Block Blast – Puzzle Game

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 01:50 am

Block Blast – Puzzle Game

Block Blast - Puzzle Game

Block Blast – Puzzle Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Veraxen Ltd, Block Blast – Puzzle Game is a Board game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 2nd March 2022 with the latest update 15th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Block Blast – Puzzle Game ?

2,943 people have rated 1.4.1

What is the price of the Block Blast – Puzzle Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Block Blast – Puzzle Game released ?

Block Blast – Puzzle Game was released on 2nd March 2022.

When was the Block Blast – Puzzle Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Block Blast – Puzzle Game on 15th November 2022.

Where can Block Blast – Puzzle Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Block Blast – Puzzle Game from Apple Official App Store.



Join an exciting adventure with a relaxing puzzle game! Drag blocks of different shapes to build rows and columns. Complete challenging levels to open new episodes.

A parrot needs your help. Put different blocks to the 9×9 board to build full lines and destroy them. Complete addictive levels and open new challenging episodes. Keep traveling around new areas and unlock new levels. Don’t forget about your lives — when you lose, your life disappears for a while.


  1. Thousands of levels and new episodes of exciting parrot’s adventure.
  2. New challenges daily.
  3. Different types of helpful boosters.
  4. A piggy bank for buying boosters and refilling your lost lives.
  5. Treasure chests to win excellent rewards.
  6. High quality illustrations and effects.
  7. New puzzle game with wonderful illustrations, screen, and effects.
  8. A lovely parrot helps you to solve all block puzzles.

Updated on 15th November 2022

We made small improvements for more pleasant playing. We hope you enjoy the Block Blast game. Have a suggestion? Send us a message to support – we will respond within 24 hours. Have fun and relax with Block Blast.

Block Blast – Puzzle Game Review

Its about time to bring back the daily challenges its been months since its been any.

We’ve gotten to level 106 and Im getting a bit bored. Game does not get harder as you go.

What happened to the daily challenges? They were the only part of the game that was actually like the ad so it was the part we liked best. If we dont need to open for the daily challenge, it probably wont get played at all now.

To many ads back to back. Once your done with a puzzle boom another ads it gets really annoying. Im done with the ads uninstall.

It was advertised differently on one of our other games. It looked interesting , but not what it was suppose to be. Will delete!!!

Each puzzle you solve, there is an ad. Too many ads to be able to enjoy the game.

Why cant you color the scenes anymore? Just playing the games is useless. Fix it. This is the third request.

Love the game but why did you take the daily challenges away. You said you fixed it but we only got daily Challenge’s for one day now its back to the same way. This how to get your boosters.

Fun game. Is there any new levels coming soon? We played all current levels in less than a week..

We love this game we cant lie. But after completing a chapter itd be nice to receive some diamonds to get started. The gift side is not very giving. And it takes longer to complete after a while, and its not very rewarding. Also it does crash, which tends o mess up a complete game.

This game has been fun for us but we finished all levels and no new levels showed up. We were told it gets new levels every two weeks. It didnt happen for us so we deleted the app and reinstalled. Lol well, we have levels now because we started over. We were even fine with that because like we said, we enjoy the game. The art pallet didnt come back though. We played over 100 levels thinking maybe it would show up. Support said to delete and download until we get one with the pallet. Just sad!! We really do enjoy the game but why have certain features in only some of the downloads? Im confused. Also, if we have No pallet then what are the gemstones for?

Makes one stop and think which we like.

It started out as a good game, but the longer you play, the more ads pop up. Now after playing a while, heres how it goes. 1. Select your in-game boosters *2. Watch an ad 3. Play a game level *4. Watch an ad 5. Select your in-game boosters for the next level 6. Watch an ad Etc etc etc rinse and repeat In other words for every level you play, you must watch 2 ads! One before game-play and one after game-play. This eats up our battery energy on our iPad! We know you guys need to be paid for your work that you put in when you created it, but this is excessive and unnecessary!

Been playing for long. No payouts.

And to play yesterday to fourth and Im hooked on it its a lot of fun Im keeping on playing.

Great game,but for older for older folks like us it needs clearer instructions.

We downloaded this game today. Im at level 15 and it has crashed 4 times. Im reloading it more often than Im playing. Very disappointed.

Enjoy achieving Congratulations!

Very enjoyable and interesting game. But it hangs too often. One has to restart the iPad to keep playing. Please fix the bug.

Fun, relaxing, challenging, gets your mind to think in an orderly way.

Thanks for this game its very helpful in keeping our mind concentrated on it. Its a fun game.

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