Bump Pop

Last updated on January 8th, 2023 at 04:55 am

Bump Pop

Bump Pop

Bump Pop is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Bump Pop is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th June 2022 with the latest update 6th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bump Pop ?

11,355 people have rated 57.1.1

What is the price of the Bump Pop ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bump Pop released ?

Bump Pop was released on 24th June 2022.

When was the Bump Pop updated ?

The latest updated date of Bump Pop on 6th January 2023.

Where can Bump Pop be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bump Pop from Apple Official App Store.



Drag and drop to throw ball & enjoy the feeling of cloning!

Updated on 6th January 2023

Bug? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience.

Bump Pop Review

When we pass level 215 and it is going to rank us , it freezes and we cant play anymore when we close and open the app it will do the same thing again .

When we watched the videos like 10 of them for the ball multiplier it didnt would and it just double the level but did nothing but for the income it added the +4 levels but still didnt do anything. So yes can u fix that?

Not as bad as most. But too many ads for the amount of playing time.

We’ve been at 179 level and cannot move anymore we can play the game but it does not move our place in the game up and it still does not collect any extra balls on money on their.

So for the game its really fun but the thing that shows where the ball will go or bounce off the wall it really was off track for us. And it was so hard just to clone every ball in the course and idk why. This is still a good game.

We were enjoying this game, but we cant progress past level 154. It tells us the level is over, then freezes up and we cant do anything but close out.

We really like the game Im hung up on floor 151 Thats as high as it will let us go hope you get it fixed soon.

This game has zero life too it.

This is game is fun so we dont mind giving it full marks, but we noticed that it has a lot of glitches: – The first is that none of the epic balls can be unlocked – The second is that the income 5x multiplier doesnt work, we kept on clicking it and watched the ads but the income we made did not multiply we are hoping these glitches will be fixed soon in the near future.

But it has a glitch cause we got the crystal ball and then none of the epic balls are unlocking it still shows the crystal balls at 100 but it is already unlocked and all the other balls are unlocked so we dont know what is going on with the game.

Would have given this 5! Stars but there is a glitch on level 48 at the leaderboard. Wont go any farther.

It can easily be very addictive, but unfortunately, its one of the glitchiest games from this publisher.

Really like the game its pretty entertaining but its starting to get irritating that Ill be having a good round and all of a sudden the balls stop going when it was still going after that Ill try to launch the ball but before we could do the game does it for us then it says we failed.

Fix where if you go to fast your ball gets deleted we’ve lost so many time because of that.

This isnt so much a game with embedded ads as its an ad with an embedded game. Literally every interaction spawns an ad.

Says you go against over 80,000 people, when not that many people have downloaded it.

Watched like 5 ads for the levels they give you and the levels didnt even do anything. Also theres an ad after every level.

The game was fun up until level 44 when the game just stopped working. You’re able to play the level over and over again if you close the app, but once you get to the rating screen it stops working.

Good fun game. But at level 65 the game freezes you out when you try to tap on how many bell u popped. Other than that its a really fun game. Hopefully the developers will fix it.

We love that there are options for different ball types. Our only issue right now is that the game bugged out when we hit level 48 and am ranked somewhere in the 500s, but its showing a rank number in the low 9000. Tiny issue in an otherwise great game.

We can close out of the app and repeatedly play level 49 but it wont let us go past that. Once it brings us to the total balls collected page and it says skip we cant click anything. We cant go back on the game we cant hit skip we have no other options which makes us slide up and clear the app and try again but it just makes us redo level 49 and then we have this problem again and again. We even just Updated it and still having this issue.

Youll play a level and have close to a hundred rolling, just to get to the end and end up with 5.

This game is real fun, and a good way to kill time. But we have to say, despite it being really fun and addicting, there are a few bugs that need to be worked on.

This provided us great stress relief however once we got to the top of leaderboard that was itgame overunless we want to play the same level over and over again!

The game needs a easier way to shoot the ball.

Cool concept and all, but we can tell it’s rigged…. We’ll hit one of the "super balls" at the end but still only make it to like… 10…. It’s frustrating and not worth our frustration lol.

If we you werent forced to sit through a 3 layer advertisement that will occasionally break the game. Those are the best. And the game wont save your progress, so when an ad crashes the game, you have to redo everything, and probably watch that same ad and hope it doesnt crash again. Skip this one.

The amount of ads make this game trash .

This game, and so many others like it, is nothing but an ad revenue machine. Im close to 100 levels in and have watched more ads than we can even count. Even with all the time and ads, we still cant break the 70 chain at the end of the rounds. The game makes no sense in how it functions. You would think all the balls you multiply factor into your final total to break the chains but nothing seems to matter other than the very final ball you hit right at the end. The game is also extremely glitchy. We were stuck on a level where the balls would come to a screeching halt and then wouldnt let us shoot again so we failed. Finally after about the 15th try one of the balls got through the glitch and activated the next ball. Id give the game zero stars if we could. Definitely do not download.

We like this game, but way too many glitches. Please fix!!!!!! Only reason for the three stars is because of the glitches. Im not playing again until the bugs are fixed.

We gave this one star because the actual game is fun, however, there is a long add after every action (end of round, applying credits, clicking next level, getting your standings result, getting extra balls, etc.) we dont mind a few ads on our games, but this has AT LEAST five ads for each round you do. NOT WORTH IT.

This game has the most amount of ads then any other game we have seen. Its an automatic ad after every game you play and you even get ads during the middle of the game. Its like they want us to watch ads instead of playing their game. This game was made for the money and not for people to enjoy.

Although we like the game because it helps with our anxiety. We wish that it was more to the game, because it repetitive. We wish they would make each corse cooler than the next or challenging. Also more cool balls. It also glitches a lot which is annoying.

As soon as we start to get a good flow going it stops on a random ball and makes you shoot and deletes half of the balls that would have gone through it’s a bad game, don’t play until they fix they game.

Gets worse with the latest updates. In the end of the level before you would make it to a lava pit and earn a bonus point reward. Now when you bust through chain after chain, no extra money is given. Whether it is a five ball chain or a 70 ball chain you dont get any additional points. Plus it glitches out more now. Give us back the lava!

We purchased the option to remove ads just so we have a time waster, the three starts are for the fact that it is indeed a time waster. BUT, if you like the idea of progression, you may want to skip this. Upgrades dont feel like upgrades, and they really dont seem to make you any more powerful. Theres also a leaderboard with names which seemed cool, until we realized that theres no profile option in the settings. So Im assuming the leaderboard is just a list of generated names to make it feel like youre getting ahead As far as glitches, theres a few VERY frustrating glitches that make this a deal breaker. Wrong camera angle when going down curves (which doesnt correct), going too fast through the finish line doesnt register chain breaks and causes the balls to just float aimlessly. Combo reset is based on time and not consecutive ball hits (how strange). And the worse is its very common for the end of a round not to register, forcing you to restart. Just a few tweaks and glitch corrections could make this worth it.

We like the game but there are so many ads seems like after every level theres an ad you have to watch. Thats why theres only a 2 star rating. Cut back on the ads and thered be a higher rating from me.

Way too many bugs to ask for $3 no ads. You dont keep many of the balls after they pop. It penalizes you for not hitting any even though you should have had plenty moving to hit the next one. Often times it will glitch and suddenly stop a random ball and then say you lose as soon as you tap to go again. Most frustratingly, when you make it pretty far past the end goal and it glitches and never ends the round, you have to restart.

We dont see the point in upgrading the number of balls because we always have pretty much the same amount at the end of a level. At this point we feel like we should be ending levels with hundreds of balls. The game often glitches out at the end of a level forcing us to restart the level. Please update this game with improvements. Im regretting spending $3 on it.

We were really enjoying this game for awhile, but now it has become VERY glitchy. When you complete a level, the game will glitch and not calculate your score meaning you have to restart a level or even reset the entire app. This happens every 2-3 game plays and is just no fun.

We used to love this game but now we can never finish a level. Theyve made it so you never complete it. Level 294 and Im not satisfied anymore.

If you like, watching ads more than actually playing the game that this game is for you.

This game is so bad, most of the reviews have to be bots lol.

We love the game the new update is cool but the app never allows you to keep enough balls with you to get to the end portal now impossible.

2440 we can’t get off the level, is that the highest it will go?

Love the game, but new update is glitching too much. Has our ball on the outside of the track.

That glitches so often it becomes more aggravating than relaxing.

Theres to many ads and it glitches out so we cant skip it and we end up having to close out the app entirely and we have to redo the whole level and then it dose it all over again.

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