Button Fever

Last updated on May 21st, 2023 at 03:05 pm

Button Fever

Button Fever

Button Fever is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Button Fever is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 12th June 2022 with the latest update 18th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Button Fever ?

20,518 people have rated 5.8.11

What is the price of the Button Fever ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Button Fever released ?

Button Fever was released on 12th June 2022.

When was the Button Fever updated ?

The latest updated date of Button Fever on 18th May 2023.

Where can Button Fever be downloaded ?

You can download the game Button Fever from Apple Official App Store.



Are you a multitasker?

Place your buttons and start to gain coins!!

  • Merge and upgrade your buttons
  • Place your buttons and create your own keyboard
  • Click more, gain more!!

Click and enjoy!

Updated on 18th May 2023

In this update, we’ve made a couple of tweaks to improve your experience just out of our love for you. What are you waiting for? Download now, go, go, go!

Button Fever Review

There are literally more ads per second then the amount of people on earth, and its not even worth it. Its nothing special whatsoever, and is just a cash grabbing, time wasting game.

The button clicks, the buttons themselves, 6 Diamond stars if we could.

Hi, this game took away our 2000 button we are so mad can you please fix this it also glitched on us and we had to swipe the game out and come back in please can you fix this? Ill give this a five star if you do, but we only gave you one star so please fix this but we love the game. Its so fun and we really recommend people playing it. Have a great time! Bye!

All we see is an elephant jumping on a beach ball with us tapping and a yellow circle pops up. So messed up. FIX IT!

To many ads too many bots in leaderboard.

Do not download this app, every five seconds there is an ad you have to sit through, not worth your time.

Cant login but we now can play fun.

Game is ok if you want to kill some time. Ad heavy, so that can be annoying. Leaderboard is phony. Latest update (Feb 23) made changes which reduces earnings.

This game have soo many ads it makes us go down 1 place.

We swear, theres a forced ad every 30 seconds, theres an ad at the bottom of the screen while you play, and theres TONS of pop ups and tricks they use to get you to click on ads you dont want to watch. Theoretically, this app is built well. Cool concept, but they tried to milk it so much we’ve had it for about 10 minutes and we have to uninstall this piece of garbage.

Worst game we’ve ever played, too many ads that are SUPER loud. We cant play this game for more than 30 seconds without an ad!! We would not recommend, would give 0 stars if possible.

Plz make it work offline. Its okay if it does not update the leaderboard until you get internet.

We love this game and you can play offline love you guys.

This game is LITERALLY the best and there are only a couple ads here and there but you can buy animals (with in-game money) that do nothing!!!! And that just annoys me.

Overall it is a great game but quite a lot of ads.

We saw this game on an advertisement, and it said that there were no ads, and so we got it but besides the ads to get another space or a free button. There are a couple of 30 second long ads.

This game is pretty good, but there are way to many adds, its like a add for every button you need to press as well as adds every minute. Also the game is very laggy but that might just be our phone, we think if you reduce the amount of ads, this could be a really good game.

It does not work offline and is not the kind of game that needs an internet connection to operate. They do this so they can force you to watch ads. Very greedy.

You get a ad every 30 seconds we would be playing this for hours if it wasnt for ads just ruins everything.

We understand they need to make money but forcing ads is the quickest way to make us delete your game. Also our phone got really hot and slow anytime we opened the app. So yeah didnt have it long. Gameplay was fun enough if you like clicker games.

We download this game because it said no ads 2 minutes in we got an ad.

We saw a ad anout this game and it said it dosent have any ads. Well that was a lie.

We literally have an ad every 10 seconds it is annoying so we didnt even have the game for a day before deleting it.

Literally said no ads in the ad but look at this theres ads!!!!!

Bought ad-free 2 days ago. We still have to watch ads. It was 3 dollars so Im not too mad but our money was still stolen. And when its not ad free ads happen ALL THE TIME like calm gown with the ads.

You are not making a kid game no more your just making a money gamble we hope you see that we got scammed $3.

This is false advertisement. We took two screenshots of it clearly stating that it didnt have ads but then it showing that he does give you ads.

We were excited to play but the second we got in the game it didnt even work. We tried to merge the buttons and nothing worked. This is dumb do better or fix it.

They put up ads of it saying ads free meaning no ads, yet we go in and get immediate ads.

Make it have a buy max button so we dont have to tap the upgrade button a thousand times.

While there are a lot of ads we think that wasnt the real problem for us even though it was annoying. The real problem was that after we got to number one there was no where to go after. The game just stopped there because we couldnt expand anymore.

And it lags. Yeah not very impressed.

Lots of ads cant play offline even with it having no online functions.


Its a major scam, we already payed the 2.99 for the no ads and after about a couple weeks later it removed our purchase and started giving us ads again. We even pressed restore purchases and it did nothing. Its a massive scam.

Your game is amazing when we just started 10/10.

Have you ever stumbled upon a beauty? Well down to their intent all hail the producers.

This game is very good just dont watch an add for a cat it is very annoying. It just keeps saying excellent every five seconds. Except that its a very excellent game.

This game is awesome, and super enjoyable. Being able to use strategy to set up the buttons is a nice touch and definitely keeps us engaged to find the most efficient way to keep pushing the button. The only issue that we have come across is when buying the button speed upgrade. There seems to be no difference after a certain point when you upgrade the button speed. Am we missing something or is this a broken mechanic within the game?

This game is fun but we were clicking very fast and sometimes we pick up the block and as we picked it up an ad played but then when it was over it was gone. We WORKED SO HARD FOR THE 64 BUTTON AHH.

We love this game just one problem TO MANY POP UP ADDS!!! On an add for the game it said there was NO adds. Maybe just maybe you could add less pop up adds? Thanks for reading be safe!

We like this game and it can get very addicting. But not only five seconds in and there is an ad. And plus, it ruquiers internet to play (stupidly). So pleas fix this.

This is a really fun game Im not gonna lie, but it drains our battery a lot when Im playing. Its also very addictive which is not good when Im trying to go to sleep and Im playing this game. We also like because we like the keyboard noise it makes when you click the buttons.

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