Car Lot Management!

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 06:15 am

Car Lot Management!

Car Lot Management!

Car Lot Management! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Car Lot Management! is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th May 2022 with the latest update 14th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Racing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Car Lot Management! ?

11,902 people have rated 3.0.7

What is the price of the Car Lot Management! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Car Lot Management! released ?

Car Lot Management! was released on 5th May 2022.

When was the Car Lot Management! updated ?

The latest updated date of Car Lot Management! on 14th April 2023.

Where can Car Lot Management! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Car Lot Management! from Apple Official App Store.



Ready to be a parking lot manager? It’s trickier than you think! 

Car Lot Management is a fun car parking game. Put your management skills in use for this parking jam! 

Parking lot management can be a difficult car puzzle when there are many cars waiting in line to park.

Do you like parking games? Then you will love the Car Lot Management’s parking 3d gameplay! Your challenge is to choose the right parking spots, tell the car drivers where to park, avoid car jam, move the cars, and collect money once they are leaving the parking lot. Every park jam is a puzzle for you to solve. Build the best strategy and solve this parking board game!

As you level up, you will have different car types in this park game and more car parking spots to unlock. Every car is an idle money opportunity for a limited time until they are done parking.

Got an electric car waiting for a parking spot? Make sure to park it to a suitable spot with an electric charging unit to charge the parked car and solve the parking puzzle! Whatever you do, you need to do it fast! Or you will cause a parking jam or worse, traffic jam! Place the cars in correct places, earn a lot of money! This is one of the most fun parking games! Easy, addicting and fun!

Updated on 14th April 2023

Once upon a time, there were a bunch of devs trying meticulously to improve their players’ app experience. They tried and tried until, one day, they finally came up with the perfect release. That day is today. Update now and make our devs find peace once and for all -and boost your player experience, of course!

Car Lot Management! Review

We purchased ads and they didnt even go away. Scam?

They lie about the ad-free option – you still have to watch ads to play the game fully.

This game is fun dont get us wrong, but every update says new levels and we get excited knowing we dont have to play the same 5-6 levels over and over again. Theres never new levels. The only thing that actually changed recently was actually adding new cars and the tickets to update them to increase the income and speed of those certain vehicles, but never any new levels. Dont claim that theres new levels when there isnt. The cars never change either so if the update is just to fix bugs, dont get peoples hopes up and claim there is new levels and/or cars when there isnt. Also the ads are quite annoying, but Im a person that can somewhat handle it. Im not gonna pay $2.99 to avoid ads and then have to still watch ads to open certain spots. You might as well save that $2.99. Not worth it if its still making you watch ads to unlock certain spots in the levels.

We actually enjoy playing this game but after having it open for a while the ads make the gameplay super glitchy. We get that ads make the game free and we use them to our advantage to unlock extra stuff but after one too many ads the game gets super laggy.

We enjoy playing the game but the amount of ads is ridiculous. Plus after about 3 or 4 ads our phone freezes. Then we have to totally shut down and restart. We dont mind ads but the freezing of them makes us want to get rid of the game. Plus its a big battery drainer!

Its fun we guess but so many ads. So many that its like theyre forcing you to pay for ad free lol & because of that Im deleting.

Too many pop up ads! They ruin the game. And as said in some featured ratings, you have no ads for one day and the next day you have ads. No sense! When they fix it you should buy No Ads. Thx for reading, luvs! KH.

Game is unplayable due to amount of ads. We understand the game needs ads to make a profit, but the amount is just ridiculous.

We paid for no ads and still have to watch ads for free parking spaces and tickets. It was a waste of money to pay for no ads. However, the game is a fun game to play.

Paid 2.99 for no adds but the game still requires you to watch adds to unlock parking spot it only gets rid of pop ups.

This game is really great, we found the new update exciting, until we realized all of the problems. When we used 100 tickets to buy the old-timey car skins our game started glitching. The vintage cars turned sideways in the parking spots and the game froze up. Coming with the new update was also way more ads. Not pop up ads, but more options to watch an ad. Before, in every level, you got one option to watch an ad to unlock all the parking spots. Now, you get 3 to 6 options in one level. This means less parking spots if you refuse to watch ads or arent in a place to watch ads. Wish you would get more tickets if the cars pay less money for their parking spots, kind of like a tax. Developers, please reduce ads and fix the glitches.

Before we purchased the ad free, there were all sorts of boosts. We thought by purchasing the ad free version these boosts would be able to be selected without ads and that we could do the ad required things without watching ads, which is how it works for many other games. We feel scammed because theres no boost options or gifts to soon for extra money. It got us to buy and then didnt deliver! Waste of money. Just okay without Wi-Fi.

Really enjoy the game! However, much like other people are saying, the ads are getting a lot and do NOT pay the $2.99. We bought it thinking we wouldnt have to watch ads anymore, but you still have to watch 3+ ads a level if you want all the parking spots. If they get rid of all the ads like we paid for, we will come back and re-review.

This game is fun to play but we get an ad every two seconds. Its hard to enjoy when we cant even play for longer than two minutes without seeing an ad. We wish there was less ads lol. Ad are the problem.

More time watching ads than playing.

Even if you pay for no ads, it only removes the overlayed ads and you are still forced to watch video ads to access other features in the game. Whats worse is after you figure out how to avoid them, you sometimes have to wait for the maybe later option to show up after a few seconds.

You pay for the no Add option and they change the game completely.

Game is fun, but we dont appreciate paying for no ads, and we still get the same amount as if we didnt pay. We want this fixed or we want our refund.

Its a fun game. The problem is, it is interrupted by lengthy ads every 30 seconds. It became extremely frustrating and we plan on deleting it. $2.99 to make your game playable? No thanks. Theres plenty in the App Store for free!

There are still ads when you pay to remove them please remove ads if we pay for them.

The game is super fun! We paid $2.99 for the ad free, but theres still a million ads. We never noticed any random ads before buying premium, so we assumed the $2.99 removed all ads. The in game ad did say ad free without any disclaimers so we assumed there wouldnt be ads. We were very wrong. You will spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Which is a shame because the game itself is super fun.

One issue is our phone is overheating massively with this game. Second why wont it save our progress? We have to start over from the beginning very frustrating. We like playing this but wont continue if these issues cant be fixed. We Love the the graphics and game play. Please help.

We love this game but the ads are way to much. Every thirty seconds a random ad starts out of nowhere. If we log out and log in again It would be faster. Like we said we love this game and we want to play it more often without the ads. Please Fix.

Enjoy the game but we see no point in paying for no ads when we still have to watch ads to progress on the game. Requesting a refund.

The game its self is fun. But whoever designed it is high key an idiot. We cant see the parking spots because the base and shop are in the way. And the buttons for them are huge. If they fix this than the game will be fine. It also glitches and makes our phone get hot and die fast. Wish they would fix that too.

Honestly this game has potential, organizing the cars is really fun but the only downfall that ruined our experience would be the amount of ads put into place. You literally get a 30 second ad every 15-20 seconds while trying to play the game. Its super frustrating. We would love to get through a round without having to sit through constant ads. We understand ads bring the creator profit, but maybe putting the ads at the end of each round would create a better game play experience.

In the game you earn money by serving the cars and spend it by progressing through the levels and earning more cash. We had made about 24k in cash on there in a level and it took all but like 250$ when we progressed to the next level which was 10k. Thats why Im deleting it. Thats not pleasurable to know we put in effort to advance through the game and yall just take it all.

We paid for the ad free version and we still get ads frequently and need to watch ads to unlock items. What am we even paying for then? Thanks for wasting our money.

Really good for playing something mindless. However it is incredibly irritating that we’ve paid to remove ads yet we still have to watch ads to unlock parking spots in every level. Thats absolutely ridiculous. What was the point of us paying to remove ads if we still have to watch them to play the game? Also kind of irritating that the same 6 or so levels just repeat over and over again.

Literally 50% game play 50% non skippable ads. Then when the ad completes it crashes.

Unfortunately, its an industry standard now for these types of games to have a lot of ads. However, this game takes it a step further. Normally, games will have normal ads that play every minute or so, which this game also has. They also normally will offer ads for a boost, which this game does. However, the difference in this game, is that it will take away spots that you have paid for, and not give them back to you unless you watch an ad. The premise of the game is to have more and more parking spots, so you can fit more cars, and make more money. You have to pay for parking spots. This game will put an ad sign over an empty parking spot that you earned, and you cant park a car there without watching an ad. This is a greedy developer, and we should not be supporting them.

Im on level 15 and our timers on our cars are not working. Our cars arent moving out of the parking spots. We need help!!!!

Best game ever love it. Btw you guys should stream rock paper scissors by lil drip with aysea btw part 2 aysea dont like yall she said, and we quote, "dont like game. Im a baby and we dont like game. We failed middle school and high school today. Our teachers are good but we are not" end quote. Love you guys! Keep the work up! Our sister is racist byeeee.

We really enjoy this game, but the ads pop up just about every 2 minutes. It’s not expensive to purchase no ads, $2.99, but for kids who don’t have access to money, it makes the game so much less fun when ads are constantly popping up. We understand that’s how the developer makes money, and could tolerate an ad every 5 minutes or so, but every 2 minutes is just so disruptive. It makes us sad because it’s a fun game to play and would definitely purchase the ad free version just to have a smoother experience if we could. Other than the ads, it’s actually really fun!

Be careful with this game. Ads will pop up all the time. Sometime back to back. It gets frosting after a while. We get it, they are doing it so you pay for ad free but its kind of getting out of hand.

This a great game if you love watching commercials.

There were ads every 2 seconds, plus mandatory ads to purchase new spaces, and it caused our phone to glitch.

Purchased no ads and still have to watch ads in order to get VIP cars or certain parking spaces. Waste of our $2.99 just to still be stuck with Ads 90% of the game. Otherwise the game is fun but we quit playing it as much cuz the ads discourage us from wanting to.

The overwhelming amount of random ads while just playing is too much we deleted the game within 10 minutes of downloading!

Even after buying 2.99 ad removal buy. Still add keeps on coming . ? Any idea how we can remove it.

You get to learn about new things we really think its a nice game to play if your bored if there is no Internet then there is no adds. A really nice game bye please never shut it down please please please please please please please its amazing.

We like the game, but it be nice to get new car packs like semi trucks or tractors or construction equipment and some new levels would be nice as well.

We Love the game but in the free prizes it let us to get a certain One then says get the previous one even tho we got it and wont let us get anymore prizes.

This game looks fun on the ads but it doesnt let us play it fix the game and Ill think about getting it again.

They play adds to build your lot play adds in the middle of the game , its 3 dollars to get add free there is a vip car that is also an add . Not that good if a game ans the adds dont help .

Doesnt really feel like a game. Just tapping the car and a spot and then waiting. Lots of ads and does not work in offline mode. The more we played the more often we got ads. Not worth it.

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