Car Stunt Master – Car Racing

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 04:05 pm

Car Stunt Master – Car Racing

Car Stunt Master - Car Racing

Car Stunt Master – Car Racing is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zego Global Pte Ltd, Car Stunt Master – Car Racing is a Lifestyle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th August 2022 with the latest update 14th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Lifestyle, Simulation, or Racing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Car Stunt Master – Car Racing ?

20,502 people have rated 1.10

What is the price of the Car Stunt Master – Car Racing ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Car Stunt Master – Car Racing released ?

Car Stunt Master – Car Racing was released on 10th August 2022.

When was the Car Stunt Master – Car Racing updated ?

The latest updated date of Car Stunt Master – Car Racing on 14th December 2022.

Where can Car Stunt Master – Car Racing be downloaded ?

You can download the game Car Stunt Master – Car Racing from Apple Official App Store.



Car Stunts Master is an open-world car game in the racing games category. Get exclusive vehicles, customize your cars and play this realistic simulator made for fans of motorsports and tuning.
Features of formula GT Car Stunt Master 3D:

  • Open vertical and horizontal ramps.
  • Large environments and multiple mega ramps in this thrilling Racing Car game.
  • Different car selection options like formula cars, sport racing cars, and modern superhero vehicles.
  • Huge collection of multiple cars like formula cars and sports cars.
  • Interesting levels and missions of extreme GT car stunts.
  • Free to download the formula ramp car stunts game.
  • Different camera views in formula car games.
  • New stunts in the mega ramping extreme.
  • Flipping mega ramp impossible stunts.
  • Hydraulic brakes and best acceleration for 3D ramp extreme jump.
  • Best steering and motion controls.

Download the game "GT Car Stunt Master 3D" now with super hero stunt driving games .

Updated on 14th December 2022

  • Change screenshots.
  • Optimize performance.
  • Change environment.

Car Stunt Master – Car Racing Review

We love this game we cant get off it and its not even a rip off of anything and thats what we like about it and we love your characters we think the monkey one is the most awesome thank you.

We love your game so much we just really like the details Anyway this is the end of the review bye!

We really dont get why people say this is a horrible game bc THIS IS AWESOME we never seen such a good mobile game we purely recommend this game.

The best car game in the world deserve 5 stars if you hate it stop being a hater and just admit it.

And its still have the GTA map and Id like the ramps.

Best game ever 9000/10 it the best.

Its fake because its a completely different game then on the front so if you download this, its fake.

Its a fun game just we dont like the ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We only played a bit but so far you dont even have to be good at games to win but what we dont like is that there are so many adds but still a good game .

The game was not anything like the ad.

This games adds copied gta 5 and other games for there adds and even the quote on quote in game picture is gta 5.

If there was a one in a half star we would have chosen that.

Very slow to load and very long annoying.

Literally the loading screen, font, get into the car animation, and every thing, the material of the items, like the wall rise material, it copied the wind mills, and in the adds they LITERALLY JUST RECORDED THEMSELVES PLAYING GTA5 we KNOW WHAT THE MAP LOOKS LIKE, WINDMILLS, WALL RIDES, AND TARGETS COME FROM. IF THERE WAS A 0 STAR OPTION. We DOWNLOADED THE GAME JUST TO RATE IT 1 STAR, AND THATS WHEN we FOUND MORE COPYRIGHT OF GTA5! #$&@*$(&# THIS COMPANY!!!!!

Its super good that we want more games but more characters and more cars.

It is not fake like other games.

Even know it makes make us wait for a different level it is amazing.

Everything is good just to many ads And the camera positions could be a little better.

This game is very good and you can cancel the ads in no time, and there is very sweet graphics, and not that many ads, just at every level, and its pretty funny.

Your game is so fun that we want to play with our baby sister.

We have black hair not braided Im 8 and we love football.

Shush shah in China it means fun.

Its a really fun game and has like 36 different courses in all but there needs to be more levels and GT modes in it to get more entertainment but anyways its a really fun game and has cool characters and we would highly recommend this game to anyone who loves racing games!

This game is so good we love it but it just has a couple bugs like crashing but overall a 9/10.

The game is amazing!!! + it is free!!! Sub to GrayMan911 please.

Its really fun to play if you can deal with ads Id say dont play if you cant handle ads but if you can its really fun to play.

To us this game is kinda fun but its not just like the ad Im just trying to find a game like the ad.

You have a banner ad at bottom of screen, but still have an ad after every move you make. We know its free but Jesus.

Every thing is ads. Every play is 5-20 seconds of gameplay, 30-60 of ads. 5-20 seconds of gameplay, another 30-60 of ads. If you like ads, youll enjoy. Im deleting this ad generator.

Ok first thing you can not play only if you want to watch a 30 second add and we did that and its not good.

This is a great app Im not going to lie but Im a girl and we like driving games so we downloaded this. But there werent any girl skins but if your a kid we very much recommend this for you.

Dont play this game it is so fake it not the game you watch on the ad and its terrible.

This game is a ripe off because they want people to think its a good game. They actually took a clip from Gta and put the car in it and they put Franklin in it in the ad it looks like there playing gta . It is a good game but not gta so if you dont want it to be gta so download it.

We watched the ad and it looked pretty cool so we downloaded the game and its such a ripoff.

Didnt even work for the first 25 minutes of playing and way too many ads.

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