Bible Trivia Answers

Bible Trivia Answers

Bible Trivia Cheats, Question and Answers, Hints to help you solve all the level in this game. Maybe this is cheat, but could have you save the time to solve all the answer and let you know more about Christian Bible. This game is developed by Salem Communications.

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Bible Trivia Level 1

This is the question and answer for Bible Trivia Level 1.Salem Communications developed this game.

Question: He Was The First Fisherman To Come To Christ
Answer: Peter

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  • Sheila Sluss

    OK I found it for 60

  • Sheila Sluss

    But wow that don’t fit lol

  • Sheila Sluss

    I say wrath

  • Sheila Sluss

    I couldn’t find the answer to level 60 in my bible

  • Frank Rogers

    the answer is wrong or should be beelzebub or at least tell them what bible your using

    • Frank Rogers

      also level 62 the answer is Saul not Paul as his name had not been changed yet

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