Car Driving School Simulator

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 12:02 am

Car Driving School Simulator

Car Driving School Simulator

Car Driving School Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by BoomBit, Inc., Car Driving School Simulator is a Sports game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 9th August 2017 with the latest update 22nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Car Driving School Simulator ?

23,397 people have rated 3.19.4

What is the price of the Car Driving School Simulator ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Car Driving School Simulator released ?

Car Driving School Simulator was released on 9th August 2017.

When was the Car Driving School Simulator updated ?

The latest updated date of Car Driving School Simulator on 22nd May 2023.

Where can Car Driving School Simulator be downloaded ?

You can download the game Car Driving School Simulator from Apple Official App Store.



Driving School is back and even better – test your driving skills on these ultra-realistic streets!

We’ve taken one of our most popular games and:

  • ENHANCED the user interface
  • totally RE-IMAGINED the garage
  • maintained the same AMAZING PLAY that makes this game a favorite!


  • A HUGE CAR COLLECTION: your choice of over 28 Awesome Cars
  • REALISTIC TRAFFIC: cutting-edge AI brings the streets to life!
  • DYNAMIC WEATHER: adapt to the changes on the road – quickly!
  • ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: compete with people online
  • SEASONAL EVENTS: let us surprise you!
  • FREE DRIVE: explore the game’s world at your own pace
  • FIRST PERSON MODE: optional camera view to increase your immersion!

Master the different challenges of roads around the world – drive in California, Canada, Aspen, Norway, Las Vegas, New York, Miami and Tokyo! (Wherever you are, consider taking on another driver from anywhere in the world with the multiplayer function.) And there’s more to come!

We’ve said enough – here’s what our some of our players have to say, from the comment section:

This game is by far the best of all driving games.

  • Mary J, speed demon

I’m having a wonderful time with the car driving school simulator, and often wondered if there was a driving app such as this, that would simulate what would be in a driver’s manual. I think it makes perfect sense to learn and have fun too.. thanks a lot!

  • Aldo Ray Drayden, ace racer

An absolutely amazing, fantastic game.

  • Hooriay Gul, driving champ

We thank you all for taking the time to comment!

If you loved Driving School, you won’t believe Driving School 3.0. Now get ready to drive some awesome cars!

Updated on 22nd May 2023

  • New Event: Mexican Ride! You can earn new currency and grab brand new rewards! Including new vehicle: Lowrider!
  • New games in Arcade Club!
  • Loads of big and small improvements.
  • Every update has to stomp out some bugs and this one is no exception.

Car Driving School Simulator Review

We really like this game, here are some things you should consider adding! Picking up someone from their house or the road, Horses?, Traffic Jams, Arriving at a house not just a random parking lot, Gas stations so you would have to re-fill your gas every ride and get snacks :-), Music in cars, And different ending points? These are just some things we want to be added if you want.

This game is very fun and helpful. We are 13 and scared to start driving but this game will help us be better prepared for the real world driving.

Whenever you go to first person view from inside the car, THE SPEEDOMETER IS OFF BY A LOT. Itll say youre going 11 mph when youre really going 30.. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

This is an amazing app. We enjoy it so much all we want them to add is more so then it’s always able to play even though we finish levels.

There are a little bit to much adds and the add remover caost a lot so can u change that pls.

We like the game but to meaning ads.

Its a fun game and a good way to pass time, but theres a lot of ads so unless you plan on paying to remove ads, youll be watching a lot.

When we try to open the app it jus shuts off and deletes by itself and the app is cool jus be having difficultys.

We love this game so much. But what we really would like to know is when will we finally get the new location. We’ve been checking everyday and it says coming soon. Im so ready to travel in the new area!

Alright, im not that type of person to write reviews or a long drastic paragraph about a simple game BUT THIS GAME IS AMAZING nether the less our english is horrible so ignore that but, straight 5 stars. We’ve been playing this game for about almost a year now and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, we literally have been playing the levels over and over im so addicted it helps us pass time when im feeling sad, bored, mad, etc. We even joined the discord server lol) we may be sounding dramatic about this game but its helped us educationally and in the entertainment matter and its perfect for kids because it teaches them pretty much the basics of driving! We love how theres the different types of driving levels especially the Christmas special (santas course.) we would love it if you guys added more levels of that mode like maybe a level sequence where you can pick people up like a taxi mode or add on to the bus level so you can ACTUALLY pick someone up would also be very nice, now with the multiplayer, free play, and lessons modes we feel like free play and the lessons modes are great, but we feel like on multiplayer there should be an area where you can invite your friends to drive around with you instead of just inviting them to play the game without you, you know? Pink also some different holiday specials would be cool like, easter, halloween, etc. We would like to point out that maybe when your turning into a different driving lane you should add something where you have to turn on your blinkers? Just a suggestion to add more realism to the game as like real life. Another thing is we would love to be able to have more of a selection to cars or even be able to customize our own cars? That would be super fun in our opinion and maybe we can have a button where we can record us driving because we like to drive in first person and we would love to be able to see myself driving from a distance recorded. Also we see alot of Coming soon things in the game and its been like that for awhile and we’ve been wondering when thats coming out and what is it going to be? Here are a two complaints though, 1. When im driving and once we start going fast and theres a light with someone infront of us it takes awhile to stop so we end up bumping into them, we think its sort of frustrating because you end up losing alot of points for that one little glitch so that would be great if it gets fixed. 2. There are alot of ads sadly, which you could buy the version with no ads but not everyone would spend money on a game so it takes away the fun of enjoying the game. Other than that we love it and we would recommend playing this game if you dont get frustrated with a few minor set back glitches and ads.

The game is so cool we play it everyday and we love it so much we cant wait to play it again for free and you can buy the cars(not with real money but with fake money)for free and as we were saying the game is so,so,so,so,so,so cool and fun to play with so you should install it for free today!

We love this game so much its like real but its not and us loving car games this is perfect.

We just wish that multiplayer would be better we tried to play with our cousins but we couldnt.

We dont know if we could ever find a game as good at this. The blinkers would turn off without you turning them off and you can buy new levels in your money does not get lost. There are really cool cars and you can even turn right on a red light its exactly like youre driving in real life but on a game. Please download this its the best driving game youll ever have!

We love this game so much but we wish that they could make the cars more realistic. Whenever you are changing the car color and see the image of what the car looks like with the color it look realistic, but when you click on it, it looks not realistic.

We love this game as soon as we opened the game we new it was gonna be amazing! 100/10 would recommend !

We love this game we could play it every single second of our life!

Love the game But its too many ads.

We live this game but theirs too many adds.

We love how you do the cars and you go to all these cities we just love the game.

We really love this game, it teaches kids and its amazing, but we could also say it gets annoying when you dont have any more gas tanks, that should take that out of the game, but other than that its great.

It’s super fun but could use a little more traffic and other cars, and also take away less points for damaging the car. For example, take away only 20 points for bumping gently into like a traffic cone, not a whopping 50 points just for something you would never get in trouble for in reality.

We play it so much that we dont even play on our computer and we really wanted to play beamngdrive that we really like but this game made us not and we could play this game for like a week and this game is so fun AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not the ads but still so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is so realistic we love it. It can show you the importance of driving and it is super addicting.

This game is free. It dose not have any bad things. This game can do anything. This can teach us how to drive . So get this game now. We love it. This game uses internet.

This game is the best game ever! But only 4 stars because there are some flaws like you get points taken away for silly things like crashing into things on accident! But we highly recommend this game for kids like us, we’ve always wanted to drive but Im too young to drive so if your younger then ten or older then ten and your just not old enough to drive then get this game! We hope this review helped you decide if you want this game or not!

We love this game dont get us wrong but every time you want to redo the level you have to go through an add. And we are not that good and it so we have so many adds we have to watch. Also after you do your first lesson you have to watch a bunch of adds or pay a LOT of money in order to get the LESSONS unlocked. And it is incredibly hard to control the car. We know we are not the best at this game but it is extremely hard to steer the car. We tap the turn right button and it goes across the road. We love this game but I. Would appreciate it if you could fix these little problems with the game then we would play it a lot more. Byyyyyy!

We love this game and, as a 15 year old, its great practice before we take drivers ed. We do have one problem however, the amount of times we’ve been t-boned is astronomical the npcs go when they dont have the right of way and crash into us, but then im the one that loses points. Its frustrating but other than that we love this game and we recommend it to honesty anyone :) even if you already know how to drive, and even if youre a little kid wanting to have fun, this game is great.

Been fun and learning a lot, just a couple issues. First, ever since we bought the ad-free and map unlock version of the game the lessons havent saved ever since completing them. Secondly, theres a few legal issues with the game. Such as, you should be using turn signals when switching lanes. Also, you shouldnt get points for turning right on red in the New York map, as thats illegal in the city.

Okay honestly, this game is fun. We’ve had it over some time now and we are realizing how many ads this game has. And we understand free games have ads, but this has way to many. It take us more than 3 mins to complete a level because of how many ads there are. We saw other people complaining about this too, and it looks like the developers dont really look at the reviews. But seriously, you can keep some ads, but just not as many as there already is. Other then that, this game is really fun and can teach you about the basics of driving.

We love your game but their are some things that dont work/break. Like no.1 we have bought Deluxe mode and havent received our game pass yet so we have wasted money and not getting anything back. No.2 In the game when Im driving and we move a little left or right on our lane not crossing a solid line it says -100 dont cross solid lines so we dont like it cause then we lose our points. No.3 sometimes the game flings us out of the world and says 19224 so we have to leave the game and open it back up again to play because when it shows the code 19224 it doesnt show any other button. If you made it this far thanks for reading this and please fix these bugs.

Hi we have been playing this and its really fun the only complaint we have is that we wish the parking was a little easier.

This game is fun but it takes off your points when you don’t do any thing.

We absolutely love this game but our only problem with it is in the game the car blinkers are barely visible, it causes tons of problems for us. Another things is the ads are a little too much. Other than that aspect this is one of our favorite, realistic car driving simulators. We recommend getting!!

We’ve been playing this game for awhile now, maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years and we’ve loved it. We keep replaying the levels. We were so excited when the Norway levels came out but now Im even more excited for the new ones. It said coming soon for awhile now. When is it coming out? When youre in the car like that kind of view where you can see the wipers, it also says how fast youre going. If it says Im going 30 MPH in a 35 MPH speed limit zone it says Im over the speed limit. We’ve tried checking this by going 5 MPH over the speed limit and then going into that car view and it says Im going even lower then the speed limit but still says Im over. The speedometer in the car is wrong compared to the one outside the car. Could you please fix it?

We really love this game! We play it everyday on the school bus, but we think it could use an upgrade. First, we think they should add more cars on the road to make it more realistic, we also think they should make the other cars on the road less perfect, like they dont always stop at the red lights or they dont stop exactly on the line before you have to stop for a red light.

We have been playing this game every day and its a great game but recently the arrows that show us where to drive are just not there anymore so now every time we park it says please complete the course when there is none please fix it cause we cant play it anymore.

Back needs to be improved and maybe more challenges .

We think this game is very fun we play it every single day. The only thing we have to complain about is it keeps going back to where we were the last time we played. It just started today we noticed that every time we closed the app it it would go back to our previous score. We restarted our device and tried not to get out. Its just notworking, so if you can see if you can fix it that would be great. -Avery.

Its so fun! But we would like this to be fixed when you put on your windshield wipers you get points but when you turn them off you dont, in ur if you dont turn it off you gets points off. Great and amazing game over just would like it to be fixed!!!

We like the game but they should make it easier for kids but another than that we love the game.

We rate this 4 stars because it has so many ads but it is so fun to play.

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