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Boolitaire is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Martin Knopf, Boolitaire is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st October 2019 with the latest update 17th May 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


13 people have rated 1.3.5

You can download the game Boolitaire from APP STORE.


Survive a deck of 54 cards in this rpg-like solitaire.

Try to end each round with as much health as possible and as much shield power as possible. Manage your resources well by playing cards in the right order, passing them back and occasionally taking risks.


  • spooky solitaire fun
  • challenging statistics
  • color themes
  • minimal UI for minimal distraction
  • a lot of ghosts
  • no ads, no in-app purchases

Thank you for playing!

Updated on 17th May 2021

Fixes rare bug in menu that could lead to the game freezing

Thank you for playing my game!

Boolitaire Reviews

This review is written to replace a previous review where we said it seemed some things werent working properly as the rules state. After playing about 10 times we finally understood how certain things work (especially shields). We do recommend this game, its not easy but its not frustrating either. But we would recommend the developer do a better tutorial that shows examples, especially when it comes to shields, because as written it is extremely unclear how they really work, and you are guaranteed to lose if you dont understand that issue. We do thank you for a good game for a good price with no ads or IAP. The design is cool too. We appreciate when developers monetize fairly. Thank you!

Id love to see a progression system in the game like the ones in Card Hunter. Right now it feels a little hollow, and the ghost theming doesnt seem to impact gameplay very much. Maybe earning coins or something to buy new cars backs or themes? We think that would be a great way to keep people coming back. Great game so far though! We enjoy the challenge of trying to make it through all the cards without making a critical error. Keep up the good work, devs!

We dont understand the shield. There are two shields, but if they damage is high enough it breaks both shields and damages you? The math seems odd and the tutorial doesnt cover it.

Would suggest making it not so specific to Halloween, making it feel like it only fits in one time of year. Maybe add multiple themes? Otherwise great solitaire game!

So fun to figure out how to optimize which cards to play, and so easy to get into! We feel like we bought a really neat little puzzle from the drug store, which is awesome cause those are great!

This game is like a sequel to Card Crawl. It’s a great take on solitaire and absolutely perfectly done in it’s simplicity. A must have card game. Great work folks!

The concept of the game is great but the app doesnt seem to follow the rules as given.

Maybe Im just bad at it, but it feels like theres just not much you can do when youre dealt a bad hand. If you at least had some skills to get you out of a jam, it would feel more skill-based than luck-based. But as is, it seems like youll win eventually if you keep at it and get dealt a better hand. We also dont understand why if a card is, say, 8 damage and we have 8 durability on our shield, its not enough. Its confusing and we shouldnt have to guess whether our stats are high enough or not.

Wow, there is nothing too this game. It is super bland.

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