Outlaws – Dirt Track Racing 3

Outlaws – Dirt Track Racing 3


Outlaws – Dirt Track Racing 3 is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Serdar Akgul, Outlaws – Dirt Track Racing 3 is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 11th June 2019 with the latest update 7th January 2021

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Racing, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


70 people have rated 4.2

You can download the game Outlaws – Dirt Track Racing 3 from APP STORE.


Play the Racing Season 2021!

New Features – Unlockable Paint Schemes, Dynamic User Interface, More Driving Control Options, Deeper Career Mode, Lernervillle Raceway, Virginia Speedway, Kokomo Speedway, Ohsweken Speedway, Grandview Speedway, Chili Bowl Speedway with 18 Dirt Tracks.

New Graphics & Sound – Complete overhaul of all graphics and audio packages

Draft Like a Pro – Team up and draft with other drivers with the drafting features

Smarter, Competitive AI – The AI now runs multiple racing lines and utilizes new controls to adjust its skill range, stability and spread

Play With Your Friends – Now with new dirt cars and tracks you can race with your friends online.

  • Multiplayer Mode : Play With your Friends.
  • Deep Career Mode Play Full season.
  • Real 18 Dirt Tracks.
  • Lernerville Speedway.
  • Virginia Speedway.
  • Grandview Speedway.
  • Ohsweken Speedway.
  • Chili Bowl Speedway.
  • Kokomo Speedway.
  • Eldora Speedway.
  • Lucas Oil Speedway.
  • Knoxville Speedway.
  • Volusia Speedway.
  • Terre Haute Speedway.
  • Williams Groove Speedway and more.
  • 30 New Super Dirt Late Model Car.
  • This is the ultimate Dirt Racing game.
  • New Tracks will be added every month.

This is the new Outlaws – Dirt Track Racing Game 3.

  • Better Graphics.
  • New Tracks.
  • New Cars.
  • New Car Physics.

The best Drift in Mud as you hit the track in a dirt racing experience featuring all the drama of Saturday night short track racing. See if you have what it takes to qualify, and then race your way into the A-Main in a Championship season. When you’re ready, head on over to our 10-player. Or show what you’re made of as you make your way from an unknown driver to series champion in Career Mode.


  • 10-Player : Challenge up to 10 of players and compete with them in tournaments.

  • 18 Dirt Tracks: Compete in events across the country, from small town rural tracks to elite stadiums.

  • Personalize Your Experience: Tune your car, adjust your driving experience, and customize your appearance.Keep the engines running and get ready to endless entertainment in dirt race tracks. This the Dirt Track Late Model Car Championship. Get the points from the races, be the champion of the season. Upgrade your car with your performance. Get your racing team to the top. Play all Super Late Model Car season around USA. Best Driving experience. Find a Sponsor for your Rookie Season. Get the XP points, become the First driver of your team. Earn game money after all races.

  • You won’t be forced to buy any special deals.

  • No In-app Purchase that will annoy you.

  • No ads.

  • Feels like you are in a Super Dirt Late Model car.

  • Best 3D graphics.

  • 18 different tracks.

  • Start as a second driver of your team on your rookie season.

  • Can manage the all racing team features like Sponsors, Payments, Staffs, Mechanics.

  • Upgrade your car for better handling.

We want you to experience pure dirt experience and earn your way to leadership.
Come on download the game , join us and rate us 5 stars to encourage us improve the game continuously.

Updated on 7th January 2021

  • Added more speed to the cars.
  • Inside Car Camera Added.

Outlaws – Dirt Track Racing 3 Reviews

A lot of new features, and content they knocked it out of the park. Best dirt track game for mobile!

We like the different cars and fun tracks! This has great graphics and is fun to play for a kid that is very interested in auto racing! Mn.

Hey its a racing game. It works pretty well and it takes up our time. What more could we ask for?

Best dirt racing game out. Live events are awesome.

Please Im bagging you had racecar trailers and we can drive them into the track and start the race by areself you dont know how fun that would be for people.

We are always looking for fun games to play, while waiting for kids or phone calls. This game is a good one, you play single laps so you dont have to worry about getting interrupted. It has good graphics and we enjoy that you can change the view to see the car or the drivers view.

Maybe adding track wear and cautions.

Entertaining- fun. Easy to use!

Im really enjoying this game. We were looking for a new racing game to try and this came up in search. We figured Id give it a try and Im happy we did. The graphics are good. We like the controls. Its actually a lot of fun to play. Great way to pass time. Highly recommend.

Over all this game is great but you need top out other cars like b mods and street sticks a mods and big blocks and stuff.

Our daughter has become addicted to this game and now has the rest of us playing! Going to have to download it on more devices. Easy to play and fun.

This game has awesome graphics and is really realistic. It has awesome touch controls and a really good user interface that anybody can use! This app is worth every penny.

Need to put caution and view in different places… Dirt in December back Portsmouth other then that love the game.

Awesome game would be nice if they added damage.

Im addicted to this game, its just FUN. But Port Royal Speedway, Selinsgrove Speedway, Cumberland, Path Valley, Roaring Knob would suit this game well! Also needs a way to set laps, because 1 lap at Lernerville is just not enough. Customizable cars would be awesome too. Maybe more classes, and less steer to the right on exits and such, other than that, Im loving the game and having fun every race. But yeah, it needs a lap adjuster for sure!

The only game the cars actually slide in the Conners but the steering is terrible, if the steering was more like real life steering it this game would be best game out there, on the next update plz fix the steering where u can slide it in the Conner ur self and control it like u would in real life. But love the game.

Make the cars drive like they do in the android version of the game. They are way to touchy in the Apple version.

We feel this game was a waste off $3.99 the steering is to sensitive and can even keep the car straight on the straight aways.

This has to be the absolute worst dirt track racing game ever made. Period.

Disguised as Dirt Trackin waste of money. Steering is impossible and unrealistic. Go buy Dirt Trackin 2. Thought this was the next generation of that but it is not.

This is probably the worst representation of late models we’ve ever seen. 1. Why are their gears? You have Hi/Low and Reverse irl. We’ve never seen nor drove a car that handles this bad. Graphics are terrible. We hate leaving reviews like this but come on. Do not spend the $4 like we did. Go get a cheeseburger and youll be more satisfied than playing this game.

This game is absolutely horrible we wouldnt recommend it to anyone a much better dirt track game to play is dirt Trackin 2 the controls are so much better and smoother and you can actually control the car and you can race in super late models, crate late models, street stock, open wheel modified cars, and b-mod cars trust us its worth the money and its hella addictive.

First off you need to be able to adjust the arrow and steering sensitivity, you literally cant make a lap because the steering is so terrible. Fix that and it might be good but man the game is unplayable until then, guessing thats the reason yall have a 2.8 star rating. No way you should sell this for 3.99 for that game. The tracks are really cool but you gotta work on the steering, nobody can play if they cant make a lap.

We purchased the original Dirt Track racing years ago and loved playing that. Once you find something like that you think of the next versions being built are better in every category. Well the only improvement made in this version is the graphic of the late models. Everything else is downgraded. The tracks look cheap. Not realistic as you would expect from track to track. The crew chief is a bad addition. The countdown from the CC from a standing start is ridiculous. The standing start alone tells you whoever designed this game knows nothing about late model racing. And the steering. Absolutely horrid. We played this for 5 min after deciding we lost $3.99. We would ask for our money back but we know thats probably a pipe dream. Ill keep playing the better version, which was the very first Dirt Trackin. It doesnt have as many tracks or extra features, but at least it plays good overall. Dont waste your money on this Dirt Trackin 3. We wish we didnt.

We have to say Im really disappointed so far with this game. We have Dirt Trackin 2 and its much easier to set up your car and race and actually keep it on the track. Unlike this game we have a very difficult time keeping the car on the track, we cant even race because of it. So far we feel like its a waste of money. We hope you work on this game and make it friendlier to play. Im not going to give up on it yet, so Im hopeful.

Game is terrible no set up for cars and impossible to control.

We would not purchase this game if your looking for a realistic racing game dont waste your money terrible we wouldnt even scratch a star for the rating.

This game is trash, dont waste your money.

This was the absolute worst game we have ever played. The steering is impossible.

The cars are so slow now. They used to be more faster than that.

Personally we think the steering was fun and fine with us. However, the game needs more speed. We cant even get the car sideways anymore in the corners. The game was awesome before. The game is still awesome. Just needs more speed so it actually feels like a Super Late!!!

The game put us in last place for no reason this is stupid.

Thanks for listening Im loving the new update. You know our dad races big block modified and soon we will to so it would be awesome to add another car into the game. However the car controls in this game make really tricky to get around the track so that is something we recommend fixing before this get popular and then we have rage quitters and bad parent reviews, just saying. Anyway love this game and all we can say is keep making better.

Not good you spin out and everything.

Best dirt racing game ever made, awesome graphics and real dirt experience! We use it as a simulator for our own driving skills with our dirt mod. Love the selection and the sound of the cars ! Wish this was also on ps4 !!!

Awesome game but not car sound? Hopefully they change that!

We like it a lot just wish the cars sounded real.

Good game and graphics. Just need to update the steering. Maybe give users ability to adjust the sensitivity of steering. Also agree that an inside car view would be awesome!

Totally not worth the money cant adjust your steering sensitivity to many wayyyyy to many cars that just run into u not real bankings for the tracks if we didnt pay 4 bucks for it Id delete it for sure.

Dont pay $4 for this! Its nothing like youre expecting. If youre looking for a good dirt track game go with Dirt trackin and save your money.

Read the other reviews and you will see why. Dont even bother buying the game it is complete trash.

Want our money back your a joke. And a rip-off.

Not even late model or sprint cars its just a nascar on dirt.

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