Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 11:55 am

Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow

Cat Simulator - Сhat Meow

Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MOBILIOJI VISATA UAB, Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th May 2021 with the latest update 7th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Music, Simulation, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow ?

1,476 people have rated 1.2.3

What is the price of the Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow released ?

Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow was released on 8th May 2021.

When was the Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow updated ?

The latest updated date of Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow on 7th May 2023.

Where can Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow be downloaded ?

You can download the game Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow from Apple Official App Store.



Try to communicate with your cat using the features of the Cat Simulator app.

Talk to your pets, overcoming the language barrier. Favorite pets may not understand the phrase, but they will hear familiar sounds and pay attention to you.

Turn on the sounds so that your pet understands which sounds he likes and which he should not play. Choose from the set of sounds you like, click to play and wait for your pet’s reaction.

Use a humorous phrasebook-translator from cat language to human – record your voice or choose a prepared phrase, the translator will rework the voice and play it in another language as a joke.

You may purchase an auto-renewing subscription to get Pro Access. Good to know: The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when you confirm the purchase. The subscription automatically renews for the same price and duration period depend on the selected plan (weekly, monthly, half-annual or annual) unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscription automatically renews unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can disable the automatic renewal function at any time by adjusting your account settings. Next subscriptions available:

  • 1-week subscription – Weekly Pro Access – from US$ 2.99 – Price may change depending on your country
  • 1-month subscription – Monthly Pro Access – from US$ 5.99 – Price may change depending on your country
  • 1-year subscription – Yearly Pro Access – from US$ 14.99 – Price may change depending on your country
  • 1-week subscription with trial – Weekly Pro Access with Trial – from US$ 2.99 – Price may change depending on your country
  • 1-month subscription with trial – Monthly Pro Access with Trial – from US$ 5.99 – Price may change depending on your country
  • 1-year subscription with trial – Yearly Pro Access with Trial – from US$ 14.99 – Price may change depending on your country

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Updated on 7th May 2023

Hey! This update includes

  • Stabilization and performance improvements
  • Fix bugs

Cat Simulator – Сhat Meow Review

Our cat thinks the happy noise is another cat.

Its a good app we have 3 cats one of them gave us the side eye and one of went crazy looking thinking there is a cat but when then free trial runs out you cant do anything maybe add more stuff thats free but it does not have to be good.

This is so cool we love it so much!!!

These cat sounds make our cat go to sleep.

So this is AWSOME when we used the whistle it Worked and usually its doesnt work so we LOVE YOU SO MUCH BLESS YOU.

Our cat said hi back to us thank you but please take the subscription off thank you from RJ.

So good why?! Because its work so well best cat game we’ve ever played good job dev team.

Our cats rub against our iPad because of this app it so fun our cat thinks that theres another room inside the iPad we recommend it.

We like it but it doesnt have sound.

Our cats did not like it and it confusing.

Nothing special although better selection of sounds to choose from compared to alternatives. Have you thought about letting the users have the option to rename each sound? Or to delete sounds? It would be great for ones we know the meaning to.

Not the coolest app ever, was gonna pay for premium but it wouldnt let us click on it. Who knows if it works.

We tried to talk to our cat on it. It DONT work. The same word can mean 1000 different meows! When you get your cat to meow. It will say. Its good wether today! When it is rainy. And we dont think good weather to a cat would be rainy. The translating just pops in what you want to here. It dont work. Sorry!

You can only use for 10 minutes, after that, your can’t use it at all! We hate this, we hate who every made this too. P.s we’re not a karen this app is good, just please make more time to use.

Our cat was crying for help but it said your the best owner.

No way are these correct translations of text.

"Lifetime Pro Access" is listed as one of the options for In-App Purchases but it’s nowhere to be found. What happened to Lifetime Pro Access? It’s not right to remove the Lifetime Pro Access option so you can "rip off" consumers by subscribing weekly/monthly/yearly subscription.

You have to pay to see what your cat is saying that is just dumb all you can do is translate to your cat the cat doesnt even mail back its weird this is the worst app we’ve ever seen in our entire life for cattranslator.

Our cats think there is another cat in the room with them, hiding, and they cant quite figure out where its coming from. Its absolutely hilarious watching them try to identify the sounds, excellent entertainment for cats and their humans.

How do you talk to your cat on the app.

This is good,but can you cancel premium for a little bit. No offense the translation app is good but can you like cancel premium why does it have to be premium in there. Please.

So its cool, but you can do what the app literally said in the title, you cant translate cat to human or human to cat at all without the premium, and its expensive to, like what the frick bro, we really wanted to have a conversation with our cat, so sad, please make this better, we want to speak to our cat.

1st be careful cause it doesnt let you try it by automatically charging membership. Then if you play the same sound over and over it shows different meanings.

Why do u have to make its premeum. Sorry we didnt spell that right. But for the translator pls make it infinite and for the sound flute thingy bc its just not fair to just have 2 tries. Rn this cat is sad bc it wanna hear some words.

Wont let us cancel. This is trash.

You guys shouldnt put the unlimited talk on the PRO VERSION.

You cant actually use the app without paying for it. Which is ridiculous. Its a total gimmick. Cats do not communicate verbally like humans do. They dont even meow to communicate with each other. They only meow to get the attention of humans or when theyre kittens trying to get moms attention. This would be the equivalent of trying to communicate with a person using baby noises. Its not going to mean anything to the cat. We downloaded it as something fun to mess around with despite the fact that the concept denies basic science & biology but its a complete rip off to expect people to pay a subscription when you can meow for free and still get the same results with your cat.

Nobody wants to pay to play, we only sent 2 voice messages to our cat and then we couldnt do it anymore cause we had to pay, Do not but, TERRIBLE.

The app is bad the pro cost money you cant even do anything without it.

It made us buy this random subscription that we didnt even pay for.

When use the app to call our cat he came the first time. FROM:grace.

OMG this app is SO COOl now we know what our cat wants this app helps soo much it was so hard to know what he needed before as we said before this app is SO AWESOME. You huys ahould TOTALLY GET THIS APP!!! FIVE STARS FOR THE APP!!!!!

This app is really nice because you get to understand your cat better. Because now you can know if she or he is hungry. We typed in hello Carmel and she ran down the stairs and started hanging out with us more. The only thing is after awhile you have to pay for it. Our solution is you can delete the app. Then install it again.

Ok first off its good IF you let us have unlimited chat and unlimited microphone usage we cant even use the whistle for half a second so please give us unlimited microphone to see what our cats say and the chat simulator.

It is so annoying you only get 6 cats dont get the app.

We do say once u pay its fun and cool but do ppl rlly want to pay.

Its supposed to be a transition app but u have to have premium to translate so its more like a pay app please change this!! The thing that makes us mad is that the free trial isnt free its like $9.99 a month. Pls change this! And dont let people be disappointed like us! We dont enjoy it that much and we just got it but It could be better if you called it something else that would make people get it because there wouldnt be complaints like this. Please change this we dont like seeing people put bad comments because the names not fair. For instance when u buy an app the name is what u see and how u want it but that means it has to be FREE!!! So when u make another app or u are going to, we suggest that u make the main thing free. Well Im sorry to sound Insulting but this is what we think and it is a review! So thanks for putting the effort into making this app! Thanks for reading!!! -Eep.

We were having fun with it then when we went to see what our cat was saying it said you must have pro access to do this and it was working fine before we could see what our cat was saying then nope DO NOT GET THIS GAME IT WORKS FINE THEN YOU HAVE TO PAY MONEY ( WORST GAME we HAVE EVER DOWNLOADED)

So we hate it because we have to pay for unlimited talking and training so you dont get to do much endless you pay.

Thank you so much, this app is absolutely amazing!!!! We are now able to speak to a stray cat in our yard; once again, we are extremely grateful.


Our cat can understand everything that we say now and this is a great app we very much recommend downloading it.

She would never Liston to us until we got this we love this app if shes hungry we ask this app so much now she listens to us and when we play we use this app if she has fun. She loves this app overall this so do I.

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