Casino Craps Pro 3D

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Casino Craps Pro 3D


Casino Craps Pro 3D is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MMW Apps, Casino Craps Pro 3D is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 18th December 2008 with the latest update 3rd March 2016

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


83 people have rated 4.0

You can download the game Casino Craps Pro 3D from APP STORE.


This deluxe casino dice game includes polished graphics, 3D dice, animation, sound effects and gameplay tailored to fit the iPhone and iPod Touch. Enjoy many advanced features that you won’t find in any other craps app!

  • Choose 3D or slot-style dice animation
  • Customize table, rail and dice appearance
  • Truly random or manual-entry dice rolling
  • Set maximum odds & starting chip amount
  • 5,000 roll history with graphs & export
  • 40+ screen interactive Craps tutorial
  • Ten chip denominations (5 – 1,000,000)
  • Shake phone or double tap dice to roll
  • Saves and restores your current game
  • Auto-collect winnings or leave in play
  • Easily bet and swipe chips out of play
  • Set bets on or off for come out roll
  • Bet payout & casino edge cheat sheets

Casino Craps Pro 3D uses a Mersenne Twister random number generator to ensure truly random dice roll outcomes. If you wish, you can also roll your own physics dice and use the manual dice rolling mode to input the outcomes. No cheating! ;) Enjoy animated 3D dice rolling by shaking your device or double-tapping the dice. If you prefer to play faster, you can turn off the dice animation and rolls will happen instantly.

If you are new to Craps, our 40-screen tutorial will lead you through all of the bets available on a standard Craps table, as well as functionality that is unique to this app.

Contact us with questions or feedback: [email protected]

Updated on 3rd March 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Updated for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus screen sizes
  • Bug fixes for recent version of iOS
  • Bug fix that caused very high bankrolls to go negative
  • Quicker access to settings and history screens
  • New table backgrounds

Casino Craps Pro 3D Reviews

Fast and easy. Great for practicing bets and however you play so that youre less unsure when youre at the tables with the yelling and chips flying around. Not as streaky as real dice tend to be but its not real money either so……

No ads, nice tutorial, kinda fun for the day before we get out of town! A nice way to prepare for a night on the town!

Easy intuitive play. History and statistics feature is much appreciated.

This is the best craps app. Warning, however, it seems to be broken on iOS 7.

The most realistic game. Enjoy playing in between casino visits.

We’ve had this app for awhile and it’s always been better compared to other craps game apps. It had some issues after the iPhone 5 came out of running correctly but it’s finally been updated and now runs on the bigger screen. Not sure how it is for iPhone 4 users though. We like you just select your chip amount and tap the board. We tried other apps when it appeared this was never gonna be updated and every one left us disappointed. We’re glad this one was finally updated.

Its a great app to study your strategies but we do recommend that the developers loosen up the dices we mean having it roll 7s more the 5 times in a row is a bit to much but still a great app.

The game of craps is well Represented with this app. The complicated betting structure is here allowing real, life like play. We use it like a tutor before heading to Las Vegas.

In terms of graphics and game play, this is the best iPhone craps app available. We particularly like the way they optimized the layout. In terms of future updates, we would like to see the ability to make lay bets, hop bets, and adjust rules for field bets. Also, some session stats would be nice, as well as a "repeat previous bet" option.

We’ve tried every other Craps App, we can tell you from experience, just by this one. Well worth the price Only complaint is we wish the chips were larger (in pixels).

Easy to use. Keeps statistics very well – would be a great tool if you chose to do a statistics project on probabilities of different outcomes of rolls of the dice!

It would be nice to see option of paying triple on field bet (either on 2 or 12). Otherwise great app!

This an excellent app for trying out craps playing strategies. It is very well designed and works smoothly. We keep losing our bankroll and have to start over, but then there arent any craps bets that in total dont have a house edge. Im glad to practice our craps strategies on the app and not at the casino where Id be losing real cash.

This is the absolutely best gambling app we have ever used and the absolute best Craps app-none of the others come close. This is easy to use and very realistic to actual play. We use this app to warm up with prior to going to the casino as well.

After years and trying other craps apps, this one remains the best. It isnt buggy, simple to use, and easily tracks how well (or poorly) your betting strategy might be.

This is by far the most polished and true to life craps app on iOS. We have downloaded and played them all and although this costs money it is well worth it. One feature that is missing is the ability to turn your bets and odds on and off instead of having to pull them down manually. Also we wish that you could set what max odds are so that we could customize to match our local casino (this allows up to 5x odds on pass line but our local casino only allows up to 3x).

We have downloaded lots of craps apps, and there are some that are fun to play as a game, but not nearly as good as this for playing craps the game. If you are a craps player… You want to test betting strategy, this thing charts your wins and losses over time gives dice history and you can do it all with or without animations to really speed up what you may be trying to learn. Best app for trying to learn or actual craps players. It’s been around for years we have no idea why more people don’t use and review it. We paid a few bucks for it and it’s totally worth it.

Have been practicing dont side betting – better feel for payouts. And this is a lot less expensive than the casino.

This is the best craps app for the iPhone. We enjoy the interface and features. Here’s what I’d like to see for improvements: 1. A button to turn all bets off and back on. 2. Make the chips a little bigger and put a number inside so we know how much we have bet. 3. Allow us to buy numbers, not just place. If you added these features the game would be perfect.

We missed being able to play a good craps game on iOS while this one only worked on old versions. The update’s finally in, and it’s most welcome. It’s the only version that allows you to set odds however you want, and interprets the odds bets correctly. It also needs no in-app purchase to buy more chips. Welcome back!

This is the best of several craps app we have downloaded. It is easy to understand and makes playing craps more accessible to this intimidating casino game. The developers recently updated several bugs in the game that were limiting the ability to play and things seem to be working as expected again. Thanks!

Its the best app we’ve found for testing strategies by a mile.

Really not much more you could ask of an app like this. Tutorial, dice and money histories are where it really shines. Good app!

Great starter tool for working out betting strategy and to over all understanding of craps.

We looked at all the craps games and this is the best one we found for practice. Thestat feature is helpful too. We wish you could change the double tap to single for dice roll as an option. Its redundant after awhile.

We like everything about this app except we cant bet numbers on the hop and we dont care for the double tap to roll the dice. If you could fix those 2 things it would be great.

Would be 5 stars, but sometimes the pop-up messages are always on and we have to reboot.

Easily our favorite simulator, but one issue it has is it charges you 10% when buying the 4 and 10. We believe its because they are charging you 5% of winnings instead of the amount bet. Makes a big difference.

Worked fine on 6plus now you cant get it to close with iPhone XR.

Good app to learn the game. It is easy to use. We can predict our outcomes based on how we bet so it isnt truly random at all. This makes it useless to test anything. It is kinda fun though if you arent expecting to win and just throw the bones a little.

If you play enough you will notice win and loss trends for enjoyment.. You will notice certain trends like long rolls without 7 followed by 3 sevens .. Overall not a good craps simulator because it tries to make it fun.

We play craps fairly regularly and Im unimpressed with how often 7 comes up in this game. Compared to real games, this app never has long rolls. We think the most before hitting the number or a seven is 11 or 12 rolls. And this are VERY rare. Its been two years since an update. So perhaps its not worth holding out hope for improvements.

This game was great at training and fun on an airplane. Until we decided to test it, like we do with other Craps games, by betting big on a specific bet. Started betting 2k on both the 6 and 8. Then rolled 14 out of 15 sevens. Sorry, but you showed us that you are indeed no different from the other games.

We have been playing this app for a long time and loved it. All of the sudden, Im losing 3 of every 4 bets. This started after we accumulated over 100 million chips. Its no longer fun to play when you lose nearly every time.

It was the best but now… Very upset that we updated this game and it no longer works on our phone…. We know we have ios7+ and iPhone 4 but c’mon … It should be fixed.

This app would be great if they could make the dice rolls random!

This was terrible. Didnt even correct 6 & 8 Bet. We want our money back.

The NEXT button doesnt appear on iPad to continue the tutorial! Want money back!

After playing for a while, some kind of switch flips and the dice become weighted against the player. We tested this by going all in one either the pass or dont 100 times and lost 84% of the time. We also did place bets on the 8 only 500 times and the ratio of 7s to 8s was almost 2:1, not even close to the expected 1.2:1. It looked ridiculously obvious on the graph showing the stats on dice rolls. DONT buy this app if you want a realistic craps game!!!

This game rocks. Fun to play. Great graphics. Easy to use. Only complaint is game screen won’t invert and we have a case with a stand… Too bad game is upside down and won’t invert.

We’ve played this app for almost a year. It does seem like when you bet big you lose fast, and when you bet "smaller" you win more. That part we don’t like. But we’ve played plenty in real Casinos and we lose less "real" money playing the app. It’s a just a game Focker.

If you hate this you probably hate yourself too.

The app and everything works but the second quarter hit that little plus sign at the bottom the game freezes. Also. You can’t ever tell of your making a lay,place, buy bet.

Great app! The most realistic craps game out there.

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