Bounce Merge

Last updated on June 10th, 2023 at 10:55 pm

Bounce Merge

Bounce Merge

Bounce Merge is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Geisha Tokyo Inc., Bounce Merge is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 27th December 2021 with the latest update 2nd February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bounce Merge ?

6,842 people have rated 1.8.1

What is the price of the Bounce Merge ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bounce Merge released ?

Bounce Merge was released on 27th December 2021.

When was the Bounce Merge updated ?

The latest updated date of Bounce Merge on 2nd February 2023.

Where can Bounce Merge be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bounce Merge from Apple Official App Store.



If you let the balls drop you won’t want to stop!

Dive into the most hypnotic game of this year.

Drag your finger to aim, release to shoot. Destroy the obstacles at the bottom of the screen; if they reach the top, it’s game over. And of course, if balls with same number touch, they’ll merge and become more powerful.

Updated on 2nd February 2023

Fixed bugs.

Bounce Merge Review

We get the merge very slowly and you should check any bugs that happens. Its very good though. (Ive gone to 128 ball we think)

Amazing game but the ads are so annoying id pay a good 2$ to get rid of them. Just please add something to remove the ads.

This is the best game we’ve ever played. We can’t stop playing!! Even though there are adds, it is just so fun that you push through.

We Love how the Balls Jump theyre like jello The game is awesome!

This game is so fun, simple, and less ads then usual games.

We found a new item called press blocks down and it just squished the blocks.

Okay we love this game, great spin on the usual ball drop games with the merging. But for the love of god please give us an option to buy no ads! We will gladly pay the money.

We got a reward for getting a 1t ball. Our reward was support to be 1 500g 1 200g and a 100 g but we did not receive it. Theyre very useful to us and we did not get them. How do we get them? We earned them.

Well its a good game but to much adds we mean there is only one time you can merge a ball with out a add. That time is when you first start. It would be a game that was so fun and rated 5 stars if there were no adds. We just love the game but there is to much add and almost every person agrees. Pls hear us out. It would be the funnest game ever if there were no adds. Take the add of every game if you can pls.

Ok first of all there are no adds unless you want something and Im over 999T points so yeah its very easy and super fun we love this game download it guys Im not kidding its really good.

This game has so many ads you cant enjoy it. Every 2 plays is a 10 second ad! Its horrible!

Its so fun we tell you a little of it You need to.

Like a lot of reviews we love the game but that much ads it annoying us and it makes us want uninstall the game its insane, we get an ad each throw and we would literally pay for no ads, we think a lot of people uninstall it because of the amount of ads , we get more ads that play time, would love if you guys would check on that overall we love the game.

3.5 stars really because after every turn their is an ad. We wish their was an option to pay for no ads. We get bored very fast having so many ads.

We’re so serious if y’all added the ability to buy no ads we would.

Its a great game but there so many ads it ruins the game play. Please add a ad free option.

The game is super fun and time consuming, just to many ads for it not to be an option to buy them away. Hopefully you guys will update with that option.

We really enjoy the gameplay but there are ads every one or two moves. We would gladly pay for ad-free if it was an option.

Good game overall. Would be great if when you turned the sound off, it actually went off. We’ve turned sound, music, and vibration off, and we still continue to hear the sound effects.

Enjoying the game but the ads are killing the fun. We get games have ads, no surprise, but for some reason this game whenever you get a lot of merges you get the watch an ad and double your prize option and even when you click No Thank You you are forced to watch an ad so basically you just have to click on watching ads because youre going to have watch them anyway, might as well get something for it.

This a good game to spend time on, but it just has too many ads.

The ads are so bad in this game we had to write a review about it, we never write reviews. We highly discourage downloading this game. This game is so obviously a cash grab by the amount of ads in it.

Cant buy out the ads. One every other round. Its so exhausting. If they put an ad free buy option Id pay $5 for it. We just cant watch any more ads. Ill keep the game but we play it for about 2 mins before Im burned out on ads.

The game itself is very satisfying but there are way to many ads.

Theres a add every time a 32 gets merged.

Like every time we get a power up and say no to x2 we get a ad. Pls make less ads.

If we tap No,Thanks, we shouldnt be forced to watch an ad! Also, we shouldnt be forced to watch an ad after watching an ad to rearrange all the balls (because as stated before, pressing No, Thanks makes you watch an ad).

We were playing for and hour and it was addicting but nothing like the adds its harder.

This game is a very good game and very satisfying but, every time we get a decent ball upgrade, we have to watch an add even if we dont click on the add and its very annoying.

Pop up Ads is why people dont play games the ads also crash and lag the gg.

The fact that there is an add break every time a 32 is merged, makes this game less enjoyable.

Game is fun and enjoyable. Very easy game to play however, would have rated a lot higher but there are way to many ads! There is at least one ad every 1-3 shots made.

Title, absolutely horrid. Give us a purchase option to make it ad free.

Title explains it all. Every time you merge a ball it gives you a forced ad even if you click no thanks.

Way way way too many ads. We understand theyre trying to make money, but youll spend more than half the time playing watching ads. Add in the fact that theyll show some pornographic furry ads and children shouldnt be allowed to touch the game. Im deleting it out of principle. Its a shame because the game is actually more fun than most.

Some update made the score start flashing extremely fast, alternating red/white on what looks like a 1ms delay. It looks awful, is hard to read, and triggered a horrible migraine. Please, make the flash slower or remove it entirely.

There is an unskippable ad every round.

Dear ASMR Puzzle Action Im sorry to inform you of this, but sadly, your game makes us hate myself, chinese, and over seasoned beef. Now if youll excuse us. WHY DO YOU BUILD BE UP (BUILD ME UP) BUTTERCUP, BABY JUST TO LET ME DOWN (LET ME DOWN) AND MESS ME AROUND AND THEN, WORST OF ALL (WORST OF ALL) YOU NEVER CALL, BABY WHEN YOU SAY YOU WILL (SAY YOU WILL) Sincerely, Donnie Whalburg.

We only downloaded the game because we found our self playing this game as an ad on another games. Oddly enough the game was more fun and more smooth when it was an ad for some reason, which is odd, also slow pace compared to playing to ad play. That was fine with us Im not very picky, the deal breaker for us in any game ever is having ads shoved in our face every 5 seconds ESPECIALLY IF ITS MID GAME. We know a money grab when we see it. Deleting this app theres similar games to this so we dont need this.

The ads are annoying and there isnt an option to remove them.

There is no way to buy an ad free version and you often get an ad between every round. Each round is about 20 seconds you end up spending more time watching ads than you do playing the game.

So we’ve been playing this game for about a week and its been really fun until today. We went to go do something and we came back later wanting to play and all our progress was GONE. Just gone and we got number 500 on the leaderboard we had really good stats and now all we saw was 8 4 and 2. You guys need to fix your game IMMEDIATELY. Because we spent a week checking on this game. And no. Im NEVER gonna reinstall this.

What a waste. Totally a fun game completely destroyed by ads. You quite literally spend 4-5 times your play watching ads. Just about 2 ads for every 1 time of play. Such a grab. Total waste of a good game. Since it has no options to purchase an ad free version, we will be promptly deleting this one.

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