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Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 01:00 am

Block Puzzle ·

Block Puzzle ·

Block Puzzle · is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Block Puzzle Games Inc., Block Puzzle · is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th March 2018 with the latest update 16th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Block Puzzle · ?

66,279 people have rated 4.9

What is the price of the Block Puzzle · ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Block Puzzle · released ?

Block Puzzle · was released on 13th March 2018.

When was the Block Puzzle · updated ?

The latest updated date of Block Puzzle · on 16th February 2023.

Where can Block Puzzle · be downloaded ?

You can download the game Block Puzzle · from Apple Official App Store.



Block Games is the best wooden block puzzle! Play puzzle games for adults like Block Games to train your brain every day!
If you like wooden block puzzle games or hexa puzzles, you’ll love Block Games.

Features of Block Games:

  • Place blocks on the grid
  • Complete a line of blocks across the grid and it will clear
  • Try to clear as many lines as possible
  • Beat your high score by playing Block Games every day!

Block Games is a top puzzle game played around the world. Play Block Games by Wooden Block Puzzle every day!

Updated on 16th February 2023

Thank You Block Games players,
This update includes:

  • Fix for white block color
  • Updated UI/UX
  • Updated Sound Effects
  • Bug Fixes
  • Performance Optimizations
    Thank you for choosing Block Puzzle, Please share with your friends!

Block Puzzle · Review

We love how easy it is to play.

This game is fun and addicting.

This game keeps your mind sharp and creative. We can spend hours trying to beat our previous score!

We love this game and have spent many hours playing but we wish we can just buy it to remove the ads. There are way to many ads in between games almost to the point where we dont want to play it as much anymore.

Downloaded this game and instantly deleted it! They didnt program the game to rotate on the ipad. Can only be played one way. We dont allow games on our ipad that wont rotate! We like to stay plugged in and play but cant, so, its outta here. Do better developers!!! And the pieces themselves dont even rotate. Stupid.

Give us an option to remove the ads. Even if we have to pay to remove them we will. It ruins our experience to have the ads!

How do we make it so our 4 year old doesnt get ads every 5 seconds.

Very colorful game very fun to play very mentally challenging.

Short lived fun, with wicked loooong ads.

We loved Tetris growing up and when we found this game we immediately downloaded it. But the ads are really spoiling our enjoyment. Will be deleting.

Great game we really enjoy Great entertainment For our age.

Who loves doing big brain puzzles! This is super fun!

We can even play this with our three year old grandson. Remind us of some board game we played in high school and very much like Tetris.

Nice twist on Tetris! Easier with no falling blocks!!

We’ve played this game for years and really enjoyed it. We used to play and get about 2,000 or more points before an ad. Now Im lucky if we get 200 points before an ad. It has also become more difficult, its like they want you to fail so they can play more ads. Im deleting the game and that makes us sad.

We can heard a woman smiling when playing this game and its very scary!!! Heard twice tonight when playing it!!!!!

We used to play this game everyday, every time we were bored and now with the update it doesn’t even feel like the same game. We mean it doesn’t even look like it.

Kind of heavy on the advertisements, which is frustrating so we dont pay it as much but otherwise, its a fun game.

Very fun get our mind going an warms up Fun we love it easy going reminds us of Tetris but this game is very fun.

Kind of heavy on the advertisements, which is frustrating so we dont pay it as much but otherwise, its a fun game.

Because you get to have fun. And if your mad and play this game you might get a good score this isnt long bye. FIVE STARS!

Very fun get our mind going an warms up Fun we love it easy going reminds us of Tetris but this game is very fun.

This is a great app. Love this game.

This game is so amazing and releases our stress. We cant stop playing it and its just so relaxing. When we feel like turning it off, we just cant do it! But we still like it a lot and who ever made this game is a genius!

Its great, we play it all the time,

This app is the best!!! No problems. Just overall its our my favorite. We recommend.

We love this game but we really want to get rid of the ads. Even if we had to pay a small fee.

Really entertaining!! Makes you want to keep playing!!

We love this game honestly you should play it by play it every day its really satisfying theres really only one round it never gets harder which makes it boring sometimes but other than that this game is super fun its super easy any age can play it we love that theres not a lot of ads which is amazing its hard to find a game like that we also think it could be cool if they added like you could go against somebody like it was an online game but this game is fun so you should play it!!!!

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