Jumping Horses Champions 2

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 11:20 am

Jumping Horses Champions 2


Jumping Horses Champions 2 is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lucas Ferreira Franca, Jumping Horses Champions 2 is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd November 2016 with the latest update 28th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


90 people have rated 2.1

You can download the game Jumping Horses Champions 2 from APP STORE.


◆◆◆◆◆ This is a Brand New Version of Jumping Horses Champions. A game that mixes the arcade style with characteristics of simulation. The game brings the experiences and emotions of a show jumping match in an immersive environment. Managing the money and the stables, the player can buy horses, which have their own attributes, and participates in challenging events to test its skills. Several features were added for this version.

◆ Horse Care!

Now, the Player can care for its horses, grooming and feeding them. It would improve their attributes to achieve better results in the events.

◆ Multilingual!

Beyond the original English, now, Chinese users could also enjoy the game in their own language.

Other Features:

◆ Game Center
◆ 90 unique horses to race
◆ 2 groups of horses (divided by level)
◆ 6 events
◆ System of buying and selling horses
◆ Reward system for each event
◆ Intuitive Controls
◆ Clean interface
◆ Breeding Horses
◆ Training track

Updated on 28th June 2022

. UI adjusted for the latest iPhone format;
. Breeding improved;
. Creating Account option is no longer available;
. It is no longer required to be online to play.

Jumping Horses Champions 2 Reviews

Such a fun game we love it so much.

This is great animation and graphics and it’s difficult yet easy at the same time. We are a horse person and this is a great game for horse people.

Okay, first of all, we love this app because you get your own virtual horses! We really like how you need to invest your money and you can easily earn some if you go in jumping competitions! We have a few things you MUST need to make this game better: When we train our horse, it’s attributes do not improve. We wish it can do so that your horse can jump super high and run very fast! We jump over the last jump on our horse, it has this strange gravitational glitch that forces the horse to miss the last jump. Will you fix that please? When you take care of the horse, we do not want the rider in the game to do it FOR YOU, but THE PLAYER can take care of the horse ITSELF during feeding, grooming, and putting on its tack. (I was very disappointed about how the rider in the game does all of the horse care for you.) And when you customize your rider, will you make it so that you can customize it’s eye shape, eye color, nose shape, hair style, hair color, clothing style, and skin tone? Please improve the male and female rider’s appearance? We think their eyes look kind of derpy and a bit too big for a person. MOST OF ALL, when we attempt to breed a pair of horses, please show what the foal looks like, it’s gender (sex: Female or Male), and it’s coat pattern before you can waste all of the player’s money and gems. (And please make the option for the player to cancel out of the breeding section like the first Jumping Horses game! ) we politely ask you to make some more jumping courses as well! Thank so much you for taking the time and consideration to read this review! PLEASE UPDATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

This game is highly entertaining and we found it to be very addictive! The graphics are not the best and character design but the horse model isnt half bad! We wish you could change more about you character like what hair color and eye color, and the breeding system needs work. For anyone considering getting this game we highly recommend paying $1 for the full version, it adds in extra maps, because the one starter map gets pretty boring. Overall we find this game very good!

JumpingHorses was our favorite game. Then we got a new iPad and it wasnt in the App Store so we tried JumpingHorses 2 Its soo much better and we love racinghorses too!!!!

Can you be able to customs it please!

We LOVE HORSIE GAME SO FUN SO COOL we like when it jump Pls make a cat game and tag us!!!!!?? MEOW MEOW HISSSSS ARF ARF.

This game is just amazing. Its like going in a real horse show!! You get to go in the finals you get to go in shows! If you like horses we would recommend this game.

Great game but… We have one Question HOW DO U GET DIAMONDS Please help us we’re LOSING MY MIND.

This game was such a fun one for waiting to ride and watching people ride at horse shows.

We love this game but we have no clue how to purchase coins. Every time we try to it says unable to buy coins in app. Please give us an update on how you would buy coins. Otherwise we love this game it has never glitches with us and Im addicted to it!! We love our pony and we love to jump him so we think this app is great!! Thank you!!!

How do we know when the foul is going to grow up please tell us we used 1,784 coins for the foul. We dont know when the foul will grow up. PLEASE TELL ME HOW THE FOUL WILL GROW UP PLEASE! But your game is good and addictive and l love it just the breeding.

Ok, this game is very fun and entertaining but we found a few flaws. 1: When you breed a horse you don’t know what the foal will look like and you don’t know what it’s gender will be. 2: You should be able to change some details about your character (besides gender and the color of your outfit). 3: Sometimes when we finish a race we won’t get ANY of the money we earned! 4: The training should be beneficial to the horse. 5: At the end of a training lesson when you jump over the last hurtle some gravity glitch happens and you go straight down and it counts it as a fault. 6: You should be told how long it should take your foal to grow up. We have a foal now and we don’t know when it will ever grow. Other than those 6 flaws, we found the game great! (There is a few flaws we didn’t list)

This game is great. The graphics are high definition and the gameplay is fun and challenging. Even with the space gravity. (which you should fix) we would like it if training would actually benefit your horses though. Also why can’t we groom the horses that’s kind of a cheap move. It be better if the player could groom the horses themselves and we could feed them ourselves too. There is no interactivity other than that. Another thing is that it would be nice if you would have international game Center so players can play with other players around the world. It’s not fun playing single player when you have an arcade game. Make these improvements and we will give you five stars.

Im totally addicted to this game but with 377 wins, we could use some challenge. Ideas we thought of: 1. Expansion back with more courses, with increasing difficulty. 2. Wins increasing horses sale value, so that breeding for selling could be a thing. We have about six horses we’ve bred and previously used for breeding but dont get used anymore. 3. Training definitely should provide some value, like points toward the horse, making them better in competition. We would happily pay more for such features. Other features that would just spruce it up: 1. Customize riders appearance beyond coat and gender, horses tack (saddle pad color, etc.) 2. Some of the animation could use fine tuning, eg. Gaps of color on rider when grooming. 3. Ability to feed the barn instead of just one horse at a time. 4. Naming or renaming a foal after you see it… We have some gender confused horses :-p. 5. It would be nice if you could do something with the foals, even just groom. Actual issues: 1. Once your horses are really nice, it seems like the points dont work right. We had a horse with 97 fitness that we fed superior feed and his fitness went to 95. If we boost the horses fitness past 100, it just shows up at 10 and stops, and we can only get it that high with ultimate feed. 2. The winning order isnt always quite correct, but we havent run into that for awhile. 3. When your time matches anothers in competition, the other horse always places above you. All in all, its a fun game that does feel more like actual show jumping than any other we have found! Right now Im fixated on breeding the perfect horse :-D Two issues we just came across: 1. Morale cant seem to be boosted past 82 2. The horses stars in the stable dont always match the stars in competition (referring to the stars the horse is born with, not boosted by points).

We’ve been playing this game on and off four about three years. It’s mostly stayed the same, but performance has definitely improved. The only downsides to this game are the animations are a bit outdated and it’s a bit slow to progress at first. Considering it’s a low budget mobile game, though, it’s pretty well made, and definitely made with the player in mind. It’s easy to pick up and learn, as well as improve your own skills. (not rigged so the player can’t win) If you’re looking for a low cost, fun horse game to kill some time, we would definitely recommend this.

It’s a great game but when we try to breed it keeps saying that we don’t have enough coins but we swear we do also we have enough diamonds but everything else is awesome.

We purchased a coin pack at its not giving us it :(

Hi! This game is awesome!! 1. We noticed that when 1 rail down it should count as 4 faults. 2. We would like to name our horse and show name we have used this app for 5 years!!! Thx for this because before every horse-show we would count and practice strides with this.

We are big on horse games but we can never find a good quality and easy control and good jumping looking game. This one has it all. It is GREAT quality and the controls are SUPER easy. Love it. Highly recommend this game.

While this app is very enjoyable and fun to use, there are a lot of flaws in the breeding system. When you breed a horse you dont know what its going to look like but are forced to name it before you can see. In addition, we always end up with female horses which is annoying because then you can only use the male horses in-game and not ones you perfect yourself. Overall more customizable features should be added to the horses.

Great game, but after a while of trying to buy coins it will say that in app purchased already will be restored for free and then never get anything. Quite concerning.

Please make it easier though. We can’t even get past the second part. Maybe we’re just not good at it? PLEASE make modes like Easy Medium Hard. So the pro players have their share. And the newbies have their share :) please we think a lot of people would like it!!!!

While some of the updates are great, the jumps have become unnaturally large and the horses quite ugly. Used to play all the time so we decided to redownload and was a bit disappointed. Still a good game, far better than many other horse games.

We enjoy playing it and everything, and the quality of what the person looks like jumping doesnt bother us even though its not good . There are a few things we recommend that would make this game SO much better. 1) the training should help the horse get better 2) there should be like cross country and stuff (just more levels to compete in) 3) you should be able to control the height of the jumps you want. Like crossrail, 2 foot, etc. 4) you should be able to customize your character in more ways then just hair color and outfit color. 5) there should be more stalls 6) there could be different horse breeds!! Like a pony that can only jump like 25 because its so small or stuff like that. Theres probably more but we havent thought much about it :)

Although the game is fun and addictive, we are disappointed. For we have payed money for upgrades and never got them in game. Fun game but complete waste of money.

Jumping horses champion was our favorite game ever & it was so much fun so we decided to try jumping horses champion 2. Our horse kept turning it’s head & it would go so far to the side of the jump it was practically jumping the standard & we couldn’t move the horse to the center. We would press jump & our horse wouldn’t jump until 1-2 seconds later so we would get a lot of faults. Eventually the horse began to not jump at all & would just run through jumps. Also you could not do the grooming of feeding. When you pressed either one you just watched the guy/girl do it. Overall this game was a complete waste of 99cents:(

This game is really addicting and fun but there were a couple of times when we found that we jumped it perfectly and it counted as a fault! We also dont think you should be -$$ when you get under 3rd place. This game also wouldnt let us get the full access even after we bought it so we had to delete all our progress and start over!

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