Build and Play

Build and Play


Build and Play is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CROCOSTUDIO GAMES SRL, Build and Play is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th August 2012 with the latest update 10th May 2018

Whether you are a fan of Education, Puzzle, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


21 people have rated 1.9.5

You can download the game Build and Play from APP STORE.


You will be amazed by the toys your little builders can put together in 3D! Balloons, UFOs and planes, cars, bikes and trains, ships, subs or jet ski! Once built they will take you in the air, on the ground or into the sea.

If aeronautical engineering sounds a bit advanced even for your bright young tot, have no fear. The models automatically rotate to help kids find the proper placement for each piece. They can’t mess up because parts don’t snap in place until they are correct. These models won’t be crashing or sinking for lack of a rotor or wheel.

The best part is that kids’ hard work is rewarded because their designs come to life when complete. The flying, floating, puffing and puttering machines that belch smoke and make satisfying rumbles will delight youngsters. Children can choose their favorites from the twelve included toys or let the game decide for them using the intuitive controls.

App includes:
· Fifteen classic toys in bright primary colors – UFO, hot air balloon, jet ski, airplane, car, cement mixer, motorbike, ship, train, crane, digger, monster truck, firetruck and robots.
· Easily sliding pieces perfect for children with still developing fine motor control
· Option to mute background music and/or sound effects.
· Language neutral for universal appeal
· Child-safe, protected environment

Croco Studio believes in learning through play and this app subtly presents a number of age-appropriate educational concepts. Children are introduced to left/right, top/bottom and back/front as they spin their models to find where pieces go. They also achieve a basic understanding of symmetry and balance because headlights and taillights come in pairs and portholes and railings go on both sides of a ship. Visual memory and visual motor skills get a real workout through the concentration needed to put together these childhood favorites.

About Croco Studio:
Croco Studio is an award-winning team of parent developers intent on creating apps that kids adore and parents trust. Our apps provide a safe playing environment without ads or in-app purchases. At Croco Studio we create apps that encourage kids to learn the fun way.

Please contact us with feedback at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

Updated on 10th May 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

GDPR compliant, this app does not collect any personal data.

Build and Play Reviews

Engages our three-year-old for long periods of time. Provides just enough challenge without frustration. Love it.

And, we like that he gets to practice putting things together without actually breaking things or losing pieces or leaving small pieces to be swallowed by his little brother. We would like the little games that they can play with the toys to be a little bit more interactive though. Some of them have a few buttons that can be played with. Others are much more simple and seem to be a little bit more boring. Overall though, we would give it five stars for now. Our boys only played with it for one day so far though.

Beautifully designed 3d objects and environments. It helps kids build objects and adds to learning. Must have.

This app is great. Creative, ad free, and entertaining for 3-5 yo.

Big attraction for two three year olds over Christmas.

He picks it first on our iPhone six, everytime!

Hours of entertainment and engagement for our two-year-old! Not just mindless gaming but something he has to think about and use problem-solving skills for. You build the machine then get rewarded with a mini game. Absolutely worth the $.

Our little girls are lovin this puzzle to play adventure game. We have had to load in on two devices so that each could assemble and control each toy. Well done interface and program for the 3-5 year old boy or girl.

Our granddaughter has enjoyed this for months now and she’s not quite three. She’s always finding new things the the completed cars, spaceships and balloons can do. We’re buying another bundle today! Good value for the money.

Our 4 year old loves this app and all of the other Build and Play apps. The design is sharp and clean and there are a lot of pieces to interact with as she assembles the toys. Once the toys are assembled, the level of interactivity is impressive. She enjoys the activities associated with each toy.

Update 19 Dec 2014: we were updating all our apps and noticed this one, and that the update notes said, "Cross-promotion bug fixes." It’s outrageous that we have to use 176MB of our monthly data limit for this reason. Funny, we didn’t even remember rating this one six months ago. Now we’re downgrading our rating to 2 stars. We were taken by the rave reviews, but really, this app is not much different from other puzzle apps available here. Sure, once the puzzle is complete the item can be made to move or make a noise, but it’s low-level entertainment. Maybe it’s great for under-threes, but our nearly four-year-old played with them once, and he’s kind of done. Not worth the money for just one afternoon’s entertainment, compared to what else is available. We do like that there is no in-app purchase, though.

Our 2 year old grandson loves this app. He always looks for it right away. It’s good for teaching him how to match pieces together and once he builds the toy, he can put it to motion.

Stimulates creativity and it’s great for toddlers.

We have a six and three year old boys and both of them LOVE this app! Definitely worth the purchase!

Our 2 year old likes this app a lot. He learned how to build all the vehicles within the first couple times playing it.

This has the potential to be a really awesome app. Our 2 yr old loves to build the items and play with them however he gets frustrated when he plays with them. He is frustrated for a few reasons: 1. Each vehicle operates in a different way-some you have to just tap the arrow and others you have to hold your finger on the arrow for it to go, 2. He wants them to do more, and 3. He has a hard time building them, maybe the margin of error could be enlarged? All in all he really likes this app and we can see already some improvements in the last update. Keep improving and you’ll have an amazing app!

The kid was frustrated by it for a few days, but now he loves putting together the machines and then operating the animations.

Our 2 1/2 year old loves it! Our 5 year old nephew also loves it. Really we’ll done! Thank you.

We don’t take the time to write a review unless an app is really amazing or really bad. This app is simply outstanding. Our 3 yr old grandson absolutely loves this app. We could go on and on about all he is learning and how focused he is – which is true – but when it gets right down to it, he just enjoys it so much. We have purchased all of this developers apps that are age appropriate for him and it is money very well spent. Seeing the joy on his face is priceless.

He started playing with it at the age of about two years, and a year later he still loves it!

Our 18 month old loves putting the puzzles together. Great for developing hand/eye coordination, and understanding parts of a whole. After about a month of working on the puzzles with him, he does them himself. The added ‘play’ that was not on the previous version is a great addition. Looks great, and plays great. Looking forward to future versions.

We have to give credit where credit is due. The last two updates, with the enhanced graphics, added toys and now the ability to finally control what you’ve made is fantastic. Keep up the great work.

We LOVE the apps made by this group!!! We own all but one! We are an Occupational Therapist who works with school aged children, and we use these apps to help work on fine motor and visual perceptual skills. The animations are a real incentive for the kids [and us :) ]

Our 3 yo daughter loves it! She can’t wait to build. The graphics and building hints make this a perfect independent problem solving game. Then after the build is complete they learn to control there machine. She is so excited to fly her plane or save a cat from the top of a building with the fire truck she built.

This App is WONDERFUL!!! Our two year old loves it!!!

This is our first ever review and we are doing it because this app deserves it. Our 26 month old son loves this app so much. We love how it works. He loves building the toys and then he gets rewarded with getting to play with them. It is outstanding. Our only down side is that within a week he has mastered all of them and now does them so fast…. But still a five star.

Our 3 1/2 yo loves this app. Puzzles are much more complex than most for his age, but not too hard. Actually requires him to think a bit, which is great. Graphics are wonderful, and now that you can "play" with the toys after they’ve been built, it’s perfect :-)

We have gone through lots of apps looking for something that will hold our 4 year old grandson’s attention for more than 2 seconds. He loved it!!! We will be getting the rest of the apps for him.

Would not let us take it from him… We’re saving this one for when we’re at the restaurant. The 2nd version of this is not as good. There is no mini game at the end like in this one. This is the version to get.

Our two year old would play this all day and night if I’d let him. Thanks for the great app!

This app is just fantastic. Not only it’s attractive and fun to use, but it teaches kids about what major parts go into making a machine or a robot, and how to operate its movement. Thumbs up to the developers! Will support their other creations for sure!

This is an excellent puzzle/model building game. We purchased it for our grandchildren. Our two year old builds the models over and over again. The animation control buttons are fun to manipulate, too.

It is not 84MB, it is currently 410MB! An annoying problem if you don’t have much storage and you plan on it being 84MB. Had to delete a bunch of other apps to make room for this app. That being said, our child loves this app.

Vivid and bright colors! Our 2.5 year old grandson was not interested. Program is very unforgiving in the alignment of the pieces, they must meet perfectly or will be rejected. We regret the purchase.

This is nothing but playing with blocks! We hoped to teach colors and shapes but there is no sound, no words acknowledging what the player has just done. NOTHING!!! Don’t waste your money. I’d return it if we could!!!

Little ones LOVE this. It’s simple, interactive with a fire truck that rescues a kitty after it’s built and a monster car that jumps a ramp. They are easy to build because the item turns and sort of grabs the part when it’s close. Our two year old and three year old boys Fight over this app.

We think this is a very fun and interesting puzzle . Our grand kids love it and when they are all sitting around us , it makes taking turns so much easier. They are fascinated to watch as well as do. And the turns are short enough boredom is not a problem.

Keeps her happily engaged for a long time!

The building aspect is easy and accessible. However, it doesn’t seem like you get to play with it afterwards- just watch the animation.

Great app. Love the graphics. Our 22 month old absolutely loves this!

Once you build these toys, you cannot play with them, but our twin boys don’t seem to mind. They go back to this game over and over. But it would be better if you could play more with the toys after.

We want our $2 back… Now. This is NOT "build and play" but "build and watch". Once you construct the objects (which is a nicely interactive experience), you can do NOTHING with them. You just watch an animation. Terribly disappointing for us, let alone our kids. It would be easy to add this sort of interaction with the finished objects — why in the world would the developer stop short of making a good app?

Once the toys are "assembled"–you can’t interact with the toy. Just watch it "act". Probably okay for a kid up to 2 years old. Maybe.

Our 2 year old loves this app! Now he knows how to build his own vehicle. He’s learning while having fun! Would highly recommend it for moms with toddler like us.

Our 18 month old son and 3 1/2 yr old daughter both love this app. It took a bit for them to get used to the way the pieces take a moment to click into place. But they figured it out. The 18 month old can do some of the puzzles some of the time but will ask sister for help when he gets stuck. Kids love the animation upon puzzle completion. Graphics are cute and 3D. Not too cartoony. Nice selection of moving puzzles – son loves the robot.

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