Basket Battle

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 04:35 pm

Basket Battle

Basket Battle

Basket Battle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Basket Battle is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 2nd May 2022 with the latest update 17th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Basket Battle ?

105,531 people have rated 2.0

What is the price of the Basket Battle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Basket Battle released ?

Basket Battle was released on 2nd May 2022.

When was the Basket Battle updated ?

The latest updated date of Basket Battle on 17th May 2023.

Where can Basket Battle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Basket Battle from Apple Official App Store.



Throw the ball higher.
Take it from above the basket and throw into the basket.
Hit the opponent to stop him/her throwing the ball into the basket.

Updated on 17th May 2023

  • New Merge Arenam meta game

Basket Battle Review

The game is very good but its just why or there ads every 10 seconds.

There is a problem with the game so like when ever we go to select flags and. We do all of the stuff and whatnot it wont let us play the actual game so its REALLY FRUSTRATING and we will change our rating once you change this. -sincerely lily.

Okay every round is like thirty seconds and you get a ad in the middle of the game and one at the end of the game so it ruins the game and it feels like your watching more ads than even playing the game.

Faek multiplayer if enemy a few feet away and dunk they get 30 points while u from the same distance get 10 points u r maek bad gaem.

The amount of ads we tried to put up with because we actually like the game is unbearable, this is an amazing game but the game itself seems to be an ads at this point, fix this sht pls.

We like the premise of the game and it would be quite fun if there was no ads IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LEVEL!!!!! Seriously we got an ad in the middle of our game we would still play the game if there was an ad after the level. But haveing ads in the middle of the level is just unacceptable.

Theirs one big problem is you give ads in the middle of the game and let the other player play and then they win because the game was still active it ruined the game for us and we dont suggest this game unless they remove ads happening when your actually playing the game.

We downloaded this game thinking we were gonna get more than 3 seconds of gameplay between ads. We understand that ads are your only source of revenue, but come on. We WANT TO PLAY THE GAME!!

This game has barely any ads super fun to play highly recommend.

So fun no glitches amazing game you should get it.

We’ve already left a review but we forgot to mention that there is a glitch where if you hit the hoop at the bottom at a certain angle you will get points.

Good in all exsept if theres less adds and we dont see a (pay to get free adds)and we barrley play because theres add every half minute.

This game is very entertaining and fun,but ads are literally everywhere! We mean you cant even finish 1 game without running into an ad. Please change the game. It would be better if there were a limited amount of ads.

Dear basket battle dont get us wrong this game is amazing but it has to MUCH ads and it gets irritating so we would of given it a five if it didnt have to much ads.

The names are not long enough for me.

Fun game, but theres more ads then game play so Im going to delete.

People kept cheating. Theres also way too many ads. Im deleting this game until you fix it.

This game is good but it has ads in the middle of you playing.

We paid for no ads it was a dollar because it bad on sale and when we click to do something like play balloon mood we have to watch a ad that filler better be back in our account soon.

The game is fun however, if you dont pay to get ads removed, they will play right in the middle of your game, even if the other person doesnt have ads. Sometimes even two or three times if youre not good enough to finish the game quickly. We have had leads of like 40 to 10 in games to 50, been interrupted by an ad, and when our game resumed, it was over, and we had loss. This is total crap! Theyre basically trying to force you to pay for the no ads option. It really isnt a choice if you want to be competitive. Couldve been a fun game but you ruined it with your greed. If you want to have fun for a few minutes, download and play a little bit but you will erase it quickly. Trust us. It.

Ads will run in the middle of a level you are on, if they were not so constant this game would actually be pretty decent, as with most games by this company though, TOO MANY ads and the game isnt fun enough to remotely deal with them – dont even bother trying it.

To the developers we know thats how you make money. The ads, yes games should have ads but not in the middle of them when im really focused on the gameplay. Im just saying if you want people enjoying the game then dont have ads pop up in the middle of it. Have them pop up afterwards. We did uninstall the game untill its looked into btw im not a karen im just saying its hard to enjoy this game.

Great game idea but greedy developers. We dont understand why game devs will stifle their customers with ads to the point where games are unplayable. Although the game is setup to look like multiplayer, it really isnt. Youll get hit with ads in the MIDDLE OF A ROUND. Our advice to the developers would be to lose a few ads and a couple dollars for the sake of making a fun game.

We paid for no ads, but we still got forced ads. Its a shame because the game is fun. Dont waste your time downloading this one unless you want to see a ton of ads.


Ill say one thing, this games concept is AMAZING, and this game had the potential to probably be one of the best games we’ve ever played. But one thing ruins it and Im glad Im not alone on this. Ads Ads are everywhere, the game literally plays ads in the middle of the basketball game and you cant do anything about it. Even if you turn off Wi-Fi it will tell you you need to play with Wi-Fi to play this game. So if you want to enjoy yourself then 2.99$ to enjoy. We have never seen a game that plays an ad in the middle of the game ever. Games great, but ads completely ruin it entirely, and the reviews are 4.7 because its either used to be great in the past years, or the reviews are fake bots Devs if youre reading this, please please please change this. This game is very good and the concept is amazing. Please let this game playable rather than making it feel wack because of ads being played in the middle, give us more options that makes us look at ads rather than playing ads in the middle of the match. Feels frustrating and is dragging your app lovers down and makes us disappointed in you. Maybe even more disappointed in you than they are disappointed in GOT season 8. Please fix it. Without ads, games a banger. With ads? Bad game.

This game is awesome, but there are many, many, many ads but we dont mind them(that much). This game has okay graphics but none the less It is fun and addictive.

We love this game but it is not actually multiplayer so can you please make a mode where you can go against people and make a leader board. And also make a trophy currency where you can get cooler stuff.

We like that its hard because it get more hand eye coordination.

We only saw one add and we’ve played 20 rounds.

We can never stop playing this game is so fun and l just started playing.

Theres so many ads. They claim you can use tickets to skip them but you cant. And the worst part is, they happen in the game. Your about to shoot and then you get an ad. Could be a fun game but theres way too many.

Very fun game but too much ads.

This is the worst game we have ever played the person who invented this is very bad.

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