Card Thrower 3D!

Last updated on November 30th, 2022 at 04:40 pm

Card Thrower 3D!

Card Thrower 3D!

Card Thrower 3D! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Card Thrower 3D! is a Card game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th August 2022 with the latest update 28th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Card, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Card Thrower 3D! ?

5,038 people have rated 3.4.3

What is the price of the Card Thrower 3D! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Card Thrower 3D! released ?

Card Thrower 3D! was released on 30th August 2022.

When was the Card Thrower 3D! updated ?

The latest updated date of Card Thrower 3D! on 28th November 2022.

Where can Card Thrower 3D! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Card Thrower 3D! from Apple Official App Store.



Are you ready to throw cards and master your throwing skills?

Start with low rates and range, upgrade your skills by the money you collected and throw cards to eternity!

Updated on 28th November 2022

We update Card Thrower 3D! regularly to make this game a much better experience! Here are a few of the improvements you’ll find in the latest update:

  • Squashed some bugs – eww!
  • Improved game performance – smooth!

Card Thrower 3D! Review

30 servings of game play, 2 minutes of ads No, thank you. Im deleting this trash.

  1. Adds after every level a) we bought the no adds because it was kind of fun and we thought oh no adds itll be great. B) adds to upgrade range or throw rate. The game is just add after add. 2. Levels repeat over and over. Never gets harder or better 3. Nothing about this game was exciting after the first 3 minutes. Terrible terrible terrible. Please dont waste your time or money on this garbage. A 14 year old could code a better game.

You see the game is great we play everyday its good its just the fact that it has too many adds theres an ad every level and they can be long but its not broken rigged or bad we recommend this game just be careful with the ads.

Ads after every 20 second long level means that even if you skip the ads when you have the chance youll be looking at ads more than playing the game. Ill tolerate some ads, but come on. The only possible way this game gets an overall 4.7 rating is either through paid reviews or bots.

This game is fun just dont put your Wi-Fi on to get bombed with ads.

We think this game is great except after every single level of the game we get a add we dont even click the add and it pops up but except for that the game is great.

Im just gonna be honest its a game just for the profit. After every level it seems like an unskipable 30 second add and the ads just lead to pointless games like this one. Also we have been kicked out multiple times for no reason. 2/5 or 4/10 whichever way you prefer.

We got to level seventy two and then we downloaded pixel rush 3d and know our game doesnt work and this was our favorite game ever and ever and ever.

Everything is a AD! Not worth downloading.

Obviously this is made by some 40yr old in his mothers basement who is overweight who makes garbage cash grabs like these so they can be somewhat happy in their nothing life! The ads are horrible and do not buy the no ads option! Just turn off your internet right before you die and your good, all games like these have ads that can be avoided by just turning off your internet. And we played this too pass time and immediately went to a different game in just 10 minutes of playing, this game is garbage made by a shell of a person who is wasting there life making these. #ban rollic games.

Dont believe us? Try playing this game in airplane mode, and youll find a pointless exercise in throwing card icons at the same targets, with no progression nor thing to build to. This app is little more than a way to deliver as many as the same tired ads you see in a thousand other similarly pointless games. Avoid.

Too many adds. Even when we hit no thanks or lose it, the ad still plays and we dont get the benefits. Unreal. Offer a paid version and remove the ads.

We didnt think you would actually add the it is amazing 5 stars.

It was a fun game until this new update we made it to level65 and it wont let us play.

Good game but, why the ads? Actually make it look like they are trying! Its only the ads that make us a little mad, but we still love the game!

Made it to level 19 And thats where the glitch is happening Get to the bonus area get up to about 25x and the level restarts get to the end and the characters just go off into nothing and wont end Have tried multiple times. Oh well.

This game is a throwing ad simulator. You play a round for 40 seconds then you are required to watch at least two ads that are longer most of the time than the round. Its an embarrassment that this is even on the App Store.

Awful game that bombards you with ads, not even fun if it didn’t.

Please add a no ad option like other games please. Other than that Im loving it. It also helps yall out with some money. A lot of people think like us on that. Ill change to 5 stars then.

This game is so funn!!! We definitely recommend!!

It actually is what its advertised to be lol.

But theres way too many ads. Add a NO ADS button and Ill give you 5 stars.

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