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Step into the gaming world with Bubble Burst™, one of the top $2.99 games in the App Store! Crafted with creativity and innovation by Vasiliy Sarzhinskiy, this captivating Board game is bound to grab your attention. With its content rating of 4+, it caters to a wide audience. Ever since its release on 4th July 2012, it has been constantly updated, with the latest version rolled out on 26th June 2021.

Whether you have a liking for Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, Bubble Burst™ is sure to keep you hooked!

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Bubble Burst™ is an amazing and very absorbing classic game where you must select a color group of bubbles on a grid and click to destroy them.


The more bubbles you destroy with a single click, the higher your score will be.

Unlike the other bubble games, Bubble Burst™ involves more deep thinking and strategy instead of fast paced action.

For example, if you see two small groups of blue bubbles with a few green ones in between, you might want to eliminate the green first so you can hit all the blue ones in one shot.

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What’s Fresh in the Latest Update?

Discover what’s new in the recent update of Bubble Burst™ on 26th June 2021:

fixed in-app purchase

Hear from the Players – Bubble Burst™ Reviews

Find out what gamers are saying about Bubble Burst™:

Can’t stop playing. Still working out the best strategy.

We have it on our iPhone and now our iPad… And play it whenever we have downtime at work and play it often at home and when out. Its great!

Happy to find this game again after years! Other, newer versions just arent the same.

We find having to double tap on a group of bubbles slows the game down too much.

We play it because it calms us down we have anxiety attacks and it helps us control it its us concentrate on what Im trying to do with the bubble bursts so it has been more than just fun its been healthy for us thank you.

Great Fun ! Keep the updates coming!!

Gets our mind off "stuff" without adding more stress. Just easy and fun play.

IPad iOS 14.3. No score showing after latest update. Still love the game.

Great game! Can’t stop playing! 5 star game!

We miss # of games and average game score for stats. Keeps us motivated to keep playing. Can you add?!

Yes, we are hooked. Fun, free and relaxing.

Great game! We play when Im stressed out over the news and the politics in our country. It helps, trust.

Enjoy this app a great deal…

Its really fun, but we paid to have the ads removed and then they continued to show up. Whats up with that?

… There are features its missing… The ability to turn off the timer; unable to undo a move; hints.

Great way to unwind and take your brain with you.

We love the game. Some suggestions – show an average score and consider bonuses for clearing a color and/or the whole board.

Mindless would be better with levels but it gets the job done.

Paid 2.99 for it and it doesnt work on iPad Pro. Touch controls are aligned wrong and you cant click the correct bubbles. We uninstalled twice and restarted the ipad. Would like at least a working game if we pay.

Just downloaded it and when we tap done on options page nothing happens.

We’ve played em all this is the one we keep going back to.

The game teaches people strategies.

This will keep us engaged for a long time – you won’t get bored.

Love it ,me & wife play ever day ( she wins all the time ) . Kids love too.

Very entertaining. No issue excellent.

We like like the game but prefer the screen with less bubbles. Also not much in the options menu.

Games and scores don’t build on each other. Same one over and over. No options.

We love this game! If you are a big fan of matching games this is one that gives you more of a Challenge by trying to match with the added challenge of having as few left at the end as possible. It is so hard to put down we find myself saying ok, we will play one more time. Great color & great graphics. A great find for anyone for a good challenge and time passer.

This is a great game to sit back, relax, and have some fun scoring higher and higher points.

Simplistic in its concept and yet endless in its variations making for a truly fun game that never gets boring. If you enjoy setting your own challenges, this is your game!

Relaxing to play Lots of fun for all.

Relaxing mindless fun to unwind after a hectic game!

Don’t even waste Your time and money with this APP.

Awful waste of time and money.

This is a fun little game that both our second grader and we enjoy playing.

Fun and easy to play. Would be nice if played in landscape, but not a big issuenn.

Particularly challenging as we are colorblind!

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