Call For Fire

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Call For Fire


Call For Fire is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Simulation Training Group Pty Ltd, Call For Fire is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th August 2019 with the latest update 19th April 2020

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


81 people have rated 1.0.6

You can download the game Call For Fire from APP STORE.


Welcome to Call For Fire, the mobile training simulation that teaches you how to Call For Fire and coordinate indirect artillery and mortar fire.

This game will put you in an Observation Post and arm you with a radio enabling you to rain down hell on enemy armoured vehicles and personnel.

This is not your typical shoot em up arcade game. Call For Fire is a training simulation built by soldiers for soldiers. It closely simulates what it is really like to call in indirect fires onto a target.

The Call For Fire is based on the US JFIRE doctrine and will teach you how to coordinate artillery fire in a coalition environment. The game will enable you to learn the art of coordinating indirect fires utilizing both Grid and Polar missions.

By playing this game you will learn:

  • Correct RATEL procedures for all stages of the Call For Fire
  • How to adjust fires onto Line OT (Observer Target)
  • How to correctly bracket a target
  • How to send in a BDA (Battle Damage Assessment)


  1. You are a coalition soldier and are interested in perfecting your skills at calling for fire.

  2. You are a military instructor or commander looking for a tool to teach your soldiers how to Call For Fire.

  3. You are a soldier in training and want to get a competitive edge on your call for fire skills.

  4. You are just interested in learning how soldiers call for fire on the battlefield.

Updated on 19th April 2020

Language options modified.
Tesco barriers and sandbags targets modified and improved.
Minor fixes to Polar missions

Call For Fire Reviews

We are a 13A in the US Army. This sim is a great tool keep an edge on the basic skills you need to direct rounds into a target. We hope more missions are on the way as well as shift from a known point. Outstanding app!

Great game but if you could add different rounds and different effects on target that would be awesome.

Love this game. It has helped us work on formulas and different types of missions while off work. Please make more levels or a custom mission mode!

Recently branched FA and was looking for something to help refresh our CFF before FABOLC and this did the trick! Only complaint is the limited amount of situations, would be great to see different terrain and more complex missions! Great Job!

Very fun and very well done call for fire sim. Is there anything planned for the future?

Would love to see you guys expand the game with illum and SEAD missions, CAS, and NGF. If you do, this app will be invaluable for 0861s and 13Fs.

Hey guys Im trying to use this with a paper map to work on paper grid work. What is the location of the OP so we can get the correct map?

Just build on this. Figure out how to add polar and shift, immeadiate supp, smk. Also, make the length width an optional entry. Other than that, if the millennials are gonna be on there phones, at least they can use this app to keep 1SG off of them and us. Ok you added polar, thank you! Maybe a sandbox mission… For customization???!!! Keep it up! OR… MAYBE do some close air support (CAS)…. That would be good, pass the targeting data to a JTAC or a FAC(A)…. Keep working it. We push the app whenever we can.

Great App ! Looking forward to what else you have coming down the pipe line for different mission types ( coordinated illumination , smoke), we like how the first round is always off target even with Laser so it forces you to adjust , great training value !

Awesome amazing. Left us wanting more Fire missions. Please can you create more.

Im not in the military but we were curious to see how this worked. We definitely took us some time to figure out the OT line and how it relates to our the target. Im interested to know why our first target rounds are softer so far off. Im certain Im inputting the correct numbers. Is it wind and weather factors? Or just to make the game interesting? Obviously if it was correct on the first shot, it wouldnt be very challenging. But what am we correcting for? Incorrect calculations? Adjusting for wind and weather etc.? We guess what we want to know is if our data is correct why am we adjusting for inaccuracy of the fire. Hope this makes sense we know Im not using correct terms.

We never write reviews or should we say rarely write them. This game was great. Not only was it a realistic experience but just very pleasant and almost relaxing listening to the voices go through the Call for Fire process. Really brought back some memories of training in NTC! Hope they plan on creating more scenarios. Mountainous terrain while using and actual map to determine location would be amazing but we understand likely not at all easy. Either way this is a great job by the developers. Thanks!

11A here. Not bad at all. Good use of an app! Love the tutorial and the radio calls. Wish you could swap up what round comes in, example for airburst, smoke, delay, 81mm, 120mm, 60mm, or CAS. Also fixed targets like buildings, counter battery, and terrain denial.

Id like to see a future version that involves CAS, danger close fire missions and to give an even greater edge add in phase lines and conditions to be set. Maybe even add in WP/RP. Possibly additional missions for night operations involving ILUM. A lot of potential to be had here.

We of course had to learn to call for fire and call for a MedEvac. A radio operator truly has the power of life and death on his back in the form of the infernal PRC-77. This game is STILL the $h¡t! We hope youll keep updating it. It CAN be a little tricky estimate vertical range and we hope you guys will make it little clearer. May e we just need to use the rangefinder more?

Very interesting and engaging sim! Its a lot of fun and easy to learn. Would love to see more from this developer! Maybe a CAS sim where you could level up and unlock different aircraft? Or more levels to Call for Fire where a battle is going on and the overall outcome depends on your speed and accuracy as on observer? Keep up the good work!

This game/trainer is awesome. Things are a little different then we were trained but overall it is fun. We NEED new levels and add in different type of fuses and rounds. Smoke, illum, air burst, delayed, HEVT, the list goes on. Im just excited to call in Arty again!

This is great! About as realistic as can be for a simulation. Please make a second one or add more levels! Fantastic.

This is PHENOMENAL! The first EVER CFFT on the AppStore! Theres SO much potential to this new app. Im sure that it will immediately have the support of next to all Fisters. Many people are requesting more complicated missions such as coordinated alum, or to utilize fuses such as Time, delay, VT, etc. (which would be awesome) but we would like to request a more traditional method of target location. We would LOVE to see a compass, map, and protractor added to the game for the sake staying sharp on traditional methods of target location. Considering how new this app is, it deserves a 10/10!! Waiting in anticipation for more to come.

Really enjoyable pretty spot on and pretty close to the call for fire simulators we have in the Corps we just wish there were more missions and maybe a map with a multiple targets and no time/ammo limits. Also Id love to see compases and maps integrated into this game/simulator but overall its really good we look forward to the updates! Well worth the money.

Cool sim, the laser designator must not be accurate if first round is 200m off target but keep it up guys.

Best $2 we ever spent, LOL. Excellent playing experience and concept. This plays like you are a scout/recon and calling in from a fixed observation point on ground. Id like to see this expand. The fire direction experience seems realistic (based on watching lots and lots of Ukrainian vids of the directed arty). For distant objects it gets really hard to judge maybe add a simple drone option that player can get a temp vertical view to assist with distant targets to better observe around hills, but limited its flight time during mission? (Keep it simple by just changing a player POV to a 1000ft above current location?). Would love more enhanced sound experience like distant soft thump of outgoing, shell sounds traveling overhead to entertain while you wait for splash. And maybe add sound delay between visible distant explosion and when it is heard at player position, as it is delayed over distances like 2 or 3 km (but maybe that would upset people who are arcade minded vs reality minded – so a realism on/off choice). Really crazy would be impact concussion ring (that expanding ring of shockwave that blows grass down on explosion)? We dont ask for much right? And missions please, more of them. How about a set of Randomizing missions based on target classes. In-motion convoy missions, where target cant leave road due to terrain conditions (muddy fields, or gets trapped in them), etc, e.g., mission is to hit lead and rear and then decimate the line. This has been incredibly fun for $2. But existing missions are completed quickly and becoming repetitive reducing repeat playability which is key. Absolutely love this game.

Not a lot of people would say they would pay a lot of money to just get to do their MOS one more time but if you called for fire as an MOS than you probably would. This game brings you back to the most fun part of being in the military for forward observers or as you say know FISTers (that doesnt sound politically correct ). If someone makes an app where users can do a 9 or 6 line fire mission for air support we would pay a lot for that. Who doesnt want to remember directing aircraft to drop bombs as a teenager? Fun times. Thanks for recreating some of that with this app.

19D here, overall great job with the meat and potatoes of the simulator itself. Things to think about: – Ability to fire grid missions using terrain association off of a map. – Polar missions could use the up/down elevation adjustment after distance and direction – for grid missions we’ve always used GAD grid altitude and direction, calling it on the same line – more scenarios Overall: Would highly recommend to soldiers to sharpen their skills right there in their pocket. Truly a one of a kind app. Keep up the good work! Scouts out.

As a former Fister (FO) we would love see this improved. Its got a lot of the basics and the music is on point. We’ve not played all of the missions yet, but we definitely look forward to them. We really hope to see some different missions like smoke, shake and bake, and coordinated illumination missions. It would really be awesome if it was brought up to par with the CFFT.

Im using an iPad 12.9 4th gen and Im not getting any volume or vibration. Please fix this ASAP. Game is great otherwise. Oh and can you make the graphics a bit more realistic, its 2021.

Awesome, but like others said we wish it was more in depth. As is it scratches a redleg itch for former FiSTers looking to nerd out. Having trouble getting audio to workotherwise Id rate the app 5 stars.

Out freakin standing, building a CFF app. We were happy to pay for it. We love the realism for how to CFF. Our few critiques would be; speed of the computer read backs (I would like to Challange myself with speed but its hard with a slow computer), add more types of missions (SFKP, immediate suppression, maybe some CAS or CCA), and make it harder terrain features (mountains to force using elevation adjustment). One more thing, make the guns more accurate. We want first round steel on steel. Great job developing this, we would definitely do in app purchases to add some of the things listed above.

Great app, love it, but with our new iPhone we’ve lost sound. Need to get that fixed.

Downloaded on our iPhone and it has no audio. Needs to be corrected, if not we would like our money back. Other than that its a good app and has a lot of details. Wish we were a little faster on the message to observer.

Im using an iPhone 11 and the game is fantastic except for the fact that when adjusting fire, adding up distance isnt working properly. Adjusting right, left and down works just fine. Disappointing because much of the gameplay is very real, especially with the radio play between the observer and fire control.

Great idea and seems it would be very helpful but we cant get any rounds after our initial round. We try to adjust it and never see a splash.

In game he calls up Observe target direction after MTO. When would you ever put direction after the MTO?? Thats should be in the second transmission by doctrine. Or maybe Im just dumb.

We think the app is pretty cool but we have an issue. Some how, some way we always have a TLE of like 250+ even though the sim uses a simmed LLDR. If we input the targeting data, which should be 100% accurate, we should get first round effects or at LEAST a TLE of less than 100. Today we did a laser polar mission and first round landed no s***, short 170 left. We’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app to see if there is a bug or anything to be fixed. Still, after a little less than a year of using the app, the problem still persists. Id love to see the app go more in depth with FiSt stuff. Maybe get some smoke or illum missions in there. It would be cool if vehicle ID was part of the end grading.

As a cav scout this is pretty sweet to use to practice Call for fire. We wish that there where more complex/ difficult missions, more variations in targets and a more user interaction in regards to the radio. Over all we enjoy the game!

As a retired US Army 13F, we love this game! Im glad to see the update with polar missions. Please keep developing this game! Id GLADLY pay for in-app purchases to make our own missions. The only criticism we have is the OT factor calculator is a little weird and not something Im used to. Maybe an option to turn it off or hide it? THANK YOU, YOU ROCK!

We cant get the rounds to fire at all.

Fellow FIST brothers, this is the app for you! Graphics are great and making the adjustments are awesome. Our only wish would be for more round choices like HE/WP, illum missions, or time rounds. Awesome app!!

Good for learning the basics and fine tuning your skills of bracketing and making corrections with OT factor #EyesOfDeath.

Whats up Fister brothers, so this game is AWESOME if you are a brand new fire supporter. Teaches you the basics and how to implement OT factor and allows you to hone your adjustment techniques. If they update it to where you can make your own missions and add different round types and more challenging obstacles like HOB corrections and different methods of target location, this game would be 10/10 no question. Id say its worth the $1.99 price tag, and hope that the creators keep updating their game. Kudos to them for successfully adding a CFFT to the iPhone. Keep calm and Drop 50 FFE.

The sim has a few bugs. If we try to FFE at all, or adjust more than twice (get on like first then begin range corrections), no rounds leave the tube and we still get shot and there is no impact down range. We’ve been waiting for a sim like this for over a year but it definitely needs tuning. Im glad to see that theres a FIST community willing to create an accessible app.

We are an actual currently serving 13F, the idea is great, but we cant get ANY effects on target, even with using the reticle and the OT factor we still cant manage to put rounds on target, we might be doing something to make the sim freak out but it throws our rounds completely off target with the right adjustments.

Corrections on the simulator have bugs. Would Input spotting and OT factor but then makes a correction with the distance Instead . Needs fixes. FFE Needs to be fixed; would hear impact with no impact.

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