Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 08:35 am

Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner

Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner

Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nantong Jiangtai Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd, Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 28th December 2022 with the latest update 8th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casino, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner ?

1,161 people have rated 1.4.1

What is the price of the Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner released ?

Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner was released on 28th December 2022.

When was the Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner updated ?

The latest updated date of Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner on 8th March 2023.

Where can Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner from Apple Official App Store.



It’s a classic fashion game full of variety for your enjoyment, fun and excitement. No need to wait long, with the right power-ups, you can win Bingo right away!

You don’t need any Bingo knowledge or experience to play. Both novice and experienced Bingo players will love it. If you like to play.

Product Features:

  • Lots of bingo cards, easy to win.
  • Play anytime, anywhere.
    -Classic gameplay, fun to play even without experience
  • Carefully crafted details, focus on experience

Updated on 8th March 2023

-Optimized the problem of getting stuck in the game

Bingo N Payball: Lucky Winner Review

We just got 200 hundreds dollars in 24 hours.

Not real! Theres no real money!

All those ads about fake games and scams out there that claim that you dont need to watch ads and warn you of fake games that make you watch videos! Guess what? The advertisement for THIS game said No ads, No payout amount THIS IS A FAKE GAME, THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING! BEWARE!

We have been playing this game for 10-12 days. Love the game! We have withdrawn money we have won playing but it has not shown up on our Cash App! It has been 9 days since our first withdrawal! Is this game for real or fake?

Where is our cash app payout . Its been 3 weeks now we will not play anymore of this bingo until we get paid . We want our 1st payout until then we will not play. As soon as we get cash out with cash app then we will continue playing.

We still havent gotten any of the money o won on the game like it said.

When does the cash arrive.. Having fun so far.

We have won a little over $200, we hit PayPal, than we have to watch so many ads as well. Never got the money Sent to our PayPal. The game also haves way too many ads, so there should be less ads. Also unless something hits our PayPal soon we’re going to install this game for its been over 2 weeks & we still haven’t gotten anything. So we don’t know if this is a fake or real, but if it’s real than why haven’t we received anything?

First it appears there are no real payouts. You do have to watch up to 70 plus ads in order to try to withdraw money you have earned. We have yet to receive a payment. Secondly, the app gets stuck when you claim additional entries or it get stuck trying to return to the game. We actually have to turn our phone off and back on. Thats a major problem for us.

Its okay we like that there is no ads but it does seem a little fake.

Its not updating our commercial watching its been stuck on 9 of 50 we have to watch even though we’ve watched at least 40. We do like the game but cant tell if its a scam either way Im not out any money. Would be nice if one of these sites was legit.

We have not gotten any money yet.

We are trying withdraw to Apple Pay or our debit card.

We cashed out at the $200 point. Said it would take 6 days. Money was supposed to be deposited 10 minutes ago. Now it says it will be deposited in 5 days. Whats the deal guys?

Just cashed out $200 on our PayPal lets see if its real or not Ill be back with a update !

This game is fun but lying to get downloads saying you can cash out with PayPal or Cashapp omg to bold. Sorry but this game is a waist of time you play and play and play and after winning so much money decide to cash out and nothing dont waste your time lost of ads and they really dont pay you.

We enjoy playing this game, however never got paid rewards. First 200 you had to play additional games to be approved, then you wait to get paid, never happened. Meanwhile you earn more money and that voids the $200. We hit over $1000 and now it says Im over the $1000 mark so must wait to hit the 10k total. A bunch of lies, dont get paid as promised.

We had played many games to have 220+ cards. While playing a game for more cards, in the middle of our game the add FROZE! With no way to go back we were forced to shut down our phone! Once boosted back up, we had LOST all cards down to 50!!! Not able to see the lost ones! It seems when you win cards it Might take a pic of it BUT ! You have no way to see those lost ones! We had played a long time for those cards to only loose them to the freezing of the add! So played again and once again the add was supposed to play but only the PB showed over and over with NO add loaded!!! So once again we had to shut down as theres no way to STOP the PB from trying to load the add or back up!!! So shut down once again and OMG!! Lost MORE cards!!! It then showed we had only 40 cards!!! Can someone Please find our lost cards!!!! Also, we have $1000.00 out there supposed to be going to our pay pal account TODAY! We watched the 70 additional adds and then waited the 5 days now its saying AGAIN!! WATCH 70 MORE ADDS AND THEN WAIT ANOTHER 5 DAYS!!! Omg!!! WTH?!?!? Can someone advise if they can find our lost cards and advise as to how many times we have to watch 70 adds and wait 5 days for our EARNED $$$??? This is serious issues that Really needs addressed! If youre a seriously Good Game please answer our questions and issues Thank You.

We will give this app ZERO stars. It promises no ads and actual payouts. All you do is watch ads, even when you click No Thanks, it still takes you to an ad. We also hit the cash out threshold and it said its takes up to 24 hours. Oddly enough, when it hit that 24 hour mark, the 24 hour timer started all over. It has now been doing that for 4 days. This is a HUGE SCAM. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

You win almost instantly. To wait 3 days to then wait 6 more for a review stage lol. The exact verbiage is your withdrawal has now entered the review stage. This will take six days. Come on, really? LOL But we suppose, you want us to keep playing and watch ads for those 6 days, yeah? Hard pass. Forget deleting the app; do not even download it.

So. They took our email and cash app account and is messy they got inproprit ads and they just want you to play it so they can waste people time.

Super fake game like all the rest. Once you meet whatever mile stone they tell you to there is another one and another one and another one. There is no real way to cash out anything.

We have been playing. We tried cashing out at $200 now we have to watch 50 videos , we have been watching G videos since all this game has is videos of ads! For every 10 we watch it says we watched 1 Do t waste your time playing this game!

This app is a piece of crap they just make you watch their ads at any cost. You click watch ad or no they still play the ad. We played then collected the money and sent to paypal. It shows up that it will be deposited into paypal in 24 hours we have to watch ads for 30 times. Which we did. But never received the money. Dont waste your time. They arent going to give you money. Its just a waste of time.

This game is not pay like they said they would so dont waste your time downloading it thanks.

Was supposed to cash out after 24h After 24h it went back to count down 24h again!!!

False advertising its not instant payment, fact its youre never going to get paid. It will make you wait a week, than watch 20 videos, than 50, than a timer for a week, and finally payment button had just frozen. You can report this app by scrolling down on first page and report a problem button.

We are in full agreement with the prior posted reviews. You do all of the work and you end up getting nowhere. Time wasted.

We have loved playing, but today all of our tickets from last night and this morning have disappeared!! We have also cashed out and our first one that we are waiting on has also disappeared!! Fix this!!!!

This app is a joke. You wont get paid any money and you will waste a lot of time waiting for your earned withdrawal to never appear in your account. Your time would be better spent watching grass grow.

Its a scam and a absolute waste of time its not real money.

0 star rating! Its nothing but ads, ads, ads= $0. The end.

Payball Bingo.. Make us rich?? WRONG!! Make us POOR!!! This is a FAKE GAME, we cant seem to win the lottery on this App, or withdraw money!!! Its been days & days, kept playing the game and NOTHING.. We havent won ANYTHING!!!!! This is a waste of time!!!! Im DELETING this App once and for all!!!!!!!

We played and played and won $200 and then hit cash out. Then we were required to wait 6 days and watch more videos to collect. In the meantime we won $1000 and hit cash out. Then we could no longer collect the $200 and that became cumulative money towards the $10,000 award. Meanwhile the $1,000 was in the 6 day waiting period and it required us to watch 100 more videos. As we were doing so, we accumulated another $1700 towards the next cash out. At the end of the waiting period and after watching all those videos, we were informed that our winnings was over $1000 and the $1000 was moved to the cumulative $10,000 cash out target. If this happens each time you go to cash out you will never get any money because the next target amount is $100,00 and after that is one million. If they move your cash out each time to the next higher cash out, you will be playing forever and not make any real money. This is a scam and when you try to research it in relation to the real lottery there is no information available. DONT get sucked in to this fake cash out game!!!!!

Wheres our $200 at!!! We dont see it through our PayPal!!!!

This app is trash. They tell you that you will receive your money within 24 hrs after you cash out. We cashed out 3 days ago and never got the money. So its just like the others are trash.

Absolutely a fake game that does not pay you cash at all. Do not install this fake crap because when you cash out, the timer rotates over and over and you never receive any cash out but only a rotation of the timer!!! So enter at your own risk!!

This game is full of lies you play the game watch ads an win bingos said when we were playing another game that you can cash out an not watch ads very disappointing like many of these games theyre all fake should not make these games unless youre willing to pay out will be hearing from our attorney about this game an others you owe us money because the ad states that you can cash out immediately without watching ads or winning on the lottery if we don’t get paid you will hear from our attorney.

Game is fun and interesting but the ads will kill you after every bingo. You make the money but you try to cash it. It says that it was sent the cash app with Text 24 hours for it to be delivered to your cash app but we did not. Im waiting for the first set to be showing up in the cash app which it was sent three days ago. Its been more than 24 hours and Im not happy about this. Its very deceiving that you can cash it, but you dont receive it it would be niceIf someone would look into this glitch and make sure that when someone does cash out a total whatever it is that it is delivered either PayPal or cash app.

Game has so many ads, promises payouts after you make $200 but you have to watch more videos and the money never comes. Total scam and the creator of this game should be charged for false advertisement. We watch these ads and they make money from it that they are supposed to use to pay us. Im reporting the game and a class action lawsuit should be in the works. This is a COMPLETE SCAM DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

Cant cash out even after watching ads and everything else.

This game is a scam you never actually receive the money you win.

After seeing one of the many ads saying no ads, no deposits, and so on, we decided to download it despite our skepticism. We’ve not yet found one of these cash apps that seems worthwhile. But this one has been the worst so far. After starting the game, our Norton Antivirus quickly popped up telling us that the app is taking us to an unsafe site. We deleted the app immediately afterwards. While all these cash app games seem totally bogus, it is possible to still have fun with some of them. We just refuse to deposit anything. But triggering warnings about unsafe sites is going too far. Pass this one by.

First thing first when we saw this ad it said there will be no ads you get money instantly and ITS NOT TRUE count yall blessings.

Is there a class action lawsuit against this game because we would like to be apart of it and we only gave it a star because we had to.

Fake game by more lying scum. We cant believe PayPal allows their reputation to be attached to such low life lyers. If you expect a payout dont play this game because youre wasting your time because you wont get a penny. Wont even let us send this honest review.

We played this game and got to $201 we cashed out and that was 5 days ago and still nothing. Horrible game.

This app is pure crap they lie and have no honor the owner of this should end his own miserable life. We completed the level for $200 never got paid also completed the level for $1000 still no pay. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME!!

Really? Why all these games are false advertising and nothing is done to stop them?

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