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Sorcery! is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by inkle Ltd, Sorcery! is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 2nd May 2013 with the latest update 21st September 2019

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Books, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


161 people have rated 1.6.2

You can download the game Sorcery! from APP STORE.


An epic four-part adventure through a land of monsters, traps, and magic. Start your story here! FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

*** Rock Paper Shotgun Best RPG of 2016 ***

"You should choose to own this adventure" — Eurogamer

"Inkle’s adaptation of Sorcery! takes the genre to a whole new level" — Kotaku

"This is some of 2013′s best interactive storytelling" — IGN UK

"Beautifully realised … this gripping tale has us well and truly hooked" — Pocket Gamer (Gold Award)

"Incredibly impressed" — Touch Arcade

Top 10 Best Mobile Games of 2013,
Top 20 of 2013, Touch Arcade
Top 25 of 2013, Gamezebo

  • Plot your own journey across a hand-drawn 3D world map
  • Fully interactive story, with 1000s of choices
  • The story is rewritten on the fly based on how you play
  • Unique touch-based sword-duelling, with procedurally-generated descriptions of the action
  • Adapted from the best-selling gamebook series by legendary game designer Steve Jackson
  • Outwit monsters by learning their weaknesses and tells
  • 48 magic spells to master, with weird and wonderful effects that change the story

"Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time writing a review when I should really just be pointing at a game and demanding that people play it. This is one of those times. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! is an absolutely marvellous fantasy storybook adventure. Lushly illustrated and expertly told, it should not be missed by anyone even remotely interested in the genre." — Gamezebo

"Let’s not mince words here… Sorcery’s unique blend of tabletop-like roleplaying (including an incredible combat system quite unlike anything I’ve seen before), and elaborate branching pathways with custom scripts preserving the feeling of Steve Jackson’s work make me now want to… no, HAVE TO acquire an iOS device" – Just Press Start

From legendary designer Steve Jackson, co-founder of Lionhead Studios (with Peter Molyneux), and Fighting Fantasy and Games Workshop (with Ian Livingstone); and inkle, the studio behind the award-winning, App Store featured Frankenstein, Sorcery! is an interactive adventure like never before.

The app uses inklewriter technology to tell your journey in real-time, shaping the story around your choices. The text itself changes based on how you play and what you do, and in combat, the action is description on the fly based on how you play.

Featuring original illustrations by John Blanche, new character art by Eddie Sharam (DC Comics), an interactive map by Mike Schley (Wizards of the Coast) and music by David Wise (Donkey Kong Country).

"The Shamutanti Hills" is Part 1 of 4. Part 2, "Kharé: Cityport of Traps", is out now, and will load all of your completed Part 1 games to continue your adventure. Part 3 is coming later this year (but while you wait, check out our new game, 80 DAYS).

Updated on 21st September 2019

Bug fixes for iOS 13

Sorcery! Reviews

We loved 80 Days and liked Overboard, but the weird place names in the intro always made this seem foreboding. Glad we powered through. Great fun, great sequels.

This game was Really Really Really Really fun. We played this on our ipad and it was quite literally like playing a book. You have a mix of reading and using your own imagination, and drawings to help push your imagination. We played the first one for $5 and immediately fell in love with the storytelling and adventure. We love everything about this game and will recommend to anyone that is looking for a game that you can spend some time with and not feel like you have to constantly mash buttons to have fun. 10/10 thumbs up.

The writing in this game is stupendous. It never feels like Im just reading a book, we constantly feel like Im weaving the path for our own adventure, and our own story is unfolding before us.

More than likely you could play this game ten times over and not see the same thing twice. Its a very thought immersing, sophisticated, well put together and designed strategy game. The story, characters, lore, the items even are memorable, and the places you have traveled definitely will give you either fond memories or bad memories. Those memories and feelings can change quickly for one event that was previously not explored, or even a spell, or a different conversation can and will result in different reactions. We have so far, gotten through Sorcery One and half through Sorcery two, we did try Sorcery three and stopped to finish the second. We cant wait to finish them all and play again. You do not need thought provoking applications or memories and brain enhancing apps. Strategy, euphoria, thinking five, six and sometimes well ahead, while being mindful to a common person and just as cautious with what appears benign, but being open to take risks progress you in so many facets and ways in your mind and the game. It is in many senses, almost a game that can be utilized as a very seldom life experience for real life. Always be careful in all situations but live your life and have fun always while listening to all your senses and feelings. Your mind is the present, logic, and memories or reason. Your heart is what guides you and the present moment to always be aware of and follow. Your gut is instinct and the future. Always remember that and it will be understood in time to know if your heart and mind are being tricked by something you cant see if your gut is telling you no. Or if your gut says yes and your heart is weary is only telling you to proceed guarded but with courage. Always rationalize and never listen to anything but your internal voice. If it doesnt feel right. Its not. We guess we’ve been playing this game too much. Well. Back to it. Thank you!!!!

This game and all other 3 apps in the series are carefully crafted gems. The source material was likely already great, but these devs took it too a new level. Theyre obviously a small studio, but the attention to detail and depth in these games is surprising. A must for fans of fantasy, D&D, Choose Your Own Adventure, and old school gaming.

Its short. We even went back a lot in our play through to stretch it out longer and it was short. Im guessing the replay ability factor gets much better after you buy all 4 parts but we feel $10 for all 4 parts would be a lot more reasonable. Apart from that it is a good game its just doing all this pen and paper style would take a long time but here the short experience over all cheapens the story as a whole.

The game took less than an hour. We would have expected more for a $5 game. Could be worth it on sale for $1 maybe. We were super surprised when it ended. Felt more like an intro than a full story.

Finished first part in about 30 min of playtime. Then your supposed to pay again for part 2. Absolute and total rip off for 5$. Will never buy any more if these games or another Inkle product Avoid.

Cant even use your own name. You have to use the letters in the order they decide.

The Sorcery series is nothing short of epic. Inkle have taken a classic of gamebook literature and improved upon it. While the first book stays more or less faithful to the source material (no bad thing!) the second book introduces an exciting subplot for the player to discover and plays around with the format of the main story whilst remaining true to the spirit of the original. The third chapter – whilst having the same overall goal as the book on which It is based – really changes things up. The mechanics and execution here are excellent, as is the execution, and the bittersweet twist at the end is a lot of fun. The fourth story is a grand finale and the final show down feels suitably epic and rewarding. The fact that there are multiple ends feels very satisfying. Each of these games is great in their own right, but the ability to affect future games with actions in previous ones really knits it all together well. The quality of the writing helps here – the game acknowledges what other actions youve taken and thus it feels like youre in a living, breathing world. The fact that you get different dialogue choices and responses if youve been acting like an honourable hero vs being a despicable rogue is evidence of this. Speaking of writing, for what is essentially a piece of interactive fiction, Inkle have done a great job of making there games visually appealing. The maps look great, and the various characters you meet are well drawn. The fact that the original John Blanche art is utilised to great effect is the cherry on the cake. Sorcerys sound effects do a good job of setting atmosphere – the birdsong during the day changes to crickets at night, and the contrast between the hustle and bustle of the city is marked when compared to the windswept emptiness of the Baklands. However, special credit needs to be given to the main score. Sweeping and inspiring, by the time you get to the fourth chapter hearing it gets you pumped for the show down ahead! Finally, praise must be given to the interface. Everything is simple to navigate and intuitive to use. Combat is a lot of fun – trying to second guess your opponent based on the descriptions of what is happening was a high point for us. Likewise the rewind mechanic – and the REASON for it – was well executed and useful. In short, regardless if you have read the original material or not, if you like a great, epic story you will love this.

We did not die our first time through, and if u did the game in an hour something is wrong, there are 41 spells it took us that long to look over all the spells we would need to use during the journey, you need to carefully read the text to figure out the most appropriate spell, the name of the game is sorcery so it is best to use ur magic not just fight, even when u do use ur sword u need to read the text to help figure out the best stance to take. Overall we really loved the game and we are moving onto part 2. This is like a tabletop rpg, d and d type game, decision based, forcing u to think and take your time. Highly recommend this game.

Love the game but whenever we go to cast a spell, a weird character that looks like an omega symbol replaces some letters… Its not super detrimental, but we screw up spells all the time exploring every town and ours and death trap this wonderful game offers.

This is the one game we recommend to anyone we get on the topic with, gamer or no. Its an incredibly beautiful and immersive choose-your-own-adventure series. We’ve played through all four parts several times and we always find myself searching the App Store for new games that are similar. We just wrote our first App Store review on one of those searches! Thats how much this game sticks with you.

The magic system was neat. Good art and storytelling.

A compelling story that inspires us to create our own stories. Casting spells and the small illustrations of characters and creatures are our favorite part of this great game.

We’ve had our eye on this series for a long time but could never justify the high price. Now that chapter 1 is free we must say this game is rich in story, variety, and gameplay. We still cannot justify paying $5 per chapter to continue on with the story, but know that the sequels will be amazing nevertheless.

Sorcery is a pretty fun game. We got about 2-3 hours out of it just from doing one blind playthrough before doing a few more to explore the other choices. This game gives a nice bit of freedom in how you play, you can be a goodie two-shoes, a total jerk, or somewhere in between, so you’re not stuck playing the same, static MC every playthrough. The way magic is used in this game is also an interesting twist, and being able to reverse mistakes without having to completely restart is a welcomed feature, especially when you’re just trying to explore alternatives.

It is the best storytelling experience on Apple marketplace. It makes story come alive and interactive in a way that is an unprecedented adventure!

This is the kind of innovation that Inkle is great at. This take on a fantasy RPG plays almost like the pen and paper games of old, but with fresh graphics and a very fun and open spell interface. Please keep them coming!

The whole series of four apps is exceptional. Inkle has transformed now classic gamebook material (Sorcery! By Steve Jackson) into great games. Its not the book simply ported to an app, it is a game inspired by and centered on the original texts, but Inkle has added so much that it is a very different product, in fact, a much better one, having considerably enriched the original adventure with many details. It is still mostly based on text, which might be unusual for a game, but you quickly realize the power of it is it leaves space to imagination. The four books use interactive tolkienesque maps and some beautiful illustrations that are based on the originals of the 1980s books. Inkle managed to make the text quite easy to read by breaking it down elegantly with a well chosen font and the result is not overwhelming although it could have been too talkative. Sadly, the first book was the weakest in the series, and it is the same here for the apps, the first one is a little too easy and too linear (although they really worked hard on making it less linear and interactive than the books). However it still offers many hours of playing and it is full of good ideas. The writing is pleasant and the magic spells are fun to use. The combat system is a little simplistic but it works and it is not central to the adventure. If youre hesitant because the four volumes seem expensive, be aware that the adventure will last very long, making it worth your money.

People who are only playing the first part of this and giving up are not being patient. It’s a delightful epic that starts simply as a classic Choose Your Own Adventure but ends with surprisingly sophisticated gameplay. $17 for all four parts, but more intricate story and character customization than $60 for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

This game is amazing we bought the bundle with all four games and Im into the 2nd game so many options to get through different scenarios you can get different results every time its amazing.

The first one isn’t as good as the 2nd or 3rd, but it’s still great. It’s like a D&D adventure for your iPhone. Love the story and the variety of choices. The animation is pretty good too. Hours of productivity lost to this immersive fantasy world!!

This and the whole series of games are the best rpg games on the App Store.

It was so good but we wish the next 3 were free.

We’ve owned and played all the games in the Sorcery series and loved them but we are disappointed that none of them have been optimized for the iPhone X screen.

This is great if you are into pen&paper RPGs or other text based games like that. Yeah, okay, the game dynamics aren’t great (why do we need to swipe after choosing an option?) – but hey, it doesn’t make the game any less fun. It’s a little bit short for what it costs but we’ve immediately bought the second part – we wanna keep going!

We "bumped" this app on Apps Gone Free years ago, and we guess someone finally listened ;) we had been hoping to try this game out, as we are unfamiliar with the books & didn’t really know what to expect. Especially now that Inkle has released a 4th app in the Sorcery series, we think it is wise to have freed up the 1st one! We have yet to start it (downloading now), but if it is as good as we think it might be… then we’ll be willing to fork over for the rest of the series (& we will update our review)!! It’s always a good idea to give patrons a taste of your wares. If the product is great, people will return… Again & again. Thank you, inkle!!!

We’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the Sorcery! Series of games. This is the introductory episode, and the one with the least bells and whistles to offer, but it’s still a deep, compelling and richly told experience. We strongly recommend it for anyone interested in thoughtful adventure games.

This is a very good game but uncomfortably short unless you go back and do other play throughs. For the price its not the best especially since we wanna play through the whole series once before restarting. 4 stars because of the length and price.

This game is worth your time to try out. It’s well done but felt short to us. Maybe 1.5 hours. You can replay and make different choices so that would increase the playtime. We only needed three spells but there are tons more. Not sure if we will buy #2. Worried about the length of play.

After purchasing and playing sorcery! 3, we bought a bundle that included titles 1 and 2. We were stunned at the brevity of part 1. But what really bummed us out was that upon finishing, we attempted to save our progress to their cloud, and when we went to part 2, there was no way to start from where we ended. There was an alphabet that would allow us to type in the code that had been provided to us, but that was not what we expected. The end of part 1 stated that the our code would be saved to their server, so it did not occur that we needed to write down this code. We thought that we had remembered it, but alas, no. So now we have to play again, and we were pleased with where we ended. Make sure that you write down your codes, especially if you wish to play several times so that you can decide which ending you would like to begin the next chapter with. If that makes sense…

Just get it from the library for free. Smh.

Great game. Needs to be optimized for iPhone X, Xs, etc.

Im frustrated we cant cast a spell. The programme wants to choose the letters itself. But what he chooses is wrong. Is it a bug?

We had high hopes for this game. We loved Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid, and expected a fun nostalgia trip. This game did not that meet those expectations. The story is weak: we finished the game in about 40 minutes and have no idea what the point was… To get a crown? We feel like they took one game and cut it into 4 parts to make extra money. Truthfully, we regret spending the cash on this game and feel quite cheated.

Dont spend the dough. Interesting, attractive, but far too short for the money. We realize that developing this game likely took considerable time and effort, but we expect more for our money.

Now we came in with somewhat high hopes after playing 80 days since 2014 and still playing today. And we decided to get sorcery. The analysis of the game is just… Moderatly good. The game itself is good for about 40 minutes and then its over. You cant really replay for more variety. Mabye we would pay 30 cents. DONT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU INTEND TO PLAY IT MANY TIMES.

We liked the storyline, spells, and fighting, however, it was really short.

Very disappointed! Game play lasts only about an hour. Very few game play choices.

This was not worth 5 bucks. What little was there was fun, but there was only an hour or so of game play! When you buy this game, youre offered a link to buy all the other Sorcery games that are out… But theyre all the same game, just another teeny map! Long story short, when you play youre sent on an epic quest, and you dont even make it out of sight of your starting point! This was a waste of money. Also, for such a limited game, it eats up a lot of battery time.

Way too limited in scope for the money. Few options. Short play time. Disappointing.

We bought this game going into it with very high hopes. Boy do we regret it. If we had the choice of playing this game again or eating a sandwich meat of broken glass between two pieces of toasted cow poop with a side order of raw an alligator spunk, we take two sandwiches. Warning!! Don’t buy this.

No thought to strategy. Just a series of random choices and character deaths. Game lasts 2 hours at best then they want another 5 bucks.

Fun game with potential but very disappointed after finishing part 1 in a few hours after paying $5 for what we thought was a full game. Feel ripped off……

We just paid $16 for the entire series and can’t bring myself to finish the first one. The story is so boring. There is no meat to its bones. Deeply regret the purchase.

This game is an essential for everyone we know interested in the RPG genre. The choose your adventure book playstyle makes this whole series a must own. This series needs more promotion to achieve the greatness it deserves!

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