Order please! -Draw&Story game

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 09:35 pm

Order please! -Draw&Story game

Order please! -Draw&Story game

Order please! -Draw&Story game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FTY LLC., Order please! -Draw&Story game is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 7th August 2022 with the latest update 20th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Order please! -Draw&Story game ?

6,185 people have rated 1.1.7

What is the price of the Order please! -Draw&Story game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Order please! -Draw&Story game released ?

Order please! -Draw&Story game was released on 7th August 2022.

When was the Order please! -Draw&Story game updated ?

The latest updated date of Order please! -Draw&Story game on 20th April 2023.

Where can Order please! -Draw&Story game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Order please! -Draw&Story game from Apple Official App Store.



You are a waiter in a restaurant.
Take perfect notes of your customers’ orders!

In addition to experiencing various tasks as a waiter in the game, there is also a story that unfolds through many interactions with the customers who come to the restaurant.

You can have a partner, pick up a dog, and many other stories through the game!

EU / California users can opt-out under GDPR / CCPA.
Please respond from the pop-up displayed when starting in the app or within the settings in the app.

Updated on 20th April 2023

Minor bugs fixed.

Order please! -Draw&Story game Review

Its a good game at start but there is too many adds. Hardly any room to write anything.

Every three days you have to watch an ad if you spell something wrong you will have to watch an ad trust us you dont want to get this game.

This game is really cute with a nice storyline! If you want drama along with being a waitress, then youll love this game. Its fun! Enjoy it! Great job, creators! Keep creating more stories!

We love how you have to like write the orders and stuff its just really cool make more games and never give up!

We love this game can u make something Elsa like this.

The first time you have a good day.

We came here from the Graystillplays youtube video, it is very fun game! We even buy the no ads for $3. But the game ends after level 41 and there is no more story levels. We hope you add more levels soon!

Very dramatic and lovey Im so into that love you.

This app is so fun! We bought the no ads for 3 bucks and have played it for three straight days now! We love the little scene at the beginning too! This game is so relaxing and we definitely recommend it and think YOU should get it!

This game is really good and a secret but not a lot of ads.

This game is so fun and funny you should download it.

Its good but theres too much add s.

This game is so fun it makes our want to be a waitress so we play this when Im bored thank you sm order please.

This game is the BOMB it lets you unlock cool pens who would decline that.

Its so annoying cause theres ads every two seconds just stop all the ads plz.

Love is in just one thing we WANT TO GIVE SOMEONE A RAT.


Its a really good game at the start but why do the love thing and thats it that is the best part about this game then you have enough money thats WAYYY over 800 dollars and it literally just takes all your freaking money like WHYY And you cant get new clothes and you have to watch a ad to say yes every single time like WHY we mean ugly hairstyles and glasses that do not go with it and theres like writing board and theres no room to write and you have to write on it every to you try to talk thats DUMB and then orders online one we did the write order but they talked to fast so thats why we didnt get one of the foods in the order then they call you back and you can see them they literally yell real mean at you like CHILLLL and it got this guy coming in saying something and we did not know what it meant one time we hit yes and the other time we hit NO like what and it just keep doing the same people over and over again so yeah four starts not a really a good game bye yall.

We cant see the fat mans order.

This game is fun but there are some things that are very rude about what certain people would order. For example on level 9 there is a larger guy and he orders 3 pizzas and 5 sodas. Otherwise, fun game with a romantic twist.

So we’ve been playing this game for about a week and we love it it is super fun but why is there SOOOOOOOO MANY ADS WHyYyYYYyYY.

To be honest we only got this cause if laurenzside but this game is actually pretty fun we like the drawing part.

Love this but we have one thing to say it is that there are way to many ads we mean just too much.

We download this game because it look like it would be fun but right when we downloaded it and add came up and Im like why its stupid and also if youre very sensible, this game will not be for you. If you mess up their order, they will get very mad and start saying rude stuff so if youre sensitive dont get this game.

This game is super addicting and fun, but there are ads every 5 seconds, its super annoying and hard to play. We will also not be paying for the no ads. After a while (3-4 weeks) we feel as if the game adds more ads just to get you to buy the no ads.

We do like this game and the story lines, but we will say the faces are a bit scary/ the way they are designed. Also so many ads!!!

The first 3 days it kept glitching and they need more boys and the ad’s are inappropriate.

So the games amazing and funny (speficially the angry faces and what happens if you fail the titanic and dinosaur level. But we request that you PLEASE make a few more memorial stages. Also id request youd drag out the we love you stage more levels then day3 like BOI we just met. Also the customers after saving Kai, it just repeats with the kid and the guy with no shoes on (health violation) and they keep saying Order, please Thank you for reading this review.

We were on like the second or third level and it said trace the letters and we did it and it said we failed.

We love this game but on level 23 we get the kids food BUT HIS GRANDPA JUST GETS MAD AT MEEEEEEEE.

The expressions it makes scares us. Especially the priest when they were getting married. Oof scary. Plus, the ads are too much. Too much ads tbh.

This game is weird but we love it because it gives us a good laugh and makes us ask myself, why anyways thats just all we wanted to say so uh.

Its a good game, but it has way to many ads. Every time we take an order it had an ad after. But overall its a good game.

We paid $2.99 for no ads. Once we completed all 15 Memorial scenes its the same thing over and over as far as same customers except now none of the levels have a heart for her to continue on after she saves her husband. Im on level 63 and bored.

Its bad because way to much ads make your game better every time we click next theres an ad please fix your some people hate ads if you never knew please fix your game way to MUCH ADS!!!!!!! Fix it please.

The game is pretty fun in all but it lags a lot and there are way to many ads deleted the game and never downloading again.

We rated 2 stars because this app is fun but when we got to the part when he drops the roses for her, we wrote You too and he fell to the ground like he would if you wrote something other then that. And once you finish the part where you rescue the boyfriend, The game immediately restarts.. It literally took us back to level 1. We hope you fix this soon.

When we first installed the app it was good 2 minutes later our tablet started to lag because of it we know that because when we got rid of it the lag stopped and also we couldnt turn off our device.

We do like this game, but the storyline only lasts a VERY short time n then it just gets repetitive with the customers n food n drinks. Also, after youve bought all the ugly (yes they are hideous) hairstyles n glasses you have all this money n nothing to use it for. Another thing, its always the same 7 customers n same foods n drinks (after the storyline ends), there should be more choices of food n drinks n different customers. Another thing that irks us is that after the storyline your husband n the customers that have gotten to know you in the storyline act like youre just some random waiter by saying Order Please n thats alldoesnt make sense to us. We paid for no ads n on day 255 n its just getting boring. It should keep the storyline going throughout the WHOLE game n get more challenging to make it better n more interesting. This game needs a lot of changes to it.

We give it 2 stars because there is way to many ads, like just to hit next there is a like 20 second ad. We uninstalled just for that cus there is wayyy too many.

It starts as a really good game then it gets easier instead of challenging with the same people who are ordering less. It gets bored really quick.

Why is it talking about victims and abductions.

There are so many ads in this game. Theres a few each level. Not worth playing because its mostly ads and barely the game.

We were really enjoying the game, however it freezes and ads after anything u do. We have had to restart game 5 times in 30 minutes. Hate to delete the game but cant even enjoy it.

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