Cat Fishing Simulator

Last updated on May 22nd, 2023 at 01:55 pm

Cat Fishing Simulator


Cat Fishing Simulator is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ramzan Arif, Cat Fishing Simulator is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th October 2021 with the latest update 4th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


735 people have rated 3.2.1

You can download the game Cat Fishing Simulator from APP STORE.


Fishing can help to lower stress and anxiety, increase your sense of wellbeing and happiness and lower your heart and breathing rate, instilling a deeper sense of calm.

This peaceful fishing game is about cat. A game in which a Cat goes fishing at the beautiful sea. Start out on an island with nothing more than a basic rod. Customize your rod with upgrades to catch the biggest and baddest fish.

Cat fishing is a mobile fishing simulator which is a combination of a fish simulator game and fisherman fishing life. Hooked the beautiful goldfish, scary & hungry sharks and fish hunt just with simple control and fish finder tools. Use the fishing products to catch gold fish in ASMR fishing planet game.
Download Cat fishing simulator now to travel all over the world and fish at the most famous fishing spots


5 Beautiful Environments
Unlock 10 amazing boats to travel out onto the sea.
Fishing Rod upgrades
Reel and Rod line length upgrades
Huge variety of fish species
Complete quests to earn cash
ASMR & healing gameplay and music

Fishing leads to a concrete reward, which strengthens feelings of self-reliance and goal achievement.
For more information and updates stay tuned to Giant Fish community.

Updated on 4th January 2023

Bug Fixes

Cat Fishing Simulator Reviews

This game helps us relax and focus. We’ve done all 25 missions and we have restarted it 3 times because after the last mission it freezes after you catch the last mission fish.


This game and it seemed like the real deal but instead random rip off in the used PNG images for a lot of it we wasted five dollars if youre reading this just really dont buy it its not the iconic its just a rip off we want a refund or at least an apology.

We want a refund please delete the app and give us our money back.

Why is this game five dollars youre a money scammer refund please.

Its a crappy game and we dont like it.

The game was not like the original at all more cartoonish looks like it was made for four year olds.

We tried to pass the first level and what do you know Im stuck on it this game is a knock-off DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

This is not the real game. Not even close.

Bro we thought it was the good game for only 5 dollars but instead it was the scam game we rather have a refund scammers do not buy this game its a complete scam its not the game you imagine it would be..

Can you add a feature were we are able to use fish as bait.

Its a good game but its copied and the steam game is more fun. But it is on mobile too.

We were searching specifically for the cat goes fishing game on the App Store. This was the first thing that popped up, and should we say, the game has the same exact icon as the other game. As you can see above, this game costs 5 dollars. Upon downloading the game, you could already tell this is NOT the same game. If you are looking for the cat goes fishing game, its on steam available for android and windows. If you are just looking for a game to play, we recommend this one.

Can you please add were we can use the fish we catch as bait.

As our title says aswell as MaPVKs rating, we were also looking for the Cat Goes Fishing game and specifically searched that tittle up, while this game popped up first, we were so happy at first and gradually paid for it, though as soon as we started we were disappointed that we wasted 5$ on a rip off, and the fact that we probably could have used that 5$ on something actually worth it instead on some sort of rip off of a game we were looking for, we would like a refund for we dont like wasting our money on games we dont particularly like. And we also like saving our money so the fact we spent it on a game is also very surprising to myself. A refund is very much wanted. Please and thank you. (And because of this we are probably never going to spend money on a game again, Goodbye, And we are hoping a refund or apology is given)

We thaught this was cat goes fishing but it is kinda the mobile version and we got scammed 5 dollars without knowing that it wasnt cat goes fishing.

Its a scam it does not show the real thing.

This game took pictures from the game and put it on the pictures.

We were looking for cat goes fishing, but then we figured out that it was a scam. So we would like a refund.

This game is a knock off and fake. Also kind not a cash grab for $5 USD to get a fake game.


Not like the game description it looks like a great game in the description but when you buy it it is a cheap knockoff.

The actual game is so much better this just pisses us off we want our money back.

Please give us a refund we spent all our moms money on this for Christmas its our only present please give it back Im so sad.

It is saying that is cat goes fishing but its not its a copy.

If you have seen the game: Cat Goes Fishing and you thought it looked fun do not make the same mistake we did! The game developers took photos from the real Cat Goes Fishing game. This game is a waste of $5 and is a fake.

They make it look exactly like the steam one but its a crappy rip off.

It is a total ripoff we got a refund right after 3 minutes of playing.

:( :( :( :( SCAM FIX THE GAME >:(

We bought a better line and boat BUT we ONLY GOT LIKE ONE MORE CENTAMETER.

We searched up cat goes fishing we were like oh, theres one for 4.99 us dollars, this might be the game. Bought it just for it to be a ripoff and total waste.

You click bait and more pictures and add real One like this is trash and we just got catfish and we dont like it this way we want refund because we found way better games and this is very very very very very stupid slowly on windows why wont you just say it idiot we want our refund Please NOW.

Our mom bought us this for 5 dollars. When we opened the app we immediately knew we got scammed. DONT PUT CAT GOES FISHING IN UR TITLE YOU DIRTY LIAR we HATE YOU we HATE YOU we HATE YOU.

We wanted refund worst game ever.

On the videos it looks like we want the game but it isnt what you think it is will you please update it This is not what we wanted.

When we saw this game on YouTube it looked better bc we knew the fish but in this one its wierd and we dont know the fish.

Most of us here were looking for Cat Goes Fishing. This app copied the icon for the game, used fake screenshots on the app page, and even put "cat goes fishing" in the app description. We give it three stars because it does have a pretty good amount of content as its own game, but it’s definitely falsely advertised. I’d appreciate a refund. Also, the "cast" button has started disappearing each time we catch a fish, so we have to restart the app every time we catch something.

So we kept playing it cause we wouldnt just waste 4.99 on a game that we wouldnt play, so we were playing it and we actually like it, we dont need a refund! Thanks bye-

We were looking for cat goes fishing when we found this. We bought the game and it was a ripoff! We could tell because the cat looked different. In the game you cant move your you rod when in water you can only move it up and down. You cant even catch fish because you can barely move your hook down and the items are overpriced and the fish are barely worth anything. You can only catch five fish at a time we dont like this game take our advice and dont buy this game!

This game we thought was gonna be fun but is trash.

The game is not what it says it is we thought it was going to be like the original thing but it was not at all.

You are ripping people off and taking peoples money by falsely advertising this as another game.

The games fine for what it is the reason for the rating is the fact that its 4.99 with infinitely less content then most free games on the App Store. We finished every thing you could possibly do in this game in the span of 2.5 hours. All new maps are just reskins no new fish in each map fish should be more unique as well not the same fish in the same spots every time.

This game is nothing like cat goes fishing, its completely different then the pictures, they could at least put the pictures of the actual game, so people know its not like cat gods fishing.

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