Bridge Race

Last updated on July 31st, 2022 at 12:00 am

Bridge Race

Bridge Race

Bridge Race is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Bridge Race is a Racing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 9th December 2020 with the latest update 12th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


416,287 people have rated 3.4.6

You can download the game Bridge Race from APP STORE.


Best Racing Game ever with approximately 250 Million downloads! Try to build your own Bridge by competing with others for collectible blocks! You should look out for potential looters.

Join the adventure with more than 1000 levels that contain mechanisms such as sliders, trampolines, zip-lines, ladders, and elevators! Collect blocks of your own color and build bridges with them.

The main features of the game include:
● Customize the Color of the Character and Blocks: You can play with more than 80 different types of characters, choose more than 30 blocks, and more than 30 colors! Customize your character skins but also the color of the character!
● Bundles: You can also get bundles containing exciting characters, blocks, and unique character animations!
● Road Map: You can see your road map and get back to the same level in order to get better results maybe even perfection! You can play all around the world in different cities!
● Leaderboard: Be faster and collect more and get more stars in order to climb up in the leaderboard!

Updated on 12th July 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Bridge Race Review

All these adds like bro ima delete the app we dont recommend.

We live this game because its so much fun a small plus it can past time.

This is a fun game but its hard.

We love this game so much so we always win!

It is such a fun game we love this game and you cant say anything to anyone like other game.

Im so glad they got rid of their last update. We love to play this game! Also, there arent to many ads. FIVE STARS!

2 unskipable adds in a row is kind of obnoxious Because you win a game – 4 part click throughAD- main menu/next game-another AD – then game again… This is what happens When developers spend to much time and money making a for mobile only game..

We like this game because this for reminds us for when our dad tell us how to build stairs it was lots of fun at that time.

We mean when you go to the first level it is so good.

Bridge race is fun when our phone is about to die we play it.

This game is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!

G hitch Jeff arriving by Dr. Such n.

We love this game its perfect for brain.

Its so fun and concentrating. We always win and could push people to get there blocks(`)

Hahahahyea we just texted her back to The game.

Do not get this app because there is always a add every like 2 seconds and it is SO annoying and they just want money so PLEASE DONT GET THIS APP.

To many adds cant even enjoy the game. We wouldve rated this a 1. Game is very easy and cheats you out of the prizes.

This game is so cool and its no wi-fi so good of a game wow so good ok bye we love this game.

We enjoy this game to be honest. Its really relaxing to us. We like it a lot but there is way to many ads. We would like an update to this game plz. We dont know why people hate it so much. Im going to go get back to playing the game now bye.

This game is so fun and we enjoy playing this app we love this game.

This game is the funnest game and we give it a five star because you know it doesnt matter if you win or lose but we like winning so we gave us a five star thank you for making this game.

We are obsessed so much you should get it.

We put 5 stars cause thats the only way anyone will see this. Game is super easy and boring. Not the problem though the problem is it has way to many freaking ads. You cant buy something without an ad, you cant start a game without an ad, you cant complete a bridge without an ad, game started 30 seconds ago? Oh here is an ad right in the middle of your game! Its freaking ridiculous. Deleting this game now.

We would rate this actually like 1 or 2 stars, seriously at first the ads were fine. But then they started popping up in the middle of a round, even crashing the game. Also, each level is so easy that when we finish Im always way ahead of the other players. It would be nice if this game had at least no adds in the middle of every round.

Its really fun you play against bots not real ppl and u can get skins u need to watch adds but other then that its AMAZING we could only get one more app and we chose this its better then our other apps besides one but u should get this its outstanding its fun we just win our first game bc we just got this and its already amazing get it and u will be happy wellp we may be running out of space bye we hope u enjoy it like us byeeeee.

Love this game so much so fun to play Ps we win every time.

We love to play this when Im bored so thank you for the people h.

Same with the other review, we most honestly, truly hate ads and having to watch ads more than play the game makes people not want to play then the want to delete it. It just doesnt make sense to so many ads in. Which we get you guys need/want money, but ur not going to get it if people start deleting the game. So last time we are asking please stop with the ads. Ty!!!

We played last week and it was amazing but this week is better.

It looks just as fun as the add go try it.

When you fall off it takes a while and for us maybe not for you ITS SOOOOOOOOOOO annoying but we love and we should say like not love,Like the title said ( Its ok ) this game we jest we will say we like the game you might to! Im out and thanks for looking at this we never reviewed anything before. Out.

We really enjoyed this game but there’s so many ads like seriously if you really want to play this game when on the App Store and buy some knock off version would cost probably less for the ads so basically you could’ve just went and did that instead of getting this game because this game is obviously a scam they make you watch so many ads literally 50% of our games or are because we played this game because there’s so many ads so we recommend you go get a knock off version instead of this dumb version like that Toca Boca hair salon we charged you so much when you gotta just went and got a knock off version of it and you got the make up for free like seriously yeah we wouldn’t just a scam they just kept trying to get easy money so please do not get this app or you will move at it seriously do not get it you will regret it.

It is fun to play. We recommend it. But people can bump you which we do not like and can sabotage your bridge but that is all. It is really fun.

It was doing good until it started to glitch alot and then it couldnt even finish a game without freezing up!!

Its an acceptable game. Its really too easy though. Every single time we get to first place. We like the colors and hats though. But yeah this game is okay.

We love the game and its super fun but 99.9% of the time while im in the app im watching an add. The game is super fun so if you could reduce the amount of adds in the game that would be amazing also we know that you need to have adds to make money for your company, and we totally understand that, its just that its hard to enjoy the game when im only watching adds and not really playing the game. Other than watching 1,000,000 adds, the game is really fun! Thanks!

Great game wouldve been better if it had lesser ads.