Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games

Last updated on November 30th, 2022 at 12:50 am

Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games

Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games

Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Matchingham Games Limited, Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th August 2020 with the latest update 22nd November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Word, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games ?

142,099 people have rated 1.9.4

What is the price of the Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games released ?

Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games was released on 14th August 2020.

When was the Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games updated ?

The latest updated date of Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games on 22nd November 2022.

Where can Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games from Apple Official App Store.



Mind puzzles and riddles are fun for all ages! Brain teasers will leave you searching for clues to determine the answer. This or that gameplay, pick one option each round. This intuitive logic game needs you to be a detective, and find the answer!

Braindom 2 mixes fun mind games with critical thinking, to give you a true brain challenge! Creative levels have you sleuthing for the real answer. Riddles that will twist your mind and puzzle you hard: who is who, who is the father, who did it?

Braindom 2 gives you mind puzzles on each level, fun logic games, brain tests, and IQ games. One part trivia, and one part detective game, Braindom 2 is the riddles puzzle game that will give you a satisfying feeling of victory as you crack each level!

Up for a critical thinking challenge? Download Braindom 2 and engage in brainwars now!



  • Logic games require sleuthing!
  • Critical thinking needed to solve the game by looking for clues within the picture
  • Choose this or that, just a couple options!


  • brain teasers for all ages!
  • Mind games aplenty: hundreds of quizzes to solve
  • Mysteries to solve! Find the clues and have fun
  • Riddles to solve, are you a riddle master?


  • Brain training to think outside of the box
  • Tricky games you will love to solve
  • Brain tests that can test yours or a friend’s IQ!
  • Think outside of the box to solve these mind puzzles

Are you the next riddle master? Download and play Braindom 2 today!

This game has a subscription-based premium feature package, it enables users to use the app without advertisements and with extra features. It’s an auto-renewable subscription. The subscription period is weekly. Payment is charged to the App Store account at confirmation. Subscription is renewed unless turned off 24 hours before the end of the period, and the account will be automatically charged for renewal as well. You may turn it off in your Account Settings anytime.

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Updated on 22nd November 2022

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games Review

We love this game it does have a little too much adds but other then that it is super fun!

This game is awesome we love it, but the only problem is that there are way too many adds!

Literally this game is 99% ads and 1% game.

The game is awesome but it so irritating with the Ads. Every time you finish a level it will come ads, it so irritating and frustrating. So cause of that am uninstalling the game. Otherwise the game is awesome.

We played two levels. There were 4 ads after the first puzzle. After the second we clicked through three, then gave up. It might be a great game but we cant watch 40 seconds of ads for each 10 seconds of play.

The game is really fun but watching an ad after every level, . Will be deleting this.

The frequency and length of ads is ridiculous. We’ve played 3 rounds and Im ready to delete it.

We dont want this app and cannot delete it from our card. We cant unsubscribe.

This game abt stupid w ads every level.

Way to much ads and we just hate it whats the point of it.

We purchased $5.99 ad removal with bonus of 250 brains. Transaction went through but ad still comes out and did not receive 250 brains. Could you please provide refund?

Idk we just wanted to write this to say how it is a good brain teaser.

This game is really good, just the only thing that annoys us is the adds. There is adds every 2 levels more like 2 seconds. Because the levels are really short. We hope you decide to make it to where there is fewer adds. Thank you for taking your time to read this. -Bella.

This game is super fun and our little sister and us LOVE this game forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this app but we hate that you cant zoom in on the pic.

Hi developer of this game. This game is awesome but we have a few suggestions. One thing is that your game is really creative first point but we think you could add some more levels and make the levels more difficult also we’ve noticed that the same level has come like 1 billion times so we hope you could fix that we hope youre reading this .

Omg its so annoying we cant stand it that its so horrible . Well its supper easy to solve well because you already smart!!!!!!! So its ok we guess.

We love the actual puzzles and scenarios, but our app keeps crashing every few levels and the ads are just excessive and min. 30 seconds with required interaction.

Good game BUT way too many ads. It seems each time you click an option theres an ad. There is an ad before you click an option and then there is an ad after you click an option! Theres even an option for an ad! Oh and did we mention theres too many ads?!!

We have to watch an ads for the following: 1. Free hint 2. Free skip 3. Second chance 4. Too finish the question 5. Too exit the question WAY TOO MANY ADS! Overall, great game, just ads are an issue.

We love the puzzles. Sadly like many newer games today, they put in an ad every chance they get and it ruins the fun.

Many adds dont get this game.

We understand you have to have ads in games that are free but theres an ad after every single round and each round only takes 10 seconds to complete. And to get rid of ads its $5. Fun game but definitely not worth $5. So many ads we’ve started just closing the app and reopening after every round cause its faster than watching the ad.

There is an ad after every move you make. When you click the next level, an ad when after you complete the level, an ad when you open the gametoo many Ads.

We think the idea of this game is great but it is not user friendly. It doesnt respond to the answer even after many attempts. But only responds after using brain points to see a hint. Not worth the time spent.

Theres ads after every level. Nobody is going to pay to stop ads on a game like this.

Got to play 1 game in, then went straight into an ad for 10 seconds. We then had to wait another few seconds of another ad to then get back to the game. Every single game played has multiple ads cant even enjoy it.

Hate this game to many adds and the game would just stop working.

Way too many advertisements. Even for the free version, an ad every time you answer a question is absolutely ridiculous.

We paid for the ad-free version but we continue getting ads. We’ve tried everything to no avail.

There are literally SO MANY ADSTheres an add between each riddle. Cant enjoy the game without all off the ads.

The moment it ask you to rate the game is the moment the ads start. Literally it put ads after every level and most times during the level. The levels are like a max 10 seconds and the ads are 15+ seconds. So its not even kinda worth playing it.

This game is good, but it has a lot of publicity. Thats not interesting.

Way too many ads so Im deleting this. You watch more ads than you get to play the game.

Why do we have to select a hint to move forward? Why cant we just answer the question without paying for a hint or watching a free add? The process takes longer than figuring the riddle. No fun!

This is a great game but there is a bug on level 27 it says both of them are lying.

We love this game and its no ads.

A lot of ads, but stil really fun. We definitely recommend if you like puzzles.

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