Crypt of the NecroDancer

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Crypt of the NecroDancer


Crypt of the NecroDancer is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by BRACE YOURSELF GAMES INC., Crypt of the NecroDancer is a Music game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th June 2016 with the latest update 6th February 2020

Whether you are a fan of Music, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


240 people have rated 1.19

You can download the game Crypt of the NecroDancer from APP STORE.


Crypt of the NecroDancer is an award winning hardcore roguelike rhythm game. Move to the music and deliver beatdowns to the beat! Groove to the epic Danny Baranowsky soundtrack, or easily select songs from your own iTunes collection!

Awards & Accolades:

  • Game Developers Choice Awards: WINNER, Best Audio
  • Independent Games Festival: Excellence In Design Nominee
  • Independent Games Festival: Excellence In Audio Nominee
  • Gaming Age: “Unique, fun, and wildly imaginative” — A+
  • The Guardian: "You’re gonna love it" — 5/5
  • TouchArcade: "One of this generation’s finest games" — 5 stars


  • Pulse pounding rhythm-based dungeon crawling gameplay
  • Play with any song in your music library!
  • Randomly generated dungeons provide countless hours of fun
  • GameCenter achievements & leaderboards
  • Choose from one of 3 touch control schemes (dpad, edge, or swipe)
  • Controller support
  • BONUS: 6 playable remixed OSTs included!

Updated on 6th February 2020

  • Bug fixes.

Crypt of the NecroDancer Reviews

We love this game but there is no reason to buy this version instead of amplified so save the $5 and go get amplified!

Ok so this was like our favorite game until we beat it and then felt really unsatisfied. The only thing more that we would want is a level creator or something that you can post your levels and stuff like that. We hope you can add one for a little extra to make this a five star review. Otherwise this is probably our favorite game ever.

On newer devices like the IPhone XS, the game is shrunken, making it harder to play. We love this game SO much, fixing that would make it perfect!

We have this game for PS4 so we thought id get it for our phone. So buggy. Took an entire night to download wouldnt even open. Downloaded it again and theres no sound and we cant get bombs or healing items to work. Good game bad as an app.

The Home Bar is always on in a game with swipe controls? An errant swipe too close to the Home Bar will start to switch to another app, ruining your rhythm. This game need to be updated to properly dim the Home Bar so it takes two swipes to exit the app.

It is a fantastic game, but current controls make it almost unplayable on higher levels.

We really, REALLY like this game… However…. And we know this is all on us, and not even really a complaint (which is why we’ve still given it 5stars)… The game is just SO BIG! We only have a 16GB phone (with the OS, it’s more like 12), and we can’t ever install it because we never have the space. =J we wish they would have lowered the quality of the music and allowed those who wanted HQ tracks to freely download them so that the app could be smaller in size. But… Whatchoogonnado? This is an AWESOME game, and we still HIGHLY recommend it if you’re into roguelikes and/or music tappers.

So glad the bug is fixed. Thank you!

We have this game on pc and switch, and now we can play wherever we want. Theres a few problems though… Like the items being covered by the notch without being able to set a safe zone, or the occasional crash. Still, being able to enjoyably play this more than makes up for the minor inconveniences.

This is one of our all time favorites games. Not just on mobile, but on any platform! So unique and challenging and just a blast to play. One issue, game will load but when we drop into any level the game crashes. Just noticed this bug after we upgraded to iPhone 11 running iOS 13. Please address so we can resume the crypt slaying!!

We love the game and have wasted many hours on it, and Im really interested in continuing the story, but theres a bug where when we get to the zone 4 boss as melody, the message Audio Cheating Detected and our game freezes. Because of this, we cannot unlock all the characters and continue the story. Id love for this to be fixed someday so we can continue enjoying this amazing play of a game.

We love this game. Played it for hours on Steam and was excited to play it on our phone, but the entire application crashes after continuing the title screen.

However, we have to give it three stars, because there wasnt really indication that the entirety of this game was included in NecroDancer: Amplified on the app page. We really dont like giving a bad star review to such a great game, but this is a pretty big issue.

The game is great, but Necrodancer: Amplified is the DLC app, and it has all the features of this one, and then some; AND it’s the same price as this one. If you buy this one there is no way to transfer progress to the second app, and you will have to pay the whole price for the second one.

The game is amazing, we love how fun and good the music and game is. We wish the app didnt crash so much. When Im in the lobby, it crashes almost every time we try to get into the levels. It gets really frustrating because you never know when you will actually be able to play. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

Much fun as this game is, especially the PC version, the mobile versions touchscreen controls are absolutely terrible for later levels and speed run gameplay. Any two-button combinations have a high a high chance of failing when you need them, whether because your fingers barely miss the arrows, or when one finger hits an arrow milliseconds too early. If you have a controller then great, but good luck otherwise. If a future fix can adjust the controls a bit can come back and re rate though. Still a great core game.

Crashes on iPad running iOS 13.1.2. The game is fun when it works.

Apple referred us to contact the developer because the app just would not download or install. It would reach about 70% and then resets back to Waiting of Loading. Never received a response.

We open the game and hit tap to play and it crashes, its not our phone cause we have an iPhone XS Max, waste of money needs fixed.

The app will download completely but then restart again.

If you plan on playing this game you cant be using ios 13 – it crashes every time you try to enter a level.

We see a loading screen, cut-scene intro followed by a prompt to "tap anywhere to continue". When we tap the app quits… We want our money back!

We know that this game is supposed to be great, but it crashes every time we try to open it. Until thats fixed, we can only give it one star.

We bought it and it doesnt download.

We cant even play cause it wont load If that changes Ill write a different review.

The game does not run. Version 13.1, please fix it.

Game is great, compatibility with ios 13 is missing. This game is Unplayable after upgrading from ios12.4.1 to 13.

Great when it worked but crashes when you go to play the first level in iOS 13.

Bro the its so zoomed out let us have the option to zoom it in. Unplayable tbh.

On iOS 13.1 the game immediately crashes when entering a dungeon. This bug has existed for sometime. Please fix.

With the DLC now available as a separate app, there is no longer any reason to buy this over it. The DLC has everything that this has. However, we would not recommend deleting this yet. We are hoping for the possibility of a data transfer soon, and until either then or catching up, we would recommend keeping the original for those characters.

This game is clearly a good one of Nintendo is letting the developer make a Zelda game with the same mechanics. We original purchased the game due to App Store promotion. But, we couldnt play over an hour due to TERRIBLE controls. This game is not intended for a phone screen. Only get it if you want to hate it and be frustrated that its getting so much praise.

Great game, Purchased day one when released on PC and played many hours there. Once we saw an iOS release we jumped right on it. This has been our go-to game during our morning commute on the train for months now. The game played perfectly on our iPhone 5s, but we recently upgraded to the 8+ and for some reason it is stuck zoomed out incredibly far that it is almost impossible to play without straining your eyes. Luckily we used the swipe style control scheme and that works just fine, but the HUD elements and everything else is just too small. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, as this was one of the best games on iOS. Would definitely rate 5 stars if the zoom issue on the 8+ gets fixed. Also it would be nice to get the DLC added to the app store at some point, but even without this is a great game. UPDATE 05/10/2018 Zoom issue is now fixed on the 8+. So now all we have to say is that this game is one of the best iOS ports we have played. Definitely 5 stars.

When we first heard about this game, we saw its soundtrack was made by Danny Baranowsky, who made the soundtracks for Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. As soon as we saw this, we bought it immediately, knowing we were already in for some excellent music. And yet, the game not only provides an excellent soundtrack, but also includes a very fun, very polished game. Not to mention, if you dont like the music, or want to challenge yourself with something fun, you can use your own music if youve downloaded it! There are only two issues we have with the game, but those are mostly nitpicking. The pause button can mess with your progress. If you pause the game, you are almost guaranteed to miss a beat (which will literally kill you instantly in later modes, which can be a HUGE pain). The other issue is that the controls are a bit difficult to adjust to. We happen to prefer D-pad controls, but since the game was originally meant to be played with arrow keys/wasd, or a controller d-pad. Either way, real buttons. We really wish there was an option to increase the size of the d-pad, since it can be difficult to hit certain directions at the same time (which is how you use items or cast spells). This issue for us has been mostly reduced by practice, but can still be an issue at times. One advantage we respect this game for is charging up front for the full game. No ads, no microtransactions (although we would gladly pay for the Amplified DLC if it comes out). You buy the game, you get a full game. It doesnt seem obvious, but this game is hard. This game starts difficult and never gets easier from the beginning, until you learn exactly how every enemy, every item, every boss, and every other feature in the game, functions. The number of times that you will die increases exponentially with each zone, until you finally find yourself in a situation where both luck and skill finally cone together in just the right way to take down that boss at the end. It can get frustrating, itll get infuriating, some times itll get cheap, but that just makes winning all the more satisfying. This game is a winner, and is well worth your time.

This game is good and we love the music especially deep blues theme, however after zone 2 when zone 3 unlocked we left the game expecting everything to be the same. Then for some reason when we joined in next we lost ALL of our progress. We had everything in the lobby unlocked and had dove unlocked and the game said no more and we lost it all. Please give us our progress so that we can continue.

Phenomenal game with EPIC music that only gets better (love the singing shop keepers!). It is definitely not easy but if you love music and enjoyed the difficulty of VVVVVV then youll love this dungeon crawler/rougelike. There is plenty to keep you going back.

We had been playing this game for some time now and just unlocked Melody, but then our save data had been corrupted, and now we have to start over. Please fix this problem.

Great game, we enjoyed it on Steam, but on our iPhone X the game is way too small and hard to play.

The text and field of view are way too small for the phone screen. Its the PC UI shrunk down to a box smaller than your phone. Very lazy port. The only reason Im not returning this is because its so good on iPad and TV.

Great game but the way the controls handle on an iPhone X make it pretty much unplayable.

Ill start by saying we love this game. We bought it for PS4 and am currently working on Zone 4. The iPhone version, at least on the 8+, is just not fun to play. The d pad controls are extremely small, as are all of the icons, to the point that its hard to read any text. This is a problem in a game where one wrong move can end your run in a heartbeat. It honestly looks like the whole game is stuck on 50% zoom, and based on other reviews, its probably an issue for just the 7+ and 8+. Ill happily bump this up to 5 stars once the issue is fixed, because we just cant bring myself to play it in its current state. Edit: Downgrading to 1 star because they havent fixed the issue and theyre still allowing people with an iPhone plus or X to purchase a clearly broken game. Edit: Still not updated.

The game looks fun and amazing, but it just wont download. Whenever its supposed to be done, it restarts the download. It also takes a while. Please help.

Finished the game. Wish we saved our money.

Cant download the app. Cant play the game. Cant get a refund. Play it on other platforms. Isnt actually available for iOS apparently…

Font and character sizes are minuscule on modern devices (iPhone X).

What the heck is with this game? We have over 60 gigs free on our phone, but every time we try to download it, the install craps out halfway through! What is this, Android?

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