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Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store,! Developed by the innovative team at PLUSDOT Technology Limited, this Racing game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 9+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 10th May 2021, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 4th December 2021.

Are you a fan of Racing, Casual, games? Then is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

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Good news! You can download on your iOS device absolutely free! Release Date

Eager to know when first graced the App Store? It was launched on 10th May 2021.

When Was Last Updated?

The latest version of was updated on 4th December 2021, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

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To get started with, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into

In this multiplayer car craft game you collect wheels and craft a car. Hurry up and craft your car before your friends! Go, Go, Go!

Are you the fastest Car Crafter out there? Start crafting, today!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of updated on 4th December 2021:

  • Minor bugs fix

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We love this game but its so boring with adds like every 10 seconds pls remove all add please and thanks.

Hello. Please please please add a skin for the plane and the motorcycle.

So first we were in first place then every single time we got to a new checkpoint a ad will pop up. Then when last ad of the game Glitched through the finish line.

There are so many ads stop putting ads in the game and when we get the airplanes we dont have a skin for it.

To much ads it is a good game but there is to much ads.

Hard to play a game when right in The middle of doing something an ad pops up. We get you need your revenue from these ads but seriously this shows a lack of concern for the end user.

Adds just go off in the middle of the game.

Its a fun game it is just that there are 6 ads every during the race so if ur gonna add ads make sure there arent during it ruins the fun.

We love the game its simple and but we were you add a bout or a truck or a plane just pls and this thing but it still is a good game.

Its something different for a change.

Love this game we have been non stop playing this since we downloaded it, its so fun competing against people, getting new characters/accessory for characters and new vehicles, so we DEFINITELY recommend.

Yall keep playing adds in the middle of the game and is annoying and slows us down. Other than that u should add different vehicle designs and more detailed people. We would also like having more harder levels. Other than all of that the game is pretty good and fun.

This is a very cool game and we like it super much and it is such a cool game even though we already said that like two times Im gonna say it again we like it just too much we just cant stop playing it but yeah its a very good game.

Porque cuando comiensas hay un add y cuando es la mitad de la carrera hay un add y ases pens que era muy divertido pero no es muy divertido y cada partida te dan como 20 o hasta 25 y casi no hay cosas.

STOP PLAYING ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME. Its fine to play them out but you make people lose when you play them in the middle of the game. Other than that, its fine.

Simple game and could be addicting, but how can you have an ad in the middle of a round? Like youre running around for wheels, go to the next checkpoint and then get an ad? Ridiculous.

Wayyyyy too many ads has the ability to be a good game but constant bombardment of ads really diminishes experience.

This game looking at the ad, it seemed very fun. We decided to download the game and think less. The first time we did the first part of the race, and it already showed us a AD. After the ad, we turned on airplane you know because we shouldn’t complain. When it was on the second part of the race. Once again it showed a pathetic ad. We could think less if we were younger. But it made us mad because all the game was just ads. We think this game would be amazing if it weren’t for the ads. And the ads are especially long.

They have adds every 10 seconds we played for like 2 minutes and we wanted to break our phone. Im a fan of ads that Im usually ok with it but not like an ad every f second. In the middle of the race we get an ad w-f.

We know Ads will be present in a free game but they show up in the middle of every race. Have them at just the end. The ads in the middle make the race feel divided instead of it being single race.

Literally like 10 ads per race. Dont waste your time on this game.

We downloaded the game and built the first car and on the first level we got 4 adds.

We get it if u put adds after u finish the game but during the game its stupid.

Once u pass the first wheel pick up thing a ad just pops up.

Ok first of all you shouldnt play this game, because there are way too many ads. Im okay with ads at the end of the race but NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RACE. Do not waste any time playing this game, to many ads.

First Im a 19 year old girl and its so bad it kicked us off and its glitching and never ever get it soooo bad we had 12 ads the first time and it was going higher every time we play sooo bad.

This game is trash you will get random filing adds in the middle of the game.

Theres pop up ads while youre in the middle of playing the game and its repetitive.

The ads are making it a bad experience. Save your time. Dont install.

OK first of all im 9 years old. Im not much of a technology person and we like skateboarding and running around stuff like that more than being on technology but this is a pretty good game, though we have a couple suggestions. Its super Duper easy so maybe make like different sized wheels and have bigger ones go in the back but then if we put the bigger ones in the front we have to start over. And then for the planes you need 2 pointy pieces and 2 of those rectangle pieces and the pointy pieces go on the end and if we put the pointy pieces on the inside we have to start over?? We know weird ideas, but just a suggestion. If you read all the way to here thank you because Im not good at typing and we usually dont type this much. Thats all, not a bad game oh and one more thing it is super Duper repetitive and maybe if you made some different types of levels with new types of obstacles like spiky things and fire and stuff that would be pretty cool . Last thing maybe can you make it to where we can change the celebration dance when we get first place like you know but it was coins or earn it like how we earn new characters??? OK sorry for the super Duper long with you but thats all .

Its the same thing over and over again and even if you try you cant lose its that easy.

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