Castlevania: SotN

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:41 am

Castlevania: SotN


Castlevania: SotN is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., Castlevania: SotN is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd March 2020 with the latest update 15th April 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,432 people have rated 1.0.1

You can download the game Castlevania: SotN from APP STORE.


The iconic game from the beloved Castlevania series finally comes to mobile. This direct port of the classic console action RPG lets you jump, dash and slash your way through Dracula’s vast castle as Alucard while encountering a unique array of enemies and characters along the way.

Rediscover the world of Castlevania with one of its original groundbreaking games and renowned music and graphics.


Fully compatible with game controllers

New continue feature

Unlock achievements with hard-fought battle milestones

Available in 6 languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Updated on 15th April 2020

Performed a number of bug fixes.

Castlevania: SotN Reviews

Deberan colocar mas juego de la saga.

Please add saturn mode. Sega saturn is not comeback again… Please add saturn plus mode…

Great game havent played this in a while , it works perfectly with our MFI controller.

Castlevania SOTN has always been one of our favorite PS1 games. We’ve fondly talked about it for the past 20+ years to other gamers since we’ve first played it. We deeply regretted selling it, only wanting to buy another copy of it. (In which it is selling between $80-several hundred dollars.) Initially seeing it available in the App Store, we were skeptical. Could it really transfer well to an iPhone &/or iPad? Would we even like SOTN as much as we did in the past? The answer is an emphatic YES! To both questions. We tip our hat to Konami and Apple for making this a reality. We hope they will also release Harmony Of Dissonance, as well as Aria Of Sorrow. Please may it be, and thank you for bringing SOTN back as it once was.

Since Nintendo wont make it portable and we cant carry our PS4 around to play this will do. This will do. Richters controls felt sluggish having to jump and whip in the opening but Ill get used to that with practice. Alucard feels great with touch controls. 5 stars for portability and nothing else, our favorite Metroidvania game!

Anybody that says this game is not a 5 out of 5 flawless enjoyable masterpiece is a foolish hooligan. What more could you possibly want? This is the best design and development of any game period. Its a work of art. Koji Igarashi achieves the absolute pinnacle of a style: perhaps more enjoyable than anything imagined past, present, or future… Before mankind was cannibalized by his own technological immersion. If you cant understand that… You are the machine. So bite us, pervert.

We were so suprised that this is the EXACT game from PlayStation 1! We are ecstatic because this game brings back a lot of great memories playing this with our brothers growing up so of course we shared it with them and now we are all playing it and just having a wonderful time.

Love the actual full screen and no silly border. Sometimes we play on the big screen to reveal the giant pixel glory! Kudos for being able to play as both Richer AND MARIA! (Start a new game with the name Maria) This would NOT be playable o be without controller support. Its implemented perfectly, unlike the garbage port of bloodstained.

The game is super fun. The multiple pathways and different items make the game very fun. The only real problem is that the controls are a bit weird at first but it is easy to get used to.

First off we love the game it takes us back to our childhood thank you Now we have an issue with the left statue in the clock room not opening please fix because this prevents progress.

So hard to play as Maria and Richter but the gameplay is so worth the money and time spent trying to clear the map. Best game on the IOS store right now hands down.

Great quality of life changes for mobile including improved controls for touch screen, now bring it to steam !

The original voice acting sucked and they didnt just change it. They changed the voice acting when they ported it to the psp so thats nothing new. The new touch screen menus are great. Id recommend playing it on a bigger model of we phone. We can see why you would have trouble playing it on a smaller model. Personally we see no flaws with this port and if you are new to the game we highly recommend down loading this. Its a great port and a great game. Konami finally did something right. They have really let us down over the years and we hope this is a sign of change. Side note. The ps1 version was a bad port anyway and was unfinished.

Hopefully theyre all going to be released. Dont even think about it – GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! Support games like this. Now that thats aside. Castlevania is one of the greatest platform games ever EVER, PERIOD. Sorry for the caps, just excited, please release the rest.

Great game!!! We played in PS1 and now we can play it in our iPhone. We hope you can do an Apple TV version. Thanks.

The music is awesome, The game plays fantastic, once you get used to the controls, superb! We think Richter is a little OP, but hey, its all good!

We have been playing this game since PS1 came out. We believe it was 97. We love hidden secrets and rooms. Lots of strategies involved including weapons.

For $2.99 you cant go wrong with this game it is honestly amazing for the price and all those people whose reviews are complaining about the screen controls, and that they cant can connect the controller. Use a dual shock and you can play the game perfectly fine just like youre playing a PlayStation2 again! Do not believe the lazy reviews of those who do not take a second and try to figure it out for themselves, and blame the game/makers for an imaginary problem. 6 out of 5 stars!

We found out about the magic selection wheel for alucard in touch controls and it is fantastic, though we wish that the magic button and richters blade dash buttons stayed on the screen when playing the game with a controller, that would make the game even better. This version. Is ultimately better than console versions of SOTN simply because of the easier usage and selection of alucards magic attacks.

To start off yes the touch controls are a pain and we highly recommend using a controller. However it does not take away from the gameplay. It brought us back to those nights of challenging gameplay figuring out problems with out any guidance in the game. Heck even the graphics look better! 5/5.

The clocktower issue fixes itself. This game is great, especially when you use a controller. Our favorite game of all time.

Im heading straight to the library to grab the Chrisagrim.

Ill never forget playing this on the PS1 as a kid. Loved it so much we got it on our XBOX and now our iPad. Not a fan of theiOS touchpad controls, and we wish they kept the gameplay for Maria similar to the Japanese Sega Saturn version. It helps to have a hand controller to play this game on iOS.

This is really a blast from the past from start to finish, we love how you can even get the secret ending in this platform of SOTN. And the power ups are done very well once you figure out the controls. This game is super fun and we definitely recommend it, please make more Castlevania games for iPhone, Konami!

The only thing that could have made this better would be if it had the original PS1 voice acting. We’ve already gotten almost every achievement and it was just as much fun this time through as it was the last 5 times we’ve played through.

CONTROLLER SUPPORT. Hell yeah thank you!

This is the best castlevania we ever played. Awesome game! We hope Konamis developers extend this game now that it was ported to iOS, and add new challenges. The save game is a bit funky, but works well if you properly quit the game via the menu. Controls are fine, but take a few minutes to get used to. We really appreciate the quick cast buttons for spells and transformations.

Do yourself a favor. Get a ps4 controller, and mirror this onto a tv. If you play it that way this is a FLAWLESS experience. Do NOT use touch screen.

We’ve been playing this game over and over since it came out on PlayStation over 20 years ago. Best way to spend over 20 hours on our phone hands down. This game never gets old. The IOS version is way better than we could have imagined. So thankful for this.

Please bring more games of castlevania on the phone, even the GAMEBOY advance ones! And can we have more option on the settings please. Like a FULL SCREEN!!!!!

We are a 36 year old lady who has never written a game review in our life. We have been playing SOTN since we were about 11 years old, and have bought it on every playstation it has ever been available, and usually go back and play it all the way through once every couple of years. We saw this pop up in our App Store and the bad reviews truly made us sad and confused. Then we got to thinking about how hard it probably was to play on a touch screen so we started reading these comments. Some wonderful person mentioned that they play this game with their PS4 controller, and we had no idea you could even do that. So we connected our PS4 controller to our iPad and who knew?? This is officially our favorite platform to play this game as long as you have a controller!! Its smooth and clear, and we just thank you so much for releasing it here!! Our childhood lives on…

Absolutely love this game! No need for WiFi so you can play it anywhere. We have no complaints the game runs smoothly. So many things we didnt know about the game until now. Theres so much to do in the game, definitely hard to put it down once you start!

Wow seriously for $2.99! There isnt a single other game on our phone that comes anywhere close to how good this title is. If this game isnt in your top 5 games of all time, then you have to buy it. You obviously havent played it if it isnt. You HAVE to sync a controller but man is it 1000x worth it. The flawlessness of this game is hard to describe. The monsters, the mansion backgrounds, the music, the sound bytes, the gear selection, the magic skills, relics, familiars, its all gold. The game flow is so amazingly good cause it treats your brain every step of the way. Weather its killing a hard boss or solving a puzzle. Castlevania symphony of the night will forever be etched into our brain. Going to beat it again twice. Once for Alucard and once for Richter Belmont! Support Konami so we get more amazing $3 ports.

This game is classic. And it runs Perfectly with a controller. Love it. We have already played it for a couple of days. *Update review: we have finished the game with the good ending. It is not easy so we watched a few YouTube video tutorials to help myself. This is such a great game that we didnt have opportunity to play when we were a kid. That was because we were busy studying and we didnt have PlayStation. Now we are 30+ years old. Childhood mission accomplished. Thank you Konami. You were such a great company. Thanks for making this game:)

We ALWAYS love all Konami big title games. It is a very cool classic vampire action game. Please bring all the cool Konami games over here!!!!!!!

… That so many people here are complaining about this game. Its one of our favorites. That people are complaining so much makes us think most of them had not played the original. This is an amazing port; Im having no issue at all with the controls. Still one of the best games out there! If you loved it back in the day, we are certain youll love this version. For $2.99 youre getting one of the best and most memorable games out there…

One of the best games ever made, Alucard really deserves a new Castlevania game.

Bluetooth controller, screen mirrored, played, and beat that we have loved for over 20 years!

This game was our childhood!! We loved playing int with our dad back in the 90s. We had the full book to walk the other whole game! What a time. Excited to see it on the iPad. Crazy!! We’ve hooked up our favorite controller to this and play a little bit every night. Brings back memories but also is still such a good game. We remember some of it but we still get the chills around every corner of the game 11/10 would recommend.

Its really good. We used to play it on consul back in the day. Wish they would bring more castlevania games to phone. Miss playing area of sorrow and wish it was on mobile.

All we need now is Castlevania Harmony of despair ;) would be top notch.

Konami, Pls release the other castlevania series on ios. We really look forward to those.

We loved being able to FINALLY play this game, since most of them were before a time we could. The one we wish we could play the most is Portrait of Ruin. People say this game has problems with touch controls, we didnt have those problems. We figured it out and had no trouble with getting through, external controllers arent needed if you dont know what that means anyway. But Portrait of Ruin being available to play on as well would make us a happy customer. Id love to see more Castlevania. Keep up the great work!

Just buy it, you will not be disappointed if you loved this game during the PS1 era.

Playing with the touchscreen is difficult; recommend playing it with a controller, like the Razer Kishi. We played the original on PS1 and this version just as good. We do miss the original voice acting. This version comes with improvements such as inventory filtering, faster load times, FPS improvements (like when Max HP item spawns after defeating a boss), and a faster game over screen.

We loved this game when it first came out, and we love it on mobile. The only question we have is where is the inverted castle?

Just that. Its intensely as amazing as the original ever was. Play with a controller though.