Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 06:20 am

Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money

Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money

Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tripledot Fortune LLC, Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 12th January 2023 with the latest update 25th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money ?

7,513 people have rated 01.09.00

What is the price of the Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money released ?

Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money was released on 12th January 2023.

When was the Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money updated ?

The latest updated date of Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money on 25th May 2023.

Where can Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Bingo Fortune! Download and play competitive Bingo against real players. Get the highest score you can, climb the leaderboards, and prove that you are the best!
Join us now and never miss out on a Bingo night ever again – Every night is Bingo night!

All deposits and withdrawals are secure through PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa and Mastercard – pay an entry fee without worry and safely withdraw CASH to your PayPal or bank account.

When you start a game, you will be matched against other players who are in the same skill level as you. Both of you get the exact same deck – whoever finishes with a higher score, WINS CASH! All the games are fair, and encrypted to prevent cheating.

  • Everyone gets the same Bingo card, powerplays and numbers. All you need is skill to beat your opponent – No luck.
  • Daub as fast as you can! The faster you daub the more points you get!
  • You’ll get Bingo in all games but the question is… How many can you get? Get extra bonus points for getting more than one Bingo at a time!
  • Unlock and use your Powerplays to your advantage! Perfectly timed Powerplays can boost your chances of winning!
  • Climb up the leaderboards by collecting medals from your wins!
  • Get coin rewards every hour and every day!

This game is totally FREE to download!

So what you waiting for? Download now and start your Bingo adventures!

Cash Games currently only available in the US.

Updated on 25th May 2023

Thanks for playing Bingo Fortune!

Try out the Power mode games – more multipliers, bigger the scores.

In this version we’ve also improved gameplay and fixed bugs to give you the best bingo experience.

Daub, level up your bingo skills, compete with others and win real cash prizes.

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Bingo Fortune: Win Real Money Review

We’ve deleted every one of this fake game as we have. Don’t make the same mistake we did. Play watch ads never get your winnings RINCE repeat. F***ing ripoff game. Save yourself the time and trouble we went through and delete the dang game.

Its been a month Im waiting for them to send the $10 we won Also, just like the other reviews say, they keep canceling games where you might finish at the first spot and actually win money. They keep canceling and refunding games at least 4 out of 5. So theres no way you will get any medals to be able to compete in the league event. The top 3 people has 600-700 medals, the rest is way below 100 medals. DELETED!

Later on they dont give you no opponents when you know the trick on getting high scores . When your scores are high no opponents and They refund you . But when your scores are low they give you a bot to beat your score and get your money. .

Its a lot of fun! Havent seen any results in our own money winnings yet. But a lot of fun! But we just started!

Love the game except for having to pay to win any money.

Just started playing this game! Its a lot of fun and we’ve actually won some money!

This game is fun & entertaining.

Use our referral code please and thank you YREQXY.

This is very very addicting and we love it when ibein win win!!!

This is so much fun to play come play us will you Lets do this.

We play to earn cash not points.

We love this game! So much fun! And we win money! And play for free! What could go wrong? NOTHING!!!

Please see if you can unfreeze your app! We removedYour app from our home screen and now we are unable to add it back! How do you add it back? Also, can you unfreeze it? Thank you!

Getting up starting a new day by playing bingo.


We are really enjoying this game. It seems fair and it sure is a lot of fun Jake.

We wasnt paying attention now we see how we lost our money, but its a fun game,pay attention lol.

We wish you knew how many missed.

The games are good but some are too expensive. It would be more enjoyable if the app would open and work every time. Instead, a majority of times, we open the app and nothing happens, frozen!! We cant even access the withdrawals.

The results are way to slow and you also have to wait 2 mins every round for the other person to finish ON EVERY ROUND! Its rigged.

They will block your account an keep ALLL your money.

We’ve been waiting almost 24 for other people to play the tournaments we’ve entered. Why are people not being put into our bracket? Id love to continue playing and win more money, but cant do that if Im not being given opponents.

Once you have completed the tasks, watched ALL the advertisements, and are allowed to cash out, you get placed in an enormous quarry that details if IF your payment is sent. Cashing out is a joke. At the pace the quary is processessing it will take 3 to 5 months before we may or may not see our cash deposits.

They say they offer bonus on start they do not! Theyre ads are lies!

It says you can Win money at each bing card played. It did not say you had to PAY to do so!!

It not what they say on cash out not in minutes or hours have to watch over 20 videos then still wait 6 days and after the wait again.

They take most of the bet money then let you play with no opponent. Cash bonuses that they said theyll give you they actually take those back when you try to withdraw your money. And then daily bonuses of $.70 doesnt even add up to your balance . Worst thing is they let you play without getting verified your over 21 . When you get the trick to win they monitor you until you try to play $20 even if you do it very well you still gonna lose no matter what. Its like they know when the best time to screw you up. App is too greedy . Not fair at all.

We were the only person who was able to play when we first started and you were still looking for someone else to play against us. So we went ahead and played and got a total black out and then when the game ended someone else had beat us? That was impossible since we were the only one playing right? We dont like being scammed or lied to!

There is no way that you will make money unless you deposit and you will loose more then what you deposit.

This is by know means meant as a digg on a Bingo game that we just started playing x2 games played so far and we have almost gotten every # picked off the board.., which is a good, no make that GREAT thing 4 myself! But we are wondering; Luck? Or what.!?! We dunno.

You Need to allow more cash wins!

We are addicted to this bingo game! We play A LOT of other ones but this one seems to be easier to win more money and we like how each player is playing the same card!

It was okay at first. We were doing practice runs and beating everyone by like 2 times the points. So we figured it would be good to invest a few bucks and Ill make it back. Now we lost all of it because people beat us by like 100 points out of nowhere. Its fun but none of these money making games seem to be legit.

We downloaded the game and we deposited money and played a few rounds and it ate it all up its ok we guess but Im uninstalling it.

We’ve played just about every single solitaire game available. This has gotta be one of the weakest, most one sided, money grabbing game developed. It cant possibly be a fair platform. Like we said, we play solitaire. Not just one in particular but all of them. Here we’ve lost almost every game we’ve played. Over 20 matches. Take our advicedont put your money in this game.

Cheats cant never win Mandalea.

The reason we created another account because we couldnt sign back in to our first account. But that shouldn’t be reason for taking all our money from our account! Like literally we have almost 200 dollars on our account. And all of a sudden we got $0 balance on our account. We would understand and accept the fact that you blocked our account from withdrawing, depositing money if you let us take our winnings first. This is insanely unfair! Scammers!

Just a few days into this money making app, we dont have much time lately, but the few minutes daily turned into an hour or so every day. Once you understand all the side games and other challenges you can keep busy with your money and the fun just starts running up, we really like this game, we think we found a new hobby!!!

So much fun, and looks like you can really earn cash!

Fun game but you need more free games.

Stealing money. ( locking accounts so you cant even receive the money you deposited back). An they will ignore ALLL your emails . We also think English is a 2nd language to the creators.

Will not accept credit card. Thought something wrong on our end but then tried ATM card, would not accept kept telling us to check our information.

Do you guys deserve five stars?. To be continued, just like we’ve given them, we can take them away!. To be continued.

Great Bingo. Could use a bit more instruction and examples. Give it top marks.

We have been playing Bingo and Solitaire on dozens of apps trying to determine which ones are real and which ones are scams. We won $112.00 Monday on Bingo Fortune. We applied to get our cash on Tuesday and by Wednesday we had it all. This is an honest game that responds quickly to their players!

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