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ZKW-Reborn is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Santeri Relander, ZKW-Reborn is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st December 2015 with the latest update 30th August 2016

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


21 people have rated 1.4.01

You can download the game ZKW-Reborn from APP STORE.


Please note, that ZKW-Reborn is best played with iPhone 5 and up. May NOT work on older devices!

"The triumphant return of a fan favorite sidescroller, ZKW-Reborn stands on the shoulders of its predecessor to achieve even greater heights of awesomeness"

Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn is a challenging, fast paced, 2D survival shooter! And when we say fast, we mean breakneck, flat-out, adrenaline fuelled fast! What’s different from the other shooters is your goal isn’t to run through levels and finish the game, but to survive for as long as possible under increasingly frantic conditions (we say as long as possible because ultimately you will die!).

Seems simple enough, but where Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn really takes off is in the added layers of depth and huge variety of features and customisation available. Players earn money for slaughtering the zombies (money might not bring you happiness, but it does buy you guns!). We live in a consumer society after all, which is useful, as you can spend big on over 25 different weapons (including chainsaw, katana, mini-gun, RPG, D.O.M. and many others!). You also need cash to open doors, activate jumps, buy new weapons, or hunt for the magic fridge and see what loot drops are inside! In short… the longer you survive, the more weapons and prizes you get.

Surviving longer also gains you ZKW-Points which you can cash in to totally customize your character, customize your weapons, buy new weapons, buy different perks, open new maps, and a lot lot more! Players also earn XP as they play, allowing them to level-up their character and develop them to fit their chosen gameplay skills. Survival is all about the margins, and every little extra helps!

Updated on 30th August 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-Bugs fixed
-Leveling up system has been changed

-OverKill system!
-New clothing!
-Bugs fixed!
-New zombie!

ZKW-Reborn Reviews

This game is fun keep it up but it would be more fun if you guys add more stuff like crates and abilities and reloading. If you read this please take this into consideration as this can make the game funner and keep it up.

We have spent 10 hours on this game, and we still can’t get enough of it. Our friend and we are having a competition of who can get higher level. We love it how you can customize your character, and the other bots. There are some glitches though like Sometimes you can’t shoot your gun, and you have to die to fix it. Sometimes when you collect money, it gets stuck on the same number, like you know you collected a ton of money, but it only shows 100. The bots will commit suicide. Those are the only glitches, we know of. But we still love this game. :)

We just wish when we get on people actually be online and rdy for people to join there lobby in multiplayer.

This is the best game we’ve ever played plz make more games like this.

We love playing ZKW-Reborn but there is something’s that could be better like the shooting joystick sometimes it won’t let us shoot and we’ll end up dying cause we can’t shoot no more or like when we die and we press quit our game crashes and it makes our phone crash but besides that everything is great so happy you brought zkw back!!!

We think this is the best game ever because we’ve been playing it for years and made all our friends download it if it would get an update to better weapons and more maps a just way more things its on its way to be everyones favorite.

We think that there should be a game save so if you leave the game the previous game is saved we also think you should make it easier to obtain skill points also think you should make new weapons and modes Im getting tired of the same things and the app just sets on our phone it used to be fun but.

Plz Continue this and update or rather add new things yk lol but keep it up is One Of A Kind!!

We love it its addicting!!! Make another one w more on it ill buy it.

All we need is an update, Like we dont know if u guys are still in business but we REALLY need and update P.S (Please)

The game is a pretty good way to kill time, if you enjoy killing hordes of things this game is for you. The only real downfall to this game is that its not compatible with any wireless controllers, and the ZKC rate is not what it is on the PC, make it seem like kind of a money grab.

For whatever reason, the difference between ZKC (the in-game currency persistent between deaths) earned on mobile is at half the rate it is on PC. We understand you want more people to be inclined to buy your currency so you make more money but to be quite honest it’s just another disadvantage to playing on mobile, besides the impreciseness of playing on mobile. And getting half ZKC than what you usually earn doesn’t seem like a fair trade off for the privilege(?) of buying in game currency with real money.

If only there were more unique rounds like round 35 , boss are weak .. You forgotten about this game , if only we could get into creating games..

Single player is okay, multiplayer is where this game truly shines. There is IAP for the game currency, which you use on weapon upgrades, new clothes and head types, perks, etc. You also get skill points for each level you make. There’s really no need to buy with real money, but it can take a couple of hours to get enough to upgrade. You have a single player game called carnage and challenge. There’s also a daily challenge which if completed nets you in game currency. In multiplayer it’s up to four players to kill tons of zombies and get through the rounds. You’ll face two or three boss’s, but mostly just zombies. It can be difficult to find a game, but since this is cross play, if your patient you can find others. There are some glitches or bugs, but we feel they don’t take away too much from the game. It’s like a 2-D CoD zombie game, where you buy weapons, doors, and other unlockables with in game cash. With a few more patches and some gameplay additions, this will be a perfect game.

You don’t have much room to run and gun because you have to level up to unlock doors. Your limit of movement until then is one section on the screen. And once you level up you still need a certain amount of cash to open it. To make matters worse the button used to pick up new weapons doesn’t work properly. Controls could be so much better.

It’s fun but… Can you make a way to dodge the zombies?? It’s really frustrating. Also the bots are really stupid still, they don’t revive us sometimes even if there is no zombies on the bot.

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