
Burrito shop owner? Insurance Salesman?
Remarkable skills presented by players of diverse backgrounds!
Collect unique players to create your very own dream team!

▶ Friendly & Fun Baseball for All!
Are you a Baseball fan? We are too!
Experience a Baseball game enjoyable for everyone!

** Notice regarding real-time matchmaking **
League play matches players of the same league together in real-time.
However, if real-time players aren’t available to match, players will be matched with a player-like computer instead.
Such computers play at a similar level to players of each league.
We are doing our best to make sure they are well balanced in regards to difficulty, making sure games are not too easy nor too difficult.

Contact us: [email protected]

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Updated on 27th April 2022

  • Season 29 – Get ready for the Star Strikers Season!
  • Introducing 2x new players: Riley and Andy
  • Overall UI & UX improvements
  • Overall bug fixing

Baseball Clash: Real-time game Review

Its an awesome game we play it everyday.

Everything in this game is really well done, ecxcept for base running, needs an update.

This is alway give real simulation and feel..

Hacen muchas trampas cuando juegas en contra de la computadora.

The game is so fun and we would never delete this game.

Simple easy fun great graphics awesome job.

We’ve been into this game so much that we sweat when we play it! Crazy?

Love this game been playing a while now and we love it, we would like to see a feature where we can have custom bats to unlock or even buy. We think that would be very cool.

What can we say its like for baseball players who like clash Royale its the same just baseball and we think that there are a few bugs but we have fun playing it.

Lots of fun playing Game is great but can use a batters eye!!!

Best game. Adas good. We like. Game. Fun.

This is definitely one of the better baseball games, its overall just great graphics to fielding (pitching)

Honestly we Love This Game And we Cant Stop Playing It A The Moment!!

There is a lag but get over that because its a great game we honestly really like it and we think yall will too we recommend this game.

This fame is a great game to play. However, up until at least two updates ago, we’ve noticed that the game has shown a small glitch. Once the player hits, the ball isn’t seen and all of a sudden from nowhere a player on the opposing team catches the ball as it were conjured out of nowhere and this results in a automatic out. This can get annoying because it takes the fun out of the game. It almost makes it feel like you’re getting cheated out of play. We ask that developers look into this and resolve this issue. Thanks.

Only have encountered a few bugs but the game is very polished otherwise. Facing people who have the same exact cards as you except they paid for them to be leveled higher doesnt mean you will lose but you have a slim chance to win. You get a fair amount of free chests and cards through out your play time without spending money just wont have the gold to level them unless you pay for it. Game doesnt award you for bating yourself vs letting the game auto aim your bat which is annoying to say the least. We have batters that never get a hit unless its on auto. Overall 4/5.

Great game, only problem we have is trying to run back to a base.

Us and jesse play this game and its really good but there should be a mode selector where you can choose how many innings you want to play from 1 innings to 9 innings.

We like the entire game as a whole, all aspects of it are good. We have one suggestion though, and we think most others would agree, there needs to be a DH (designated hitter). That would be great!

ME and Manuel play this game its really good but there should be a mode selector where you can choose how many innings you want to play from 1 inning to 9 because its way to short when all you have to do it score once.

We would really like to see how many games we’ve lost, not just won. That and a portrait mode would make this five stars.

We love this game and even label it as fun except today we have had a freeze up in the middle of four different games only to restart it and find myself being scored on and instead of going up in levels Im going backwards. We get to level 7 and know Im at level 6. Yes we love playing this game its fun and we will try playing a couple more times but any issues will make playing not fun.

We like the game just wish that when your runner actually beats the throw he is actually safe rather then being out as he is standing up.

Its fun until your level is too high and you only compete against teams that are way better than you and then its stupid because your statically weaker team team cant make solid contact no matter how good our timing. But our opponents hit balls out of the zone into the outfield all day. We loved this game at first but now like 150 games in we get stomped every game and its not close to fair. So Im done because this game isnt worth any grind.

We can no longer win we can throw balls way out of strike zone and the other players hit home runs we’re done.

Game is fun but there is too many glitches in the game.

Game can be a blast and has so much potential. Once you get into the later parts of the game and get leveled up it loses so much of the enjoyment. Other players throw only one pitch that isnt hittable, players are impossible to level up anymore, and hitting just becomes based on what the game wants to give you.

We enjoy the game but its full of bugs. You have batters hitting a ball before its pitched. If the game freezes, you never know where its going to pick up, players on base, go from no outs to all out. Bright outfield background like yellow, you cant see a sidearm pitched ball. A base runner called safe or out when the opposite is clearly true. There should be more innings. But despite these game features or bugs, it is fun.

This is our favorite and most played game! Only gripe is it is the glitchiest and crashiest game we’ve ever played. If you can deal TONS of glitches and crashes, then you can give 5 stars in honesty. That being said, we havent went a day without playing since uploading to our phone (iPhone 11). We do recommend the game and we do hope it betters as it goes.

Its a fun game but you only have one inning per game.

So on top of foul balls being called out after they hit the ground, the pitcher somehow coming up with a ball that was well into the outfield. Now im also thinking this game is completely rigged so you have to buy stuff. We were winning 3-0 and when we went up to pitch every single pitch was getting hammered. Even the ones that were nowhere near the strike zone. This game is cool but it need a lot of work before we can call it great and give it 5 stars.

Takes forever to move players up unless you pay your way to the top which to us is unfair to the ones who dont buy there way up. You should have it split up in two leagues , those that buy there way to the top and us that dont.

The game itself is fun. Good gameplay and if u figure out to pitch backwards then they dont hit so many bombs. The bad part is the lag. It lags really bad at times and plays will go on without your control. The games are unfortunately somewhat predetermined. We’ve been down and came back a few times but not many. U can hit balls perfect and they dribble back to the pitcher or we’ve hit balls no where near well and they fly over the fence. This is a money grab game. But if u dont take it to seriously its ok to play every no and then. But if u are wanting a serious game this isnt it.

We agree with others, it seems the outcomes are predetermined by the software. Yes, you can influence by not throwing to base but other than that it seems the game algorithm is fixed.

Please explain to us why we lose hard earned trophies and the end of season and the start of another. What is the purpose of this happening? Simple question, so lets see if we get an answer.

This app was fun but know when you get in higher league its just gets to hard because people are now paying cash like it nothing and you cant win a match. DO NOT GET THIS GAME ITS PAY TO WIN.

This game is full of bugs and glitches. It freezes all the time too. You would think with all the updates they would be fixing the problems, but they just keep getting worse.

Sadly, this could have been a shining example of a mobile game done right, but again greed destroys and semblance of competition. Early in the game, up until 5 or so, it feels like your skill actually matters. Once you hit that plateaux, it doesnt matter anymore. If a lvl 9 card pitcher throws straight down the middle and your lvl 6 perfectly times it and makes perfect contact, itll make sure you generate no power, if it even lets you actually hit it. Rinse and repeat, your lvl 8 pitcher throws an impossible to hit, not even close to the strike zone pitch and the lvl 10 at the plate swings? Well most likely they will crush it into the stratosphere because they paid good money for that card. Ill be glad when this era of gaming is dead. These companies have ruined gaming with greed and shady programming.

We’ve left reviews before but its been deleted or buried too far down. Do yourselves a favor and read through the reviews and notice the common theme; gameplay isnt fair and too much money is spent trying to upgrade. The developer has mastered how to make it just difficult enough to advance but you want to keep trying. Seasons get reset with no clear ending. Just a reset of trophies earned, now we took them away, try to earn them all over again. This cycle never ends! It is impossible to upgrade some of your players without spending a small fortune, and then there is still no guarantee you can upgrade the players of your choosing. We almost exclusively get cards for players already maxed out. Whats the point of constantly getting cards for players who cant be upgraded?? We have players we maxed out with cards months ago, yet we still get cards for them (which makes 0 sense) because they cant get any better. The reason we jumped on to write yet another review is because we paid coins to have a player upgraded and it showed he was ready to be upgraded and when we went to do it, it indicated we still needed to pay for him. That was the final straw! There are always glitches that hinder the game but Im recognizing this is by design. Base running hasnt been corrected if you need to go back after trying to advance. The pitcher can never pick off a runner. A base runner with a speed rating of 156 shouldnt beat a throw by a catcher who has the best throwing strength of any catcher whos maxed out and at the highest level. Too often your outfielder is trying to throw a runner out and has a chance but the throw is cut off by the relay fielder which usually results in a safe base runner. Too many pop foul outs to the catcher. Its messed up the game is just a money grab and no real, substantiated progress can be made since the game simply resets you every 30 days. Now after you read this of course youll see the standard BOT-STYLE response thanking us for our feedback and directing us to hit the cogwheel in the settings to leave our grievances there, which does absolutely nothing. But then the developers are getting PAID IN FULL (Eric B. & Rakim reference) from advertising so they may not care about dollars we invest, so no more money dropping from us. Maybe Ill start blogging about this travesty weekly, or just leave scathing reviews several times a week till we feel it makes a difference. WELL SEE!!

First of all this game is the most boring thing you will ever play. There are so much better baseball games than this. PLAY BASEBALL NINE its actually very fun and it is a lot better than this piece of crap. They put little to no effort in making this game. Other games like baseball nine the developers actually took there time and put effort into the game. THIS GAME IS GARBAGE DO NOT GET IT UNLESS YOU LIKE BAD GAMES.

We loved this game until now, the player Ruth is on first, game glitches and she gets single. Ok whatever, first pitch we picked her or him off( its hard to tell actually) and she makes a break for second and she is safe after our throw beats her to the bag in a non close play. Hmmm well surely lightning cant strike 3 times but oh yes it can. Same play except this time she is picked off and going to 3rd and in an even less closer play than the last she was yet safe. We did not mention that this player is safe no matter what on any play at home. Next better comes up hits a week fly ball to second, The runner tags yes the runner tags in the safe at home after jumping over our catcher. All of this was right after we updated the game that claimed to have bug fixes yet again. We only re-downloaded it just to write this review.

Just another MC boring game aimed at our money Even the reviews are fake Take the number of complaints against this game alone & it will never average out to 4.7 ! All their games are rated 4.7 which is strange we lost 20 followers over the years just from inviting them too play the pool game !

This game is so pay to win, its ridiculous. It takes away all the fun of the game. Plus, its super inconsistent. Deleted.

Cant win unless you spend money to buy gems to get gold tobiy a better team endless money pit. Dont waste youre time.

We hope this game dies nobody likes it delete this game.