Bump Pop

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 06:05 pm

Bump Pop

Bump Pop

Bump Pop is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Bump Pop is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th June 2022 with the latest update 30th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Bump Pop ?

18,132 people have rated 74.0.0

What is the price of the Bump Pop ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Bump Pop released ?

Bump Pop was released on 24th June 2022.

When was the Bump Pop updated ?

The latest updated date of Bump Pop on 30th May 2023.

Where can Bump Pop be downloaded ?

You can download the game Bump Pop from Apple Official App Store.



Drag and drop to throw ball & enjoy the feeling of cloning!

Updated on 30th May 2023

Today is a lucky day. Why you might ask: it’s because you get new levels! Upgrade now to enjoy our newly added levels!

Bump Pop Review

When we pass level 215 and it is going to rank us , it freezes and we cant play anymore when we close and open the app it will do the same thing again .

When we watched the videos like 10 of them for the ball multiplier it didnt would and it just double the level but did nothing but for the income it added the +4 levels but still didnt do anything. So yes can u fix that?

Not as bad as most. But too many ads for the amount of playing time.

We’ve been at 179 level and cannot move anymore we can play the game but it does not move our place in the game up and it still does not collect any extra balls on money on their.

So for the game its really fun but the thing that shows where the ball will go or bounce off the wall it really was off track for us. And it was so hard just to clone every ball in the course and idk why. This is still a good game.

We were enjoying this game, but we cant progress past level 154. It tells us the level is over, then freezes up and we cant do anything but close out.

We really like the game Im hung up on floor 151 Thats as high as it will let us go hope you get it fixed soon.

This game has zero life too it.

We’ve been playing this game for about 2 months. We like it , its fun. It will keep you stuck but seems To still be under development. We like the upgrades but is missing something. Over all its good.

If the game didnt have level visual glitches that kept us from playing last level 30 after purchases then we wouldnt be so mad about it. Fix the glitches and Id gladly give a higher rating.

The wormhole at the end doesnt work and will just make you restart and say you failed a pro level. Pretty bad if you ask us. Definitely satisfying to play but then kills it when the wormhole doesnt work.

Top scores are still false. Upgraded from 1 star due to game development, we’ve managed to come very close to the wormhole, which pings out at 275, we’ve gotten to to 265 after over 5k levels played.

The game is a good distraction but started glitching after level 38.

Ugh was going so well til level 38 and now we cant see anything!!! Fix this please.

The game is a lot of fun but it seems everyone is currently experiencing a problem where you can’t see anything properly. You can still play, but it’s not clear what’s happening. We still get on but it’s definitely not as satisfying. :(

We updated the game and now it is very glitchy cant even see any balls. Dont know where to aim to hit the next one. It is just a guessing game at this point. Loved it until we updated it.

We love this game, but since yesterday it has been glitching and we cant Ben see them screen to be able to play.

Once you get to level 38, the game is no longer visible or playable. It was fun up until then. Too bad. Theres potential, but good grief, review your work.

Ads too long and too often. You feel like you cant escape to actually play the game. Ill be deleting this one!

Love it, its so fun; but would love to have more challenges even daily challenges.

We paid to get it ad free, however we still get ads when we try to get more money or balls? We thought ad free meant all ads, not just the ones after every level.

Game was fun until level 38 when it glitched and you cant see anything.

Every time we try to use the eggs it has gigantic eggs in the way, so we cant see where to hit the next ball, and most of the eggs are invisible.

It would be nice if the game wasnt one big lagging glitch. We broke through all the chains, all the way to the black hole thing at the end and it just sits there, wont give us any kind of credit for beating the level.

So once we got to level 38 the game glitches. We cant see the ball or where to aim the ball now. If we could upload an imagine we would. Not a fun game now. Going to uninstall it.

App wont show the balls, just colored screen.

Got to level 38 and now we cant see the first ball to start the game and the whole board looks like solid colors. We cant see what we are aiming at or where the ball is going and have no idea if we are even launching our first ball or not. Wish we could add a photo because we would show you what it looks like. Good game to pass the time but unless they fix this glitch we will be deleting the app. Dont mind the ads they are a bit excessive but tolerable to play the game for free but need to fix that you cant see the level you are playing once you hit level 38. If we could give zero stars we would but since we cant a single star rating it is. If they fix these glitches then we would consider changing our review but until its a one star game for me.

Game is currently unplayable. There is a glitch that covers half the screen, making it impossible to aim at all.

Made it to level 804. We were exited because we thought we finally would see what dumb thing happens when you break every chain. The balls stopped halfway past the end of the ramp and the game just stayed there. Then when we re-started the level all the item textures were huge and most the screen was a white glitch screen. We tried to fix it by exiting the app but it did not work. So we tried to restart our phone. Nope. So we re-installed the app and now Im back to level 1 and cant restore our no adds purchase. The ads are awful. The programming skills are worse.

We cant get past level 37 without it glitching. 3/4 of the screen turns some bright color and it wont go away. Doesnt matter how many times we close and restart the app. Whenever we delete it and redownload it and start over, it just keeps doing the same thing. And we paid the $2.99 for no adds. What a rip off.

Love the game but since the update Im not able to play. The screen is completely cut off in the app from what we think is the little balls blown up. Fix this pleaseeeee!

We just started playing and like everyone before us, its a fun time waster when you need it. Problem is, Im about maybe 15 or so levels in & the maps are glitched where we cant see anything. So Im shooting in the dark so to speak. Closing the app and reopening doesnt do anything either and theres no update needed as of now. Just gonna have to wait it out.

As we play the game and collect balls, they dont stay the same amount as when we reach the finish. Its very irritating considering the fact we wont get the same amount of money as we should.

Seemed like it would be fun. Constantly freezes and won’t allow to claim rewards. Should also have a control on how hard you can "launch" the ball – deleted it.

We love the game but we have questions and we dont know where to find the answers. How do you set your username? What happens after you reach the vortex? We have reached several times and it gets frozen and we have to restart the app. When we upgrade the amount of balls and cash, is that for that specific time im playing or for all future times.. Idk im so confused.

Not happy. Why did we pay for no ads but Im still getting ads after every turn.

We cant even get past the first level because it wont calculate at the end. Instead of spending money on advertisements use it to fix the bugs.

We get that ads are the main and potentially only way this company makes their money, but its a ridiculous amount. Each level is 10-30 seconds long. And every ever single level, you have a 30-60 second ad. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the actual game. We get you can pay to have them removed but still.

Has the potential to be good but yet again another game that looks better in video than the actual experience. Controls are ridiculously sensitive making it difficult to maneuver properly and on top of that the camera angle changes dramatically when choosing your angles. Additionally the way in which the objects multiply across the board are unrealistic in their movement almost as if purposefully missing other objects. All this adds up to a massive disappointment.

Its a fun game but it is impossible to reach the vortex even with the upgraded balls. We can get within one of it but then the game adds chains that make it impossible. We just want to see what happens when the balls reach it. Otherwise a really fun game.

Every time we crush a pro level it freezes at the finish line.

We cant get past level 318 because it glitches every single time. We’ve updated the app and restarted it but still glitches right at the end. Quite irritating.

We paid to have adds removed, Im about 300 levels in, and have reached the point where upgrading no longer gets more expensive because they didnt expect people to play this long. Once you hit a certain point you will just waste your in game currency. We have purchased the more balls upgrade 136 times most of which at $16,106 where it caps and watched countless ads to get more balls just to see if it really would change anything. We regularly finish levels with less than 100 balls going across the finish line. Most levels have three balls at the end to give you a satisfying boost of additional balls to send across the line. But if our math isnt wrong, those 3 balls should spilt in to no less than 136×3 plus the countless ads we watched to get more. We should be sending literally 500+ balls across the line every time. In closing, your game is dog water because the progression doesnt work properly and we want our money back.

10665 x5 is not 8000. Make us watch an ad to multiply our score x5 and you cant even give you the original amount we won??

Love this game. Definitely helps with our adhd and anxiety. WHY do you have impassable obstacles that slow you down. Its dumb. Have the obstacles there but make it possible to pass them. Make it more of a strategic game. If you do that or to the affect of that then we would DEFINITELY change our rating.

We were enjoying the game, decided to pay for no ads, but then as soon as we finished the next level there were more ads. Scummy developer.

Its nice easy game to play. But we’ve gotten o level 88 and all it does is glitch no matter what we do. So at this point its unplayable.

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