Bumpy Road

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Bumpy Road


Bumpy Road is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Simogo AB, Bumpy Road is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th May 2011 with the latest update 25th November 2018

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


27 people have rated 2.5

You can download the game Bumpy Road from APP STORE.


A love story on four wheels!

Spring is here and a couple in their autumn years have decided to go for a ride in their car just like in the old days. Bump the road with a simple touch to safely guide them on their trip and help them collect the memories of their past.

  • A new and unique control method – Use the touchscreen to modify the ground and push the characters around.
  • A feel good arcade game with a moving story – Discover the life of a family as you find memories while you play.
  • Travel as far as you can in ”Evergreen Ride” or beat your best time in ”Sunday Trip”. Then sit back and relax as you enjoy the story in ”Memory Lane”.

Chosen by Apple as Game of the Week!

”Bumpy Road is one of the best purchases I’ve made on the app store. Not just because the gameplay has a hook unlike anything I’ve played on an iOS device, but also because it’s got a fantastic aesthetic.” – IGN.com (9/10 Editor’s Choice)

”While Bumpy Road is indeed a solid high scoring game, it’s the peripheral elements that transcend it from being merely a well-made video game to an unforgettable experience … if you like high scoring games or touching works of art, then you won’t want to miss Bumpy Road ” – Toucharcade.com

"Must Have" – Slidetoplay.com (4/4)

” … playing it means feeling love, not love for the designers or the medium or the state of being meaningfully distracted or the sense of communion with everyone who does this or even the game itself, but love. The feeling of love.” – Killscreendaily.com

Updated on 25th November 2018

  • Added support for new devices

Bumpy Road Reviews

Nice game but when we lose we need to start all over again and its just slow and boring at the beginning.

Art and music are both lovely. Game mechanics are novel but still feel familiar. This is game design done right!

When we first saw this game, what attracted us was both the visuals and soundtrack. These are indeed what we enjoy most about it. The Memory Lane is not what we expected, but touching and satisfying. It is the most we’ve spent on an app, but the creators deserve it. Simply visit their website; their effort and dedication to their fan base is evident. Innovative developers like these should be supported. The asking price is understandable; they aren’t a huge operation, it seems. There are two main modes: Evergreen Ride and Sunday Trip. We found Evergreen Ride most enjoyable, for the photos you collect are the draw for us. The controls aren’t perfect, but their what set this app apart from its competition. We would like to see Winter as an option for Evergreen Ride. That would make us very happy.

A definitely 5 star. Hope you can bring us some new track and elements!

Ok this game is so cute. If you don’t know, it is about the love story of a couple. Don’t worry, nothing inappropriate. No suggestive scenes or anything, for what we have seen so far. Every time you earn a photo, and open memory lane, (the place where you can view the photos you earned, and the photos are the story how they met) the French romance music plays and your just like AWWWWWWWWWW. The music is beastly awesome and u must get it to understand our amazement. PLZ GET THIS APP!

Why are you sitting there reading reviews? YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS APP! It’s a fun app, but it also has a story behind it. Not many apps have that. THIS APP WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Probably not, but we feel that saying that makes it some what sound better so…

This game is awesome really it is its fun and entertaining and it is a really nice love story but please upgrade it because we have the latest update and it is a little buggy.

Great use of the iPad’s touch screen! Can you please add summer and winter to the evergreen ride section? Again, addictive and amazing (like all of Simogo’s games)

This game is so fun we’re way ahead of our sister with the picture thingy.

We’ve been saying a lot lately about how one gaming company comes out with a game that is so familiar and so alike other games. It’So today is the BIG Day, huh? We’ve had this iPad for several years now and we have yet to use F/T once. You will see how horrible we look and why we HAVEN’T used F/T. But we’ve decided that this puss is the one God wants us to have (I’m going to have a looooong talk with God about a lot of things when we get there….. Both good and bad). S like how many times can you say it? Received? The nice thing is is that this game is DIFFERENT, it’ s fun, endearing and a time-passer. We love HOG’s, but we’re actually sleepy from sleeping thru long-term games. This is a time passer of games, came highly recommended and is lots of fun!

Super fun game! Way better take on the endless road than anything we have played to date. Amazing story as well!

In this app you can even change the language right from the menu. This app is great for children AND adults. We definitely recommend this app.

Its a great app an all but the problem is that u can only go as fast as the screen moves as your car goes.

It’s a fun game but it’s not an attention keeper, the art style is fantastic and the game play is iffy at best it’s fun game if have kids that play on your device. If the price was 99¢ it would have gotten 4 stars.

No progress is ever really made while playing this game. Seems impossible to avoid the ‘pitfalls’ and there aren’t any tips provided for how to improve. Overall and in the end it’s only just mindless, pointless entertainment – so if that’s all you want then easy fun can be had. We can only waste our time for so long before we’re expecting more.

Its cute, but $3? We know some people love this game, and we love other games like Infinity Blade and such, so this game was boring for us. Dont waist your cash.

It’s a good leisure game, but we went to play it today and it is now in a completely different language with no way to change it back to English! We are not happy about this!

This game is honestly not that good. All you have to do is control the car and that’s it. This should have been 99 scents.

So we’re not a huge fan of endless games but there are a couple we play. This game couldn’t hold our attention for a full 5 minutes. Completely bored by the gameplay the (supposed) story and lack of accomplishment.

Maybe this is a game for kids, otherwise it is singularly one of the least exciting least interesting games we’ve played. We think the graphics are cute, thus the two stars. We played the three game episodes, in the different modes and was shocked by how bored we were. We immediately deleted after the first time we played. If it were .99 cents, we wouldn’t feel so bad about buying it. But when we compare this to other $3 games, it is a joke! What did we pay for? The graphics are cute, but completely repetitive.

A real bummer of a game not worth the price.

Any charm this game may have hoped to generate is lost due to the frustrating control scheme and severely limited replayability. Do yourself a favor and spend the $2.99 on a salted caramel mocha instead.

We couldn’t get through enough of this game to witness the "moving story," as the gameplay is incredibly boring. Not worth the money, get Year Walk or another Simogo game instead.

Graphics are very charming but game play will bore you quickly. You just make the road ‘wavy’ with touch control and the car putts along collecting little tokens. We gave it one star for the look but that’s all this app has going for it. Should have been a 99 cent app at most.

The most cutest game that we have ever seen and it is very simple it is very fun when you get to know the controls of the game the controls might look hard at first when you keep playing you will get the Hang if it.

It is cute, fun, addicting, and simple! Everything you need to make a perfect app! It never glitches up either! We recommend this app to everyone!

We are super cheap and hate spending more than 99 cents for an app, but we figured we would give this a try and we’re so glad we did. Some of the reviews said that the controls take too long to learn, but we think that mastering the controls is part of the fun. Music and visuals are great as well. I’d pick this game over a 3 dollar cup of coffee any day.

We usually don’t write reviews, but we couldn’t help myself this time. Despite what some people said, we found the controls to be easy to master, and they are so much fun. Add in the sweet love story and adorable artwork, and we were won over.

Very creative gameplay, engaging and simple. Good time to spend some idle time!

Don’t listen to all the bad reviews! Most of them are about "hard controls" and such, but it’s a sort of hard game. Once you get the hang of the controls (it took us about 10 min to get used to it), the game is easy! The story is deep and romantic and sad, and overall, this is one of our favorites! Worth the price! We’ve suggested it to others and they have all loved it!

We love the music and the graphics to this game. It’s simply adorable. Totally worth the price.

At first we passed on this game because we felt the reviews didn’t justify paying $2.99 for a game. After playing on a friends iPad we had to buy it for myself and we have to say…a beautiful stunning game. There’s the immediate challenge of actually going for the ‘bumpy ride’ but over time you get wrapped up in the amazing and lovely storyline that is at the heart of the trip. You really get into it and the mood behind each trip changes the more you find out about the couple. The makers behind this game are just genius. Please ignore the negative reviews! The controls aren’t hard at all, just tricky like they should be. The game is fun and just challenging enough and the goal isn’t points but just gettin to the end of the beautiful story. Please please please make more levels with more stories f their life! This game DESERVES more levels and sequels!

In need of a iphone 5 update though.

Super cute & fun to play!!! Can’t stop playing it. :D.

Definitely worth the purchase. Something we notice that could be added is multi-touch, allowing to make multiple bumps in the road!

Fast response, fun and some times challenging. Fun for all ages! Pikey guy here, and this is totally worth it’s cosy!

Can’t wait for Year Walk! Simogo.

EDIT: PLEASE consider adding a Year Walk Wintery level to Bumpy Roady. It’d be a nice scenery change! Thanks. Can’t wait to play YW. Review title says it all. This is a brilliant little game. Simple, addictive, and like many reviewers online have said, it’s a metaphorical comforting experience that you just want to dive into and never leave! Well worth the money for just one mode, let alone 2 plus a bonus. Beautiful crafted with love and meant to tak you for a drive right into the heart of something grander than you might think.

We never write reviews ! But u guys deserve one , fun game.

This is a great little game–very addictive! But you know what would make it better? If you had the option of resuming from the last place you dropped off the road. It’s really frustrating to have to start at the beginning every time. Other than that, it’s just beautifully designed and challenging enough to keep you busy!

This game is really good okay. Really good. But that’s depending on many different things: First of all, we thought this was a level game. It’s not. It’s just an endless game and you go racking up points. What’s the point of a $3 endless game you may ask? Why shouldn’t we just get Temple Run for free because that game is endless and it’s free. That brings us to our second point. SEMI-SPOILER Although this game has very little to offer for $3 it brings so much more once you really look into it. Along the endless game (which, for a quick break, can be quite addicting), you see little picture frames, or memories. These picture frames tell a story, won’t say any more. The reason this game loses a star, besides its ridiculous pricing, is that these picture frames are extremely difficult to encounter. You’ll rarely find them at the beginning of the endless game, so if you lose a lot, it is almost impossible to complete the story. There is a substantial amount of picture frames so the game is probably worth it just for the amount of time you’ll spend trying to uncover the story about COUGH COUGH COUGH In short, it is a good game, and if you’re looking for a good endless game, buy it.

It seemed like this game would be fun but we thnk it’s really boring its not worth the price at all and it is also is keeping logging off when we get in the game we just guess its too bad.

I’d like to play it, but it crashes on iPad 1 before the title screen.

The art and music are really well conceived. However, the gameplay is pretty boring. It really feels like one big grind to get all the photo frames for the story. We have played the story mode for 2 hours and we are about 50% completed on the story board. It’s cute but the story so far has not been worth the time and grind due to a pretty wonky control system. We hope the story has a great ending that will make it worth our time to gather all the pieces.

Yea this wasn’t that great in our opinion. Definitely not worth $3. Don’t buy it.

This game is much too difficult to control and just leads to frustration. While there is a goal to the game (collecting memories), unlocking them does not outweigh the trouble it takes to collect them. Definitely not worth the $2.99 that this over-hyped game costs.

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