Catch And Shoot

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:50 pm

Catch And Shoot


Catch And Shoot is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Catch And Shoot is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 22nd December 2020 with the latest update 20th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


32,416 people have rated 1.9

You can download the game Catch And Shoot from APP STORE.


Let’s play catch and throwing game!

Goals – Pass the ball to your teammates and avoid getting tackled by enemies!
Controls – Swipe to turn and release to throw.

Hope you enjoy the game!

Updated on 20th October 2021

  1. Bug fixes.

Catch And Shoot Review

The game is so good and its not str8 cheeks.

We actually hate this game more than any other game we have ever played because every time we try to pass it goes off the buildimg. (i gave this a 5 star so we can tell yall how we hate this game).

We play it when Im bored and it antertans me.

We love the game and we mainly love the soccer balls the best because of their color but you arent kicking them so its kinda weird throwing soccer balls. If you could make so that you kick the soccer balls, that would be great! The game is still amazing thought.

We’re on level 640 in this game and we don’t know why.

Yes thats good for us lol we just wanted you too and you know we dont know if you have to do that but we just wanted to let you know that you are doing great thank you so much love it for us and our family love.

Its an amazing game but after a while the ads are very annoying.

We’ve played this game for a while but it needs to have every level be set.

Game seems like it would be fun. But an ad after every round, win or lose is way too much.

Its a good game in all, but they way you play It is garbage.

We loved the game until the latest update. We feel like there are so. Many. Ads.

Game is pretty fun but its just to many advertisements it is very irritating Ill have to delete it.

We like the game itself and the graphics but most games are glitchy but this one is just really glitchy sooo ummm its not our favorite.

Ads we get you need to make money but apple is ridiculous with ads on these games. Android does it better. The game itself is what youd expect.. When you can enjoy it. Lol the ads are longer than the rounds.

Honestly its a really fun game but if you hate ads then Id consider definitely not getting this. We dont mind ads but after every game? Cmon man. We literally only played two games and then uninstalled.

This is an awful game nobody buy it.

During each level you can collect coins, than at the end of every level you get a chance to throw at Five moving targets. The moving targets are off in the distance & if you hit one of the Five moving targets your coin total has the chance of being multiplied by either x1, x2, x3, x4 or x5 Now youd think that if you hit one of these targets youd get the reward that you won. Lets say you ended your level with 62 total points and you threw and hit the x5 (Multiply Total by 5) you would naturally expect to end up with a total of 310points correct? By accident or Design (Purely speculation) you only ever will end up at most with your total being multiplied by 3. It wont matter if you hit the 4 or 5 youll at most get your total multiplied by 3. But if you hit the 1 or 2 multiplier your score will come out correctly. Please Dont get us wrong, we LOVE THIS GAME! But we feel cheated and because of this we will not continue to play this game. We hope someone fixes this.. If its ever fixed, we would proudly download this app and play it again!

We paid $2.99 for the no ads feature and we still have ads after every time or every time we lose. Give us back our money. This is the second game thats done that to me.

Download it for yourself. Terrible.

Downloaded the game, played 4 times, watched 10 ads.

It is the worst game ever u can not even throw a ball there so many adds we do not recommend this game if like it u live under a rock.

Feel like our phones going to get a virus.

We’re at lvl 247 just want something to new to spend coins on or something else just bring an update.

This game is awesome we have all the objects and characters.

Hi Catch and Shoot,Can u guys add actual football moves in the game and also can u guys add rebounds and different skins for the Npcs. To Catch and Shoot.

This is one of the most addicting games we’ve played in a while but the levels never seem to get harder and we unlocked everything in the game very quickly. We wasnt thrilled to have to have to pay for no ads but we suppose we understand having to include ads. Please add more difficulty and unlockables, this game has a lot of potential!

Decent game to kill a few minutes or more here and there. We like the updates to game, but we do miss the old walls that we could use for bank shots.

We like how there is no adds and the game is great overall.

We have been playing this game for a few months and Im on level 239 and it is boring.

We’ve played this game before without the newest update where you can skip some people when throwing the ball. This may be really fun for others, but its a problem to us. If we try to throw the frisbee to someone, it sometimes skips them when we dont want them to be skipped. We always end up losing and having to do it again. Other than that, the updates are really cool. We recommend this game to a certain amount of people.

Im on level 350, we’ve unlocked all weapons, and characters. Its a ok game we played it that long hopin something would change and become different but it didnt at all. And why make a game where you can up to level after level yet nothing changes? We your readin this please fix it.

The 200th level is the same difficulty as the first. Nothing gets harder, levels dont get longer, defenders dont get faster, nothing. The level is randomly regenerated if you lose so you dont get to play it again. It has a lot of potential but feels like they got lazy.

The characters are stupid like theres a guy with a jacket and skirt and long hair dude with beard this voodoo game is stupid update it please.


We’ve been playing this game periodically for the past few months and Id like to say Im the best player in this game. A tournament mode needs to be added to this game and if any devs think theyre better they should play in it too.

This game is really great it just have a lot of ads if you can do something about that than it would make the game like x5 better.

Is there any way we can get the highest leveled people in the world cause we would be very interested to get to the top, sure other people would do.

Im level 1000, please add more skins and more objects to throw. Thank you.

We like how you can shoot far but we wish that there would be a shoot button and a bar of like green to yellow to orange to red to see the power of your shot hold the button to power your shot thats what we would want.

We enjoyed the game throughly but we just have one problem is that when you try to claim/get something you have to watch a add in order to claim it that just one problem we have everything else is great we love how you can throw the ball to different people and we love how it toon down the add and we really love that,I also love how you can run the ball and how the guys are chasing you down we really enjoyed it .