Car Driving Test Sim : SUV

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Car Driving Test Sim : SUV

Car Driving Test Sim : SUV

Car Driving Test Sim : SUV is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Egemen Eroglu, Car Driving Test Sim : SUV is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd June 2021 with the latest update 12th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Car Driving Test Sim : SUV ?

684 people have rated 3.0

What is the price of the Car Driving Test Sim : SUV ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Car Driving Test Sim : SUV released ?

Car Driving Test Sim : SUV was released on 2nd June 2021.

When was the Car Driving Test Sim : SUV updated ?

The latest updated date of Car Driving Test Sim : SUV on 12th October 2022.

Where can Car Driving Test Sim : SUV be downloaded ?

You can download the game Car Driving Test Sim : SUV from Apple Official App Store.



Modifiable Vehicle
Animated Character
In-Vehicle Use
Different sprays for vehicle painting
Free garage and modified
Realistic car models
Different Maps
Easy and realistic driving experience
Realistic sound effects
Free driving mode
Drift mode
Race mode
Real engine sounds

Updated on 12th October 2022

Fixed some bugs in the game.
new modified options added.
new levels added.

Car Driving Test Sim : SUV Review

Ok, sorry about our other reviews. But this game is AMAZING!!!!!!!! We love the "make a police" feature!! And we love how you can add text to your cars!!! We bought all cars and the cop car feature. Let us just tell you: it was AMAZING!!! We especially like the Mercedes E class 2020 its amazing!!!!. Also if you ever respond to our review do you mind giving us your ID for the game? Also since we have a car that you need to pay money for (the Mercedes E class 2020) and we bought the cop car feature everyone crowds around our car and we have to lock/unlock the car super fast. So we think if you have a cop car the system should fine them. Thanks! – – 1152QQAD.

How do we unlock the other stage.

We absolutely love this game !!!!!!

So this game is great but the reason we rated it 4 stars is because the semi truck cant use any of the trailers on the map it cant use them nor pick them up so what is the point of the semi truck we bought it because we thought we were going to able to use the trailers on the map but nope.

Can you please add 2020 Chevrolet Silverado and new c8 corvette and Honda Accord and Chevrolet Tahoe and some GMC. Please add new Chevrolet Silverado.

We love this game it was but you guys should try RDE Real driving simulator and we think you people who made this game also made RDE.

This is literally the best car game we have ever played because like when you crash it is so realistic and has the best graphics ever if you like car games this is definitely Recommended.

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!! The graphics are on point and look really realistic! We also like how it gives you the blinker/navigator because we like that about cars. The only thing we dont understand is how come the game modes are still locked which makes us really angry. We spent all our time finishing the parkour level because then all of our levels would be complete, but then we tried to unlock the game modes, and they wouldnt unlock and stay just gave us ads! So that was really frustrating but if we ever find how to work that then Id give this game 5 stars.

We really love this game. We have one question: How can we unlock new modes??? We already did all the levels. Otherwise we have one update idea: a night mode where you can drive in the dark.

The physics a pretty good. We’ve seen worse The turning needs to be improved cuz when we turn, it glitches and does some stuff. The free play mode is nice Besides the cars just sitting there doing nothing. We hope this makes sense lol :)

Bruh we would have given it a 5 star review but, they didnt have the seat belt sign and we really need seatbelts to keep us safe so game founders please add the seatbelts please and thank you founders of the game and we really love this game how it is we also want the seatbelts added to keep the characters safe t so please do that founders please and thank you.

Ok, so when Im driving theres music. Music that we dont like and makes the game annoying. We tried to turn off the music but it didnt work + the music was so loud we couldnt even hear the ads. What if the ads said something important? Cant hear it! So, yeah thats the end of our review. So we need to know, how do you turn off the music?

On the parking it will restart even tho we did not touch anything.

We have played this game for a while and we’ve always wanted to unlock the other maps but apparently it is impossible to unlock the other maps which upsets us so if there was a easy way to get the other maps than we will change it to 5 stars.

This game is super cool and we bought all the cars and finished the first session of the game but we cant access the next session can you help with that? We hope you read this.

We would give it 4 but we have to give it 2 because we would be driving in free drive and it would randomly stop working and we couldn’t drive the car anymore and it was so annoying bc it would happen every 5 minutes and we have to restart the game and no it wasn’t bc of our phone or our internet bc we have 5g and our internet always works.

This game is good but how in the world do you get money? And what cant all the cars be free. We like would give it a 5 star if they had instructions when you first join the game.

Best thing: It exists? Worst thing(s): ratings are too high and thumbnails are misleading. Final verdict: Get something else.

When you play the game before you unlock everything else it is so BORING!! Please add like red lights green lights and yellow lights. Oh and add more cars AND people! We will keep playing but we do NOT recommend this until you add more detail to EVERYTHING!!

Would not let us or our friend in. Once it let us in and we pressed on play it made us watch an add and put us back on the Home Screen about 8 times. 0-5.

Its total rubbish dont waste your time downloading.

We do not recommend this game number one because it is so hard to steer that you crash in to everything you see. Number two it doesnt have a seatbelt icon. Number three theres literally no person driving the car you cant choose the people you want to drive your car because all it is is just see-through please fix this.

We’ve never written a review before but this game is really bad, its full of ads and u cant even play it, had it for like 5 minutes and uninstalled it. Download the truck simulator instead, its more realistic and u can actually play it.

Its not as good as the ads seem above, not the greatest game, very POOR graphics as well. Would not recommend. 1/10.

We love car games but this one is not very good in our opinion, we got two adds like five seconds into the game! We honestly want this to be fixed further on, then Ill play it again.

Cant even turn did not even pass level one after an hour.

When we downloaded and looked through the pictures but when we opened the game They game had bad graphics and stop scamming little kids out there who thinks this is a realistic game.

Like you cant turn off the music ugh.

The only problems r that u cant delete the game and seatbelts.

When we logged in the graphics were trash and the starter Carr was bad when we played it had no person inside the car dont play this game its trasssh.

This game is not recommended by us because it is very boring. All we like to do is crash our car (it makes super realistic dents!), but thats about it. We dont like the missions, because theyre way too hard. This game is very not recommended.

The parkor maps are waaay to hard the first parking map is Impossible.

The game has very slow cars and no signal lights and may crash they go 18 miles per hour that is so slow and there like ten cars in the city add but if yall add to many we would love it. If you would fix all these problems we would love it thank you for reading this review and please fix these problems that we just said during the review thanks alot!

Just a few bugs, but other wise very good! And also we like Mercedes so no other game really has mercdes!

We’ve played it before on a friends phone before and sense we got our own we decided we would get it on ours and see how well it is now sense we’ve played it before. But if we dont like it Ill change our star rating just saying.

The graphics are wonderful and when you crash it puts dents in the car so we would recommend if you like car games.

The game is absolutely wonderful! When you crash it it makes Dents like real. The only problem is the turning. When you turn the car it doesnt turn properly. Otherwise the game is wonderful!

There is only 4 cars you should add more car and truck , subaru wrx, honda cr-v, toyota rav4, ford explorer, dodge durango,ford f-150, chevy blazer,honda accord , toyota camry.

We like the game but you could improve it. We mean when you back up it goes way to fast. And you sound make the game so glichy. But we like that you can go as fast as you want to.

When we got this game we were very exited then we realized you had to unlock the places. PLZ MAKE IT SO YOU CAN DO THE PLACES WITHOUT UNLOCKING THEM.

This game should have multiplayer. Also a map and a person that you controlthats all it needs.

Even though the graphics are not the same it still is good.

K so we love the game dont get us wrong but please fix the drifting!!! Otherwise great game!

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