Bounce Merge

Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 03:35 am

Bounce Merge

Bounce Merge

Bounce Merge is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Geisha Tokyo Inc., Bounce Merge is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 27th December 2021 with the latest update 1st December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bounce Merge ?

4,923 people have rated 1.7.7

What is the price of the Bounce Merge ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bounce Merge released ?

Bounce Merge was released on 27th December 2021.

When was the Bounce Merge updated ?

The latest updated date of Bounce Merge on 1st December 2022.

Where can Bounce Merge be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bounce Merge from Apple Official App Store.



If you let the balls drop you won’t want to stop!

Dive into the most hypnotic game of this year.

Drag your finger to aim, release to shoot. Destroy the obstacles at the bottom of the screen; if they reach the top, it’s game over. And of course, if balls with same number touch, they’ll merge and become more powerful.

Updated on 1st December 2022

Fixed minor bugs.

Bounce Merge Review

The game is forcing an ad every few seconds between each round. The rounds are fun but lose a lot of ASMR appeal when an ad is shouting in your face every few seconds. Doesnt seem to be a way to even buy no ads.

No paid version to get rid of ads. We watch an ad every single round.

We recently got this game and have been constantly interrupted by ads every time a new ball is merged. Please make the ads less frequent. We think that many more people will play this game if you do.

Love the game. But PLEASE let there be an option to pay for adfree. Rarely do we ever actually pay for that option in a mobile game but this one we absolutely would.

We’ve been playing this game for a few months and just today it reset our progress.

Its a really fun game but it overheats our phone like crazy to the point here we have to take the case off for it too cool down we really like the game but thats a little ridiculous.

We really like this game but there are sooo many ads during gameplay and even when we select NOT to accept the video reward. It also gets really laggy after a bit of gameplay so we have to exit and play again at a later time.

The game is super fun. However, every now and then the game crashes and sets us back super far. We got the 262k ball removed several times because of this and so far the games crashed upwards of 75+ times.

We started to like this game and we were in the 1028 ball we think and BOOM something happend You know what happend we HAD TO RESTAR THe ENTIRE GAME we might delete this game soon so yea.

This could be a fun time killer if we werent always watching ads. We tried to find an ad free version but couldnt. Im really close to deleting.

There are so many ads it makes no sense. Every time you combine something greater than 16 its ad mania. Exiting out the ad makes it even more dreading to continue playing.

It is pretty fun but the farther you get into the game the more and more adds there are.

We get you wanna get rich off ads, but seeing an ad every 30 seconds really makes us not wanna play. Id play a lot more if we wasnt bombarded with ads. Fun game, ads give this a low rating and most likely uninstall.

It started of gray being really fun now there is an add every 30 seconds this game is a scam however it is a fun game in prospect.

Good game but there is way too many ads.

Too many ads dont even want to play the game. Its a fun relaxing game but the ads after just about every ball merge is ridiculous. We wouldnt mind paying for ad free. If ya do that we will change our rating.

Bounce merge has a really fun and cool concept but,every time one of the balls merge we get a ad. So all Im asking is for you to go easy on the ads. Maybe one ad every ten minutes or after every twenty balls have merged. So all Im saying is that if you want us to keep playing then stop with all the ads. From Cj.

The game will offer you an extra reward for watching an ad everytime you merge a ball 32 or higher… When you deny it it gives you an ad anyway. Very annoying even when playing on airplane mode the game flow is stopped.

We know you have to make money but the ads in this game are like no other game we’ve ever played! Every time you shoot the ball and it merges over 32 it triggers ads that you cannot skip NO MATTER what! We would gladly pay to get less ads because well you could stand to play more of the game. We know this review will never be read because looking through the reviews we can see its a pattern! So someone in development of this ad go out on your own and make a app with a pay option and youll be golden! That is all!

Could be fun if there wasnt an ad every shot or two like quit being such sellouts.

We tried to watch a ad to get them to merge but it didnt work.

This is the second worst game we’ve ever played due to ad frequency. It took us multiple hours to play 1 single game. We ended up not being able to finish it because an ad locked up and we had to force quit the app. We would rate this game a zero if we were able to and if you took away 90% of the ads it would still only be a 2 maybe 3. With no adds it would be 4 and might could make a 5 we cant say for certain due to the fact the at we didnt get to complete the one game.

Seriously?!? Are you just sitting back getting fat off the kickbacks from the insane amount of ads in your game? Dollars to donuts people would pay you directly to not have to deal with automatic ads make this game sustainably enjoyable or someone will come along with the same concept but appease the people and those people will stop playing yours just saying.

This game could have been fun, but the ads were so toxic and malicious that it was unplayable. There was literally an ad every time you merged balls adding up to 32 or more. Thats literally every round. We would not recommend this game to anyone.

Not for kids! Frustrating ad ridden game to okay and some ads are for sexual games. Nothing you want kids to see. Good concept and would love if you could play for real but the ads in the screen all the time stop you and then crash the game. Not worth the download. No directions on how to play for the game means the bombs you earn are worthless.

Every time you merge a 32+ it plays an ad, which happens most turns. We couldnt even finish a single game because of the constant ad barrage :(

The game is fun but theres an ad after almost every play. Its so annoying, it makes you not want to play the game. Theres not even an offer to be ad free.

Nope deleting , wish we could give it 0 stars.

We dont think its possible to add more advertisements. This game cannot be played with an Internet connection. There are too many advertisements. Everything triggers an advertisement. If you select a bonus, you get an advertisement if you decline a bonus you get an advertisement. If you play around you get an advertisement. Im pretty sure if they could they would add advertisements before you write a review.

Honestly we played this game for about 10 minutes before we got a head ache from the numbers flashing and changing colors there were no warnings regarding this. Also its littered with ads.

EVERY SINGLE TIME we MURG A BALL IT WANT ME TO WATCH A AD AND we HIT NO IT GIVES ME A AD we AM DONE WITH THOSE AD ALL THE [email protected]&ing time we recamend to not get this game.

This game is great for kids and also can you add a n that makes the vibration stop.

What a great idea for the game that you all have made.

Hi we love your game but there are too many ads. You need to put in a no ad option. Thank you.

This game is pretty great, but the only problem we have with it is that when it asks you to see an ad for a reward even if you say no, it still gives you an ad!

The game is really satisfying specially after opening the chests that come with the bonus turns. The adds can get a bit too much, but we have to recognize that the way they are implemented are genius. Its a good time waster for when you got nothing to do.

We like the game its fun epically when youre bored but it keeps on kicking you out of the game and then you lose some progress thats our only problem.

The game wont let us use the item still a good game.

We like playing this game, its satisfying and the ads for the game show what is actually in the game. But whenever you get a ball merged 32 or more, a question about if you want 2x bombs or not appears. If you press yes, it turns on an ad. But if you press no, IT STILL TURNS ON AN AD! Its like getting an offer for $100 and $10 but having to do the same thing! It makes no sense! Creators, please change this. Its really annoying and freezes our game so we have to restart. But other than that, its pretty fun.

This game is really fun but we get an ad every time we get a high number so please please add a ad free or don’t give too much ads!

Its a really fun game and all but its annoying to. When there is a explosion all the ball move around, but it does that with the ones inside so Im not able to collect them. Either we have to leave the game for 2 days or reset our phone. The ads anything over a number of some sort makes you watch and ad. Yes every game has ads, maybe but ad free ugh we need it!!!!! Please! Anything.

This game is good but when you get into it you will have to start to watch an ad every turn.

We really enjoy playing this game. But there is one problem with the game. There is waaay to many ads. Like every time you get a merge it plays an ad. But other than that it’s a pretty good game.

We got a question for the game If u asked us if we want to watch an ad for 2x bombs and we said no thanks then why would u give us an ad anyway.

Love playing the game, but SUPER sick of the ads! Wish they would get a ad free payment option.

Kinda fun, but gets repetitive pretty quickly. Last iOS update seems to have broken bombs so the games end more quickly. Why watch ads for bonuses you can’t use?

Great fun game love playing however, all the ads are getting in our nerves. We hate to delete the game its just not that fun spending most of the time watching ads instead of playing the great game.

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