Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo

Last updated on January 8th, 2023 at 11:05 am

Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo

Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo

Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MOBILE MOTION CO., LIMITED, Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 12th December 2021 with the latest update 27th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casino, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo ?

1,116 people have rated 8.19

What is the price of the Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo released ?

Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo was released on 12th December 2021.

When was the Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo updated ?

The latest updated date of Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo on 27th December 2022.

Where can Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Bingo Island, a whole new bingo game. Except for the thrill traditional bingo games can bring you, Bingo Island can offer you an unique experience of socializing with other players. Stop the tedious piece collection all by yourself and join Bingo Island! Come there to create a club of your own and enjoy playing this island-themed bingo game with your family, your friends as well as other bingo players all over world!

In this totally free bingo game, you can enjoy the following:

  1. Daily giveaways of abundant power ups. They can ensure your smooth gaming experience.

  2. Various kinds of mini games from which you may win big prizes.

  3. Various kinds of collections that satisfy your desire to collect.

  4. Play in real time with bingo lovers all over the world.

  5. Daily Spin that gives abundant rewards.

  6. Bingo challenges that are easy and fun.

The social gameplay focuses more on mutual assistance than competition, creating a harmonious community.

We’ll keep updating events of different themes to constantly give you new experiences!

Now download Bingo Island for free and start a pleasant adventure!

Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

  • The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Updated on 27th December 2022

New minigame!

Club event-Flower healer! Try to take care of the garden with club members.

Monthly subscription-Elite! A free trial to collect to more rewards.

Bug fixed

Bingo Island-Fun Family Bingo Review

So, signed up for the 1st month trial of Elite and they attempted to charge us 14.99 after we signed up. We were only aware of this be cause we use our cash app card & we only put money on it prior to making purchases. In this case, we didnt have 14.99 on it so the amount was rejected. As of today, that amount shows pending under Apple purchases. If you signed up for the free month, check your statements to see if you were charged. Other than THAT, the game is fine. We like Bingo Blitz better.

We love the game but when there is a problem it is not resolved. Our scores have not added up correctly for two weeks. When we select the option to double our score, it shows as double, but only adds the points we received before watching the video to mt accumulated store. We have sent multiple tickets. It cost us over 1 million points.

Will not buy game cost for epic 640 tokens to high some of are handicapped and need the auto play but it cost to much lower your price. And it always lose connection we dont have this problem with any other game only your game . Then we get no tool box or reward or refund of our tokens.

We love to play Bingo and this is one of the best we have played in a very long time! Love and highly recommend it!

We are enjoying the game and its not money hungry.

Try to log into this game every time it says our Internet needs to be connected and it always connected.

We like all the ways to earn things and mini games.

The game keeps cutting off everytime we try and play it.

Love playing but not enough opportunities to earn coins to play. You earn power ups and tickets but not coins.

We love the game and our club members BUT we are very unhappy with the way they rolled out the new features. We believe they should have waited until ALL platforms could fairly access the same features. Its not fair to us iOS players, that we cant collect items from tasks because we dont have elite. Especially since we dont have the option to get it. We can only hope elite will be available before we lose out on items we have earned. Not a good look in our book. Other than that, we love it. Would have given more stars if not for the above.

We have deleted and reinstalled. Even made a new account. It just keeps crashing. Which stinks bc we were playing this game like every night for over a month or two now. Please fix and message when fixed so we can come back. Ughhhhhhh.

Please hand out more money as prizes. It is so hard to get money to play the game.

You need to award coins to be able to play more than one game.

We’ve been playing for a few months but now the game keeps shutting down after we buy tokens. The daily tasks are impossible. We cant get back on to finish spending our tokens but we are going to delete this game as soon as we can.

There needs to be a way to earn higher amounts of coins. Otherwise you are stuck playing the free games that dont cost coins. You would end up being forced to buy coins to play the featured seasonal and special rooms.

This game is really fun when you actually get to play. They dont give you a chance to win coins witch you have to have to play the game. Ya they have a free one but you dont win anything you need.

Downloaded the game multiple times and it will not load ever!!!!! Says it cant connect to the network yet every other app can.

Newest update is out only for Android and half of them dont work. IOS will be available soon maybe 2-3 days Everything went from having fun to being aggravation having to send support messages for game issues in 6 months time!! Took away all perks and became money hungry and getting worse. If you have money to waste this game is for you!

If you dont pay for coins ,you are not playing.

Downloaded this app twice. It never connects to the server.

All we wanted to do, was to play bingo. Who ever created this app must have been high on something. We couldnt find a bingo game. Way too much stuff going on. How can you screw up a game like bingo. This was the worst. Deleting.

We have downloaded twice and it will not connect to the server.

We like playing game very fun!!

Game keeps showing level up prize in the mail?

The condition of our eyes prevented us from doing many things. We joined this game just for fun, but it has brought us real joy! Its a lot of fun without seeming like a job that most other bingo games have become. Playing the game is fun and rewarding. Thank you.

We just have 1 thing bothering us that we play this game more each day. There needs to be more free ways to gain coins and powerups, Sometimes we don’t have enough powers because it’s always the same ones that are missing! Thank you for making a bingo game that we can honestly play and enjoy.

Game is fun but no way to reload boosts have to purchase..

We came to this game from bingo story. It was simple and not ready for an influx of people. But we stuck with it because they were all so nice and interested in improving their game. They stopped listening and made upgrades. Lots of new stuff with better graphics. Unfortunately it’s a lot and the simple things we enjoyed are gone. Tasks demand playing at the highest token level which is expensive. Rare items demand spending a lot if you even get them in weeks. It’s so too bad, we were really enjoying it but now we have trouble getting our team to stay interested. We really hope they fix something quick because everyone is talking of jumping off to find another game.

Not worth playing with low rewards.

We think this game used to be fun but youve gotten too tight.

Really liked this game until they changed the way daily tasks are presented, and took away the normal ball booster.

Started playing month ago. It was fun, rewarding although a little glitchy. Since it has become a very popular game, they have made enhancements to the in game communications, but have been taking away the bulk of the rewards. They give a little, but this past week, they took away three major rewards: the ball booster, impossible to attain now; the event rewards, not even sure how to describe what they replaced it with; and the egg smash; you need to play so many high ticket, high power up games, and you still do not get all the hammers needed to get the ticket rewards. What a disappointment. There has to be a balance between giving away the farm and taking away the farm. They have not achieved that balance. Play if you can afford a lot of in purchasesoh, and there is virtually no customer service.

When we first came here this game was amazing! Had some stuff that needed to be worked on, but other stuff was great. But within 6 months this went from fab to drab. They had an unlimited blue ball reward, taken away. Constant issues with freezing and kicking. Club chat would freeze often. Daily task rewards went from free to pay. Crafting and completing went from hard to impossible. Different payouts for the same tasks. Some daily tasks are set so high its ridiculous to complete. Making changes without any kind of information, players thus have to grope around until they figure it out. Timed limits on earned rewards. The addition of Seasonal Rankings and not explaining and not giving rewards when it was instituted. Links in their Facebook page, constantly not working. Its just become super frustrating . Their token games are very expensive then they added an even more expensive one Legend and the payouts are horrible. Took away blue ball, then nothing in return. Balls on cards are few and far between, but a major feature of this game is club badge, and you need those balls to compete. It was nice while it lasted, but it went downhill fast.

This was a fun great game 6 months ago but it has been ruined by greed of developers. They have taken away many of things that made it a great game. You cannot accomplish any of goals in events without spending a ton of $$$. Many are leaving game because of their greed. We will be deleting game at end of current event. You wait for weeks to get items needed to complete events. It is not enjoyable anymore and we will not spend money on something we are not enjoying.

You better have your money ready for this bingo! It was fun at first but now its going to cost 1000 of dollars to play this game! They have gotten so greedy! Dont play unless you know its going to cost you an arm and leg! They dont listen to what you have to say! Its about them finding more ways of stealing your money! Changed the whole game one night and we are still trying to figure it out! If we could would give a – 10 star!

Cant even get into the game to try it out. Im done trying.

Will stay on 100% load entry screen for hours without letting us in.

Downloaded this game several times and will not connect to servers or load even after it seems to. Saw ads and wanted to play but never works.

An in-game ad for a solitaire game with a girl getting fingered and a woman getting abused because she cant have children? Really?!!? We’ve heard sex sells, but this is ridiculous. Are you not checking the content or are you promoting the content? Either way, shame on you.

The game was great when we first started and they had minimum players. It needed lots of tweaks, but they were slowly addressing them. In 6 short months, theyve made it impossible to play and advance without spending tons of money. Its not fun anymore. We dont mind spending $ if Im happy, but Im not a happy player and am leaving the game after our teams next event. Its just total greed.

13 epic rounds is problematic. We want to be challenger, but thats almost impossible unless you play one card and then you still cant advance because you dont get balls. You need to rethink these wild tasks.

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