Blocky Roads

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Blocky Roads


Blocky Roads is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dogbyte Games Kft., Blocky Roads is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th November 2013 with the latest update 25th September 2019

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,767 people have rated 1.2.6

You can download the game Blocky Roads from APP STORE.


Jump into your car and discover green hills, snowy mountains and desert dunes in this unique blocky adventure!
The tornado ripped your farm apart and scattered it around the Globe. Collect the missing parts to restore the farm to its former glory!

Choose one of the 9 cars or build your own block by block! The car editor unlocks after track 3 is finished!

"Blocky Roads is a brilliant physics racer that hides a finely tweaked, deceptively powerful engine under its blocky chassis." (PocketGamer, 9/10, Gold Award)

"It’s a superb physics racer that stands alongside the very finest" (Modojo, 4.5/5)

"A gorgeous-looking action racer that is very rewarding" (148Apps, 4/5)

"It’s a good-looking game with a surprising amount of depth." (CultOfMac, 4/5)

"This is not your average physics racer" (AppstoreArcade, 9/10, Super!)

Main Features:

  • 12 tracks to conquer
  • 10 challenge tracks to test your skills
  • 14 awesome vehicles
  • Customizable character
  • Car Editor! Build and Paint Your own car block by block!
    (Unlocks after track 3 is finished)
  • Beautiful Voxel Graphics
  • GameCenter achievements and leaderboards

Updated on 25th September 2019

minor bugfixes

Blocky Roads Reviews

We have been playing this game for years. We love it. It was a large part of our childhood.

We thought it would be really good and long but it was really short… It took us only 3 DAYS.

Our son we enjoy the whole game together as a family.

Im addicted to this game! But, with the custom cars, whenever Id try to get on to the cars catalog of custom cars, it never works. We’ve tried everything! It just says refresh over and over and OVER AGAIN. If you see this then PLEASE fix it! We really loved this game!

We love this game and if you could customize your rims and tires that would be nice this game is like a combination of real racing 3 and Minecraft.

Game is fun to play and its free.

What a amazing game. We cant stop playing, we love it its so cool, though it is sort of a copy off of hill climb racing but better. We used to play hill climb until we found this game is like the same but we like this game better.

We cant stop playing its so fun.

We dont know how to design our own car.

We specifically bought the full version to build the car but it wont let us. We would give five stars but because of this specific reason we wont .

Paid to get the upgrade they took our money but never gave us the game upgrade!

Once you complete the game theres nothing left to do, and the logic of this game makes less than no sense. Download if you like but we deleted this game a while ago and recently re-downloaded because off-road outlaws was broken but as soon as it got fixed we deleted this stupid game again. The developer hasnt added anything in a hot minute so Im assuming they abandoned this tragedy of a game.

This game is really fun we like how u can make cars.

So cool. We wish that they could make a game like this where you could take a photo of your face and race against others.

Wow we love this app it is so good and so easy we love it so much five star.

We would really love and appreciate it, Im pretty sure we all would!

Please add more levels we keep coming back and playing the same level over and over again this game is too short.

Might be our favorite game on iOS. Challenging enough but not frustrating. Motivating enough but not stressful. When we need a break to be engaged but relax, this is the game we have come back to for years.

We absolutely love this game! We have experienced smooth gameplay,great tracks and other awesome stuff! This game is so addictive and amazing!

We love love to play blocky roads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For only 99 cents, the full version is GREAT! The scenery is awesome. It takes a while to get to know the 12 tracks, you must purchase upgrades and access to tracks, earning credits by doing well. You can create and import more vehicles. More levels? Blocky Roads 2? Please? We have played this for years and it is awesome! Never tire of it. The car editor is a bit primitive but this is a Blocky World after all, so no complaints. We have created and modified quite a few, we like the motorcycle and ATV the best. Suggestion, don’t always run the course the same way if there are options, like low/high roads, you can choose a path that has more rewards, we found a couple of temporary bridges that if you stay on, you drop and pick up coins, then you can drive out. It makes it more interesting when you run a course differently at times. Driving this game is a skill that develops as you learn when to make a big or small jump, how to land, how to fly, when to slow down (use brake sparingly), collecting rewards along the way. Be sure to have enough gas to last. There is a distance gauge at the top of the screen so if you crash, next time you’ll know the spot to be careful at. You can pause or restart at any point during the drive. It’s not racing in the normal sense, except against yourself. Try to do better each time, at first just try to get through the colorful course. It’s fun to look at the background graphics but keep your eye on the road! There is also a challenge mode where elapsed time is important, this has 10 NEW COURSES but you must complete each one before you can continue. Some are extremely difficult and all are time limited. I’d like more courses and additional music, the hillbilly theme is fun and we like it a lot. There are vehicles available to IMPORT and some are very clever, the more vehicles you import the more they cost, but if you don’t like one you can sell it back, although you do not get reimbursed for any upgrades you have done to the vehicle. Some vehicles are better for some courses, like the ATV is great for hills and valleys, the motorcycle is a bit bouncy for them, there is a challenge in using substandard vehicles that we like to pursue. To the developers we say a big THANK YOU, this game is an inexpensive, clever and fun addition to our iPad and iPhone. Doesn’t seem to have any bugs, things seem to work the way they should. Oh yes, when you drive well and get a treasure chest, you get additions to your little farm. They doesn’t make your driving skills better but we like the wandering cows and pigs, flowers and bushes, etc. And you can dress yourself, the driver, with various outfits. Check out the big smiley head when rewards are gained on a course. The mechanical upgrades make sense and progress as they should. Very logical thinking in the programming. Offroad Legends and Redline Rush are also included in our all time favorites but Blocky Roads we will play forever! Gimpy Smith approved!

OMG Best game EVER! We mean it. But… Maybe add more levels. There need to be 600 levels. But there are only 12. Scencerly, Marshall.

Blocky roads is such a great game but once we finished all the levels and then the game was just over all we suggest is that they get more levels than 12.

Blocky Road is fun and challenging and it is so much fun to create your own cars and upgrade them! We enjoy playing all the levels and bonus levels even after we finished them. Our only recommendation is that you put in more levels and more cars to get. Overall though Blocky Road is an awesome game!

How do we bild our dream car plz tell us we’ve downloaded this app sunce 2001 TELL ME.

We love the game because it is based on Minecraft and we love games based on Minecraft cool game.

Great app! We like how you can make your own car, and then use it. However, the tractor really likes to flip over forwards… We also saw someone who had the same problem… So plz make it better!

Please add where you can make ur own level and in to level maker you can put it to no collect gas please it would be way better.

Lol this is the best game ever.

We’ve been playing this game since it’s inception quite a few years ago, and it’s still the game that we fall back on when all others stagnate. Maybe for us it’s the crafting of custom built vehicles with every option you could desire in a block building game. Only wish you could increase/decrease the size of the wheels. Anyhow, it’s a greatly entertaining game that you really shouldn’t miss.

This game is good. You can make your own car even. Gets repetitive though.

Don’t get us wrong we love this game but make the levels easier and plz make the tractor more stable because it is too rough but we love this game.

We like the game but updates are WAY to few and to far between. We guess they like our money but don’t want to have to do anything to get it. Their other games are the same way.

Did not play this game for a bit. Next time we logged in two months of game progress was completely lost. Horrible application and the fact that they charge you money for this is incredible!

This is the best game ever! Thank you, and please make more levels and cars.

We like this game because you have to drive these levels to help rebuild the farm in the game and if you’re lucky you get a new car to drive and there is a snow one that we’re playing on a iPad and if you have a iPad it is for free that’s why we love this game. But what we don’t like about it is you have to pay for the cars or rate the app and write a review about it.

This is an Awesome Game! We totally recommend getting it! Yeah amazing game! So we rate it 5 Stars!

This is a pretty good game, we must say. However, it does seem slightly empty. Here are a few ideas you can possibly use to improve the game. Yes, some of these will most likely take a good while to put into the game if you do consider using these, but we are sure it will be somehow worth it. 1: More vehicles. It’s pretty obvious, really. 2: The ability to make your own driver skin customizations and upload them for others to see or download. 3: A campaign feature. Possibly where you can start off being a farmer challenging locals to fun races, to racing against pros in futuristic stadiums and climbing the ranks to be the best racer in the world. 4: A track builder function. With it you can make your own fun little tracks with boosts, lava, TNT, hills and such and upload them for others to play and rate on its difficulty. You can also possibly gain more backgrounds, track pieces, etc. From the campaign mode which was previously mentioned. 5: Online multiplayer. With it you can connect with others and form teams, collaborate to make levels and post them giving all the builders involved credit, race against each other and chat with each other. Anyway, those are all the ideas we can think of currently. We hope to see more updates in the future!

We love this game it used to be our fav but when we downloaded again it won’t let us buy all the vehicles? Is it a glitch or is it just our phone?

Can anyone tell us what happen to getting cars from community? Our 5 year old is driving us crazy because that was his favorite thing to do and now it’s gone! He thinks we can do magic and make it work again. Wish we could…. It would save him the tears and us the frustration!

It used to be 5 stars for us but now you can’t get cars from the community.

Good game but it needs to make it to where you can type as much as you want and it needs to have it to where when you upload a car you can mess around with the performance of the vehicle and MAKE IT TO WHEAR YOU CAN MAKE CUSTOM LEVELS.

This game is awesome and way worth however much we payed for it! We don’t remember how much we payed for it but it’s a awesome game! We love the option to get cars from the community! Our only question is can you please make more levels? That would be great! Thanks so much for making the game. From, Barrett.

It’s fun, both the mounted machine guns are good but killing the zombies is hard you should add grenades and more guns, and more game modes like death match, capture the flag, etc. It’s fun just a little homo pleeeeeeaaaase add more guns.

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