Cats & Dogs 3D

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 01:15 am

Cats & Dogs 3D

Cats & Dogs 3D

Cats & Dogs 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lion Studios LLC, Cats & Dogs 3D is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th March 2021 with the latest update 2nd January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Cats & Dogs 3D ?

12,307 people have rated 1.5.3

What is the price of the Cats & Dogs 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Cats & Dogs 3D released ?

Cats & Dogs 3D was released on 5th March 2021.

When was the Cats & Dogs 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Cats & Dogs 3D on 2nd January 2022.

Where can Cats & Dogs 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Cats & Dogs 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Spend this fantastic journey with your magical creature with both cat head and dog head. There will be lots of tasks for you to accomplish with your smart and magical friend, and believe us, it couldn’t be more fun! Spend this incredible journey filled with fun challenges and exciting rewards!

The world around needs your help! There is a fire that you need to put out and handle the emergency, a dirty place that you need to clean, and trapped animals that you need to save! You need to accomplish a never-ending queue of tasks with your cure and super-smart half dog half cat friend. Use your IQ and come out of this beautiful adventure as a winner!

Game Features:
Adventurous and Fun Journey.
This is a minigame journey filled with lots of fun and challenging tasks that you need to accomplish. No time to waste!
Make Friends with Magical Creature.
Make friends with this magical, smart half dog half cate creature that will be your assistance in everything you do!
The World Needs Your Help – Save them!
Everyone around needs your help, so don’t let anyone down! Put out the fire, help the trapped animals escape, and even do some cleaning to help!
Non- Stop Action
There is no time to wait! You need to act quickly and put the best of your wit powers to work!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Updated on 2nd January 2022

  • Fix bugs

Cats & Dogs 3D Review

We know we’ve only done ONE level but we like it all ready and its very hard to control witch we like.

But it says spend this _______ journey 2 times. Who needs dat???

Its super cute and we love it!

Catdog is what this game reminds us of!! 90s nostalgia UNLOCKED! Keep it up!

Im sooooo addicted and its based on our favorite cartoon CatDog and can you make more updates please?

Our name is Honor our name is spelled of the silent HI am seven years old and we bought this game it was so fun level one is super easy but as we go up with the level to get harder and harder this game is so fun you should totally get this if you want it or notIs it a five star review.

Its so cute we love it gets challenging.

We love how do you like made them together and created the game its so cute and adorable but like we dont know how you can get past the cuteness like this is the cutest and best game we ever found in the App Store but so cool!

Its good and bad it is bad because we try to get a skin but win we pressed it did not work and way too many ADDS.

This game is good over all but we think that its a tiny bit too boring.

Its so hard to move please fix it.

When we first saw this, we were thinking, Wow, this looks a lot like PHOGS, our favorite game. PHOGS is a LOT better than this, and why did they try to make it like PHOGS? To any other players, you should really play PHOGS instead of this game. Even though PHOGS cost money, its overall better than this.

Amazing game very funny but there head came off LOL.


We love the game we like how u can move both of then and that theres more that one skin. Right now we have like 1 add per level we think its fun and every one should download it. But can u pls add more levels it will make the game 100 times funner we hope everyone love ur game .

How funy it is its for 12 yers old but Im only 6 yers old we hope you have a wonderful day bye bye!

We love this And dog loves it too this is so fun we recommend getting this dad.

Really good game but it has two glitches 1 glitch is it loses its line of the body Second glitch is it just froze and then its hard to Control but overall very good game we recommend it.

Personally we think that it is really fun but to many ads we were playing it and a ad popped up in the middle of it.

This game has way to many adds. Its fun in all but it is not worth it. You also play the same levels over and over again.



This is a terrible copy of the game PHOGS! But phogs has story and is cute.

Game is pretty good but there are way too many ads our brother are playing it together we thought it was a two player and it would be nice if it was a team player one was a cat or a dog saw we really wish those two players and way way way way way too many ads we would give it a five star if it wasnt too Playa and had like not that many ads.

We like this game but its plus looks like a baby Gabe we mean every level is easy can you make some levels are actually hard Im not trying to be mean and every level also looks like its just the same we mean its just so common we wouldve waited it with a zero star if we could.

We really love the new skins as well as the challenges not to hard but still fun but it sometimes freezes so ya but 5 stars.

We like pandas but we also like this game to.

Its on fire youre on fire everythings on fire.

Yes,this doesnt has the best design but,its has a good purpose! Its for the people who dont have an Xbox,because its just like a game on Xbox,Phogs. So,like us,I play this instead! Its very fun!

When we first saw this, we were thinking, Wow, this looks a lot like PHOGS, our favorite game. PHOGS is a LOT better than this, and why did they try to make it like PHOGS?

The only reason we like it is because the new skins are so cute, we love dogs and cats and we’re going to try to collect all of them!

We love its so cool mi sis loves she loves cats and dogs and we love it too.

This game is really good we just know it and we dont care if its a rip off besides its not even a rip off if its a rip off it costs money its not even phogs its very different. Its a remake not a rip off a remake of CatDog Shes really annoying.

This game is really good even by the title so we decided to give this game a shot try to win each level, get three stars and beat the game.

We were scrolling through our App Store on our iPad and then we found cat and dog game and its basically just like getting the cat the fish and getting the dogs a bone nothing really amazing but yeah its really calming and amazing really amazing like 100 amazing like 1000 amazing like quadruple amazing yeah OK thats enough amazing!

We love this game we think it is very interesting but we think the ads are a bit weird.. (inappropriate)

We mean we like it but we dont like the fact that it has WAY TOO MANY ADDS like its ridiculous.

We wish we could say some more positives about this game but it never works. We like the concept but we cant get even get a couple seconds in without it getting stuck or freezing, Ill restart it but it always keeps happening. :(

We cant even play a singlelevel without an ad popping up.

To many adds we get an add within 5 seconds after seeing another add we hate it do better will you this is the most disappointing game ever we will never play this again.


Is it meant to play with a friend? So maybe you have to discuss of what way youll go first and stuff?

Every time we get in the game it freezes our game its not gonna stop until you fix the bug other then that we love it.

Its fun! But… It keeps on freezing!

We love the game but it is like we move then it freezes and we move then it freezes again. But anyways we love the game!

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