Bohnanza The Duel

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Bohnanza The Duel


Bohnanza The Duel is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Digidiced UG (haftungsbeschrankt) i.G., Bohnanza The Duel is a Family game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 26th October 2017 with the latest update 22nd January 2021

Whether you are a fan of Family, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


44 people have rated 1.26

You can download the game Bohnanza The Duel from APP STORE.


For more than 20 years, game designing legend Uwe Rosenberg has given players of Bohnanza the opportunity to plant beans and harvest them in exchange for as many bean dollars as possible. In the two-player-version Bohnanza – The duel, the two bean farmers offer each other gifts of beans they don‘t want for themselves, ideally ones that their opponent can‘t make use of, either. Cleverly combining the types of beans on the fields allows them to fulfil bonus tasks. The player who manages to earn the most bean dollars wins the game.

Face off against different AI opponents, or challenge hobby gardeners from all over the world! Find your place on the Bohnanza leaderboard!


  • True-to-the-original, digital port of the two-player-version of Uwe Rosenberg‘s popular game Bohnanza
  • The easy interactive tutorial makes for a quick entry to the game
  • Featuring AI opponents of various levels of difficulty
  • Play platform-independent duels against the best players in the world

Updated on 22nd January 2021

  • Minor bug fixes

Bohnanza The Duel Reviews

We struggled a little bit at the beginning with the interface, but once we understood how everything works it became our favorite app! Not too complicated, more an efficiency puzzle. We finally start to beat the easy AI!

We were a little reluctant to purchase this game, due to some of the negative reviews. We are so glad we took a chance because we love this game! Very well-designed, and so much fun. No problems at all.

We love this game. We own regular Bohnanza and was excited to learn of this version through the app. We dont have problems with AI cheating as others have mentioned, but we do have to force close the app after each game to start another game because of a bug, and cant finish old games anymore in the current version. We can deal with those two bugs because they dont happen during gameplay, but would love to see more AI personalities added. :)

The reviews are a little more dramatic than the current state of the app, which is fun and well built. There are some annoying bugs yet though, specially one that prevents users from deleting old games.

Lost several games because it didn’t notify us it was our turn and the time ran out. Often have to exit and go back to running games page because it wont show any games there. Otherwise works well enough. It feels like, for such a light game, play is slowed by all the turn phases for minor actions. This is not a developer issue as it is faithful to the card game but may be a consideration for some.

This game is not very user friendly at all! The tutorial leaves a lot unexplained and our game keeps freezing or we get stuck and have no idea where to find help. The old Bohnananza app was excellent. We miss it.

In the tutorial after a certain point it always just stops and theres no prompt, no help, no indication of what you do next. We ended up just touching every point on the screen and still nothing happened. And when youre playing the game there arent very many visual clues as to how to progress. We ended up again just touching different parts of the screen to see if anything would happen because there was no clue as to what we were supposed to do or how to do it. We’ve even played the card game in real life before but the app does a terrible job of telling you what phase youre in, and how to trade cards or plant them or do literally anything. Its visually messy, overwhelming to look at and confounding.

We havent had any of the problems with freezing or crashing discussed in the other comments. But we have had the AI cheat in some of our games: youre not allowed to harvest a one-bean field if you have other larger fields, but the AI opponent still does it regularly. Also, more of a quibble with the game itself than the app: the Bohnus cards make the game very lucky and very unbalanced… Games are pretty much won and lost solely on those cards, rather than the actual gameplay. Just a warning for fans of the original Bohnanza who are looking for a good adaptation: the rest of this game is a pretty solid Bohnanza experience, but the Bohnus cards totally change (and, in our opinion, ruin) the game.

We just purchased this game and it wont fully load the welcome page. Unplayable. We were really looking forward to this game…

Super glitchy and the tutorial is crazy confusing. Wish we had our money back.

Great tutorial and zero bugs! Love the game!

Im enjoying this app more and more. The developer is really on top of making updates to address the feedback from players.

Good luck making it through one game or tutorial. We haven’t been able to yet!!!! Besides the fact that the tutorial is so vague that we had to watch YouTube videos to learn how to play it!!! Do not buy until they fix the many many glitches that prevent plays. Also in the tutorial if you click and forget to see what you have to do then tough. You won’t be able to see that screen on how to play lol.

Fun game with some poor interface design decisions. Took us a little bit to figure out how to get past each state of the game – not always intuitive or clear what you are expected to press. Now that we’ve figured it out, we can manage and have more fun.

The rules for this two player game are significantly different than the regular game. We love Bohnanza, but we found the new rules and tutorial very confusing.

Too many bugs. Very fun for the 4-5 turns it works before locking up in the gift phase. Very disappointed that this was allowed to be offered in the iOS store before it was functioning.

Great game. Its different than regular Bohnanza but adds some neat stuff- we like the game. The app implementation tries but fails. The tutorial is extremely confusing. So go through it and then read the rules and then play against a bot. Good luck there. And there are so many bugs. We try to reject an offer/make a counter offer and instead, it accepts the offer. Not all the time of course. And if you undo (which it doesnt ever point out is a feature), sometimes the game will not give you the options you should have until you go back to the game list and come back in. And sometimes it says it is your go but there is nothing there. Sometimes it doesnt show end-game score. At least they have a bug report feature but so far they respond with we cant reproduce that not helpful. Im considering asking for a refund but Im enjoying the game when it actually works…

We love Bohnanza and was looking forward to this version. Unfortunately, the app keeps freezing in the gift phase. We can’t even play through one turn. Disappointing.

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