Beat Hazard Ultra

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Beat Hazard Ultra


Beat Hazard Ultra is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Cold Beam Games Ltd, Beat Hazard Ultra is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th February 2012 with the latest update 6th October 2017

Whether you are a fan of Music, Music, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


95 people have rated 1.12

You can download the game Beat Hazard Ultra from APP STORE.


Gameplay Powered by YOUR Music!

Join thousands of people rocking out to their favorite music. Experience YOUR music collection like never before with this intense music driven arcade shooter.

Blast away to your favorite tracks. Watch your firepower pulse to the energy of the music.

  • 100% – ‘Must own for action gamers’ – AppSpy

  • 100% – ‘Must Have’ – Slide To Play

  • 90% – ‘Feel the beat!’ – 148 Apps

  • 90% – ‘It’ll blow up your screen’ – Touch Arcade

  • Levels created from YOUR iTunes collection

  • Play to internet radio stations

  • Simple 1 stick mode for beginners

  • Twin stick mode for the pros

  • Rank up and unlock 23 perks

Note: The game will use music on your device. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with streamed music such as Apple Music or Spotify.

Updated on 6th October 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

iOS 11 support
Added preview video.

Beat Hazard Ultra Reviews

What makes this game extremely enjoyable is the combination of music and action play. Just…. WOW really.

We honestly love this game. The visuals are beautiful and the game can get really intense. It’s a great way to listen to music too.

Like a retro shooter but updated with awesome graphics and music. Get it!!

We don’t even know how to explain how awesome this app is besides that it’s worth the pay. The song tracks, the cool effects, etc are what games like this should always be like and stay like. We would give this app 6 stars if we could.

Great game on all platforms! Visuals are incredible. If you are just looking for an eye-popping visualizer concider this app or the Beat Hazard Visualizer as a top option.

We love this app but please update it to be usable with Apple Music.

Kids love this app. Works good, even on our old iPhone 4s. There should be a separate section in the AppStore for Apple TV apps.

This game is really good. We like playing it and the challenge included in it (by challenge we mean how long you can spin and shoot) but we got an in app purchase and there is no restore option. We would like that to be there since we just got the new iPhone. Hopefully they can install one. We’re giving this a four until they push and update. It would get a 5 if it had a restore button.

We discovered this game when we had Just a iPod using it with all our music was just an awesome experience we definitely recommend this game if you’re a music lover a have time to kill try it out.

Amazing game love play it all the time Only thing we dont like is u cant u misic from another source like amazon music or Spotify beside that cant get enough if it.

Better than the original we played awhile back. This one is spot on with the shooter genre. Playing this game with the music we enjoy makes it an awesome combination!

This is by far the most addicting arcade style game available. The game play is enhanced by the beats per minute and intensity of your own music selection. Try the free version to get an idea, the paid version comes with many more weapons and perks.

By far the best game we have ever played.

We have been playing this game for years, and we have loved it for that time. But we love it EVEN MORE now that we figured out that you can stream your game to your Apple TV! It is responsive and feels like your device just becomes a controller! We love it! The only thing we wish this game had was more enemies. Other than that, no complaints here.

Love that we can play our music and the game and have them work in harmony together! Gameplay can be intense or relaxing, which suits people’s moods very well. The only thing I’d like to see added is more bosses and a sort of warning system so you can be prepared for the boss you will face. A boss index would be good to give you a few pointers, but other than that a sweet game. Would recommend to people without epilepsy for sure!

We love this game , it’s definitely for people who love music and gaming ^_^

This game is just awesome. There are really no words to describe it. Metal Heads will LOVE this game. The more intense your music is the more intense the gameplay is. The effects are simply stunning and the way the game responds to the music is just amazing. The best $7 we ever spent in the App Store. If your music library is lame, the game will be lame. That’s the only possible reason you could give this game a bad rating. \m/

We have logged tons of hours on this game because it lets us multitask: we can listen to music we love (thousand of songs from our library is synced) & the game gets progressively harder. If theirs 1 way it could be better is if there was an AppleTV version (w/gamepad support) that pulled from a connected iTunes library. If there was another it would be pulling from playlists in iTunes. Other than those 2, theres now much room for improvement.

Just as respectable as the PC version, but please add Apple Music support soon; where we can play the songs that we’ve downloaded to our library via Apple Music in-game.

This game is so good and it was worth every penny get it now!

It’s a great game that ties your music into the game! Love it.

Honestly, the most non-zombie related fun we’ve had on our phone. Plug in the headphones (or not, whichever you prefer) and let the awesomeness of your music translate into explosions and lasers. This game is basically the visual and aural expression of ADHD, and it’s incredible. So much fun!

Never gets old we have got this game on our Xbox, pc, iPad and now the iPhone 6+ and wow amazing visually and controls are solid..

Playing this on a iPhone 6 Plus, definitely helps having a bigger screen with the screen analog controls. Visually looks fine and we get to enjoy our favorite tracks. We’re satisfied with the purchase.

We use to own this game on our Xbox 360 which was awesomen because at the time you could only download music on to the 360 but now we can play this on our phone which is awesome!!!!

This game rocks! Our eyes are bleeding! :)

We’re not great at giving praise, but this game is awesome! It’s a roller coaster ride from relaxing to nerve racking. We especially love one stick for when we have other things to do.

This is one of the best games on the app store There are no other games like it!!!!!!!

We love it. Fully functional, fast-paced, good mechanics and aesthetics; the perfect appeal to both the gamer and the music lover in us. Only thing we could ask for would be the option to use playlists in Survival and Boss Rush.

We love this game. You will too, depending on your genre of music and skill to maneuver your fingers right (:

We got the game on PC first and it really lives up to the expectation.

We love this game so much but there’s just one problem, we’ve made IAP on that gold ship on our iPhone and we downloaded this game on our iPod and it’s telling us to buy the ship again.

We love this game, but if guys don’t update to 64x then no one will be able to enjoy this game in the next major iOS update.

We have played this game on our 360,my PS3, iPod touch 3rd and 4th gen and now our iPhone 6plus. We absolutely love this game but am saddened to see that it does not support Apple Music. When we boot up the app it shows that it is reading our iTunes library but when we go to select a song that we have downloaded via Appel music, we cannot locate any… We would of thought that by now the 2 would work hand we hand and it only makes sense that both Apple Music and beat hazard would work that way. But, we are only able to play songs that we have actually payed for, and we find this very disappointing… We would love to see this patched at some point in the near future and we’re sure that many others would as well.

We never really thought that video games could be powered by music. That is, until we picked up this crazy-awesome shooter! Fun. Hectic. Addicting. Although, bear in mind that we do NOT recommend this to anyone who is prone to epileptic seizures and/or is sensitive to flashing lights (all for health and safety precautions, of course), because this game has a boatload of those (which can thankfully be toned up to a maximum of 200% intensity, or down to the users’ preference). And, might we add, these lights add to the action of this game. The more intense your music gets, be it metal, good old R&R, or heavy dubstep (I recommend xKore and Liquid Stranger), the more intense the gameplay becomes, and it may even cause a boss to appear on occasion. So, all in all, this is a game that we will not likely be removing from our phone (or computer) anytime soon.

Game is so good we bought it twice. Bought it 3 years ago for PS3 then bought it a couple years ago for our phone. Absolutely tons of fun and every single song in your library is a different level. Even a live version of a song produces a different level than the studio version of the same song. Great, well made game. Only complaint is the On-Screen Sticks.. Like any game using the control scheme it can be difficult to perform dodging maneuvers but otherwise a well done game.

Really love the game but with iOS 10, about time to update this because I’d hate to see all the $$$ we’ve spent in this game go bye bye because of not updating to 64-bit.

We’ve loved this game every since we’ve gist purchased it and started playing it to our favorite tracks. The only issue we see with it now is the fact that it needs an update for iPhone 6/6 Plus. We’re sure many other people are feeling this way. This is the ONLY thing keeping us from giving this a 5 star right now. Hopefully it happens sooner than later.

Still love this app but it wont play our music, also they should a add a restore purchases button somewhere.

The game itself is very good. We like being able to listen to our own music. But there are downsides such as no restore purchases for in-app purchases, no playlist selection, and a lot of bugs. This game will be worth the money after some updates.

This has been a main stay app on our phone but since we have converted over to Apple Music we don’t get our full enjoyment from the app. We wish they would add support for Apple Music then we will be a happy camper again.

Overall a pretty fun game; it makes listening to music more enjoyable. We would recommend. We love the variety of tracks it can be played to, as well as how the ship firing and enemy ship movements are controlled by the energy of a song. How the enemies appear make less sense. We wish there was some sort of list describing the various enemies and what makes them appear, or more information available on what exactly the triggers that spawn enemies and control their actions are. That would make gameplay much more interesting by allowing players to predict and prepare for what is coming up, and would make the visualization of the music more enjoyable and effective by understanding what components of the music the players are seeing as enemies appear. Additional modes for different kinds of music, different visualizer modes, perhaps, would also make gameplay more diverse and interesting and would keep us more interested in the game.

This is a game worth paying for if you have music on your device. We say this because at the moment it does not sync with Pandora or Spotify which is a shame. We would rate higher if this was added because it would have unlimited life span when it comes to music and replay ability. At the moment we mute it and listen to pandora, with the same outcome because it plays the four or five songs it comes with. We can see this getting old faster than if it did sync. Great game,great effects, and it is fun. Only downside is you need music on your device, 3/5 stars rated.

Need a restore purchase, that is quite bull. We bought gold ship a long while back. No five star for you.

We really enjoy this game, but could you guys update it to work with Apple Music?

Was ten stars but… We’ve had this game for ever was ranked elite paid for the gold ship and unlocked all perks….. Spent$$$ had to delete it bought better iPod touch 5 64g reinstalled it and all the stuff we bought gone along with our rank which took forever. No restore purchases button and wants us to repurchase everything?!! We think not!! So contacted developer an haven’t heard back yet and if it gets fixed then ill change our rating until then no stars.

This game was the bomb we had it for PS3 and our old iPhone now that we updated to the iPhone 6s it won’t recognize none of our PURCHASED!!!! Music we even hit refresh iTunes list and nothing If it works for you go ahead we give it 5 stars when it works but now that it won’t recognize our iTunes music just 1 star is good.

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