Doors and Rooms Chapter 7 Gateway

Doors and Rooms Chapter 7 Gateway

Doors and Rooms Chapter 7 Gateway Level 7-1 to Level 7-3 with Explanation for every Walkthrough level. All Solution could help you solve Easily.

Doors and Rooms 7-1

Doors and Rooms 7-1

Doors and Rooms 7-1 Chapter 7 Gateway Level 7-1 Walkthrough, Cheats, Walkthrough, Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android App.

  • Pick up 4 different cubes around the room.
  • Pick up an ID card and a screwdriver too.
  • Now combine the screwdriver and the ID card, dismantle the ID card after that.
  • Observe the ID card and you can see 121013, tap into the keypad on the table.
  • Now look at the screen on the right, and you can see 4 different shape on the screen.
  • Now back to your inventory, observe both cube and count how many side they have.
  • Pyraminx = 4 side, Diamond = 8, Square = 6, Decagon = 12.
  • So tap 48612 into the keypad again and collect the card.
  • Now place the card under the table light, and you can reveal some light showing on the card.
  • Now check the screen again, already changed to someone’s profile.
  • Imagine the card is on the profile numbers, and you can see 59837.
  • Now tap 59837 into the keypad beside the door.

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Doors and Rooms Walkthrough

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