Pixel Assassin: Kill Impostor

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:43 am

Pixel Assassin: Kill Impostor


Pixel Assassin: Kill Impostor is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Trang Nguyen Thi, Pixel Assassin: Kill Impostor is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th January 2021 with the latest update 6th April 2021

Whether you are a fan of Action, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


17,104 people have rated 1.6

You can download the game Pixel Assassin: Kill Impostor from APP STORE.


Keep an eye on your team, there is an assassin hiding us. Can you catch the assassin among guard fast?

Play Pixel Assassin game in assassin or guard mode, do tasks together, or kill them all.


  • Tap to move around the space ship, kill the guard, and sabotage the objects.
  • When you kill everyone without getting noticed, the level is completed.


  • Easy controls
  • 3D pixel art style.
  • Nice and smooth graphics!

Updated on 6th April 2021

  • Fix some levels

Pixel Assassin: Kill Impostor Review

Last month, we wrote a review that said there should be a chat. So you chose others updates but not ours in the most respectful way ever please read this and do as we ask because we got the real Amoung us and it has a chat but if people want to have a game like Amoung us than give them a chat. Please give this game a chat. Thank you for reading this!

We really like this game but we have a suggestion for the next update it makes a parches that cost game coins that lets you customize your pet and your skin.

We love the game but we liked the original game.

The ads kinda make us mad but we LOVE this game.

This is the best game we have on our phone we have 300 something download it.

We miss the old one please bring it back we miss it we don’t want to be a human PLEASE.

This is a great game but we hate it when the other players vote you instead of someone else why cant we do that? We just wanted to know. We really wanna vote other players but the game makes us vote the person who reported so good game but we just needed you to know!

So we got an ad did not try out the game but the ad was a clip of itsfunneh just playing her role , ventin n slashing but we feel like its copy but Im not suing Im just saying.

We love this game! We strategize how to seperate the people and kill em all! But.. Could you make it so the bots dont have that large report vision? Make them walk up to the body to report? And if someone is doing a task and u kill next to them you should not be caught cause a task was one there screen. Also, please make it so they dont automatically vote you on a meeting. Its annoying. Also can u make it so when there are 3 players u and 2 other bots and u kill one you auto win? And can we call emergency meetings? Overall, we love this game. Keep up the great work!

It was perfect with the among us but why change it?!? Now it is sooooo boring! Please change it back.

Do you have to make it if they find just one body voted out instantly that makes no sense can you make it where they need concrete evidence like seeing you Killed or they see you Vent makes More sense that way.

The game is fum but if we kill they alredly know is us the we were 3 rooms alway.

Dont have anything else just said.

Why did you have to change it we loved it when it was craft imposter now its awful plz change it back.

We hate this game its an among us ripoff that is impossible. Maybe a little bit easier and more fun than among us and we would love it so much more than we do currently, sooo maybe the ability to do sabotage cause that would might make it better and more fun than among us so that is it now bye.

Pixel asascin this game is a bad game because the is bad you dum dum we are going to delete this game because you design bad.

We like the game but the crew mates stick together toooooooo much we cant get pass level ten Im deleting the game!

When we saw the ad for this game, it displayed a YOUTUBE VIDEO of something that wasnt even that game. They dont have the right to use that video as an ad. We have also read other reviews and someone said that the ad they saw was Aphmau. The one we specifically saw was ItsFunneh. A.k.a. Our fav Youtuber. Also In the the review we read, it said that Aphmau was their fav youtuber. You see a connection? Yeah. Also, this game is rlly easy. Developer, YOU CAN MAKE IT HARDER! Also, if we could give this a zero star review, we would.

First thing this game has Minecraft players in it we wish they were among us players. 2nd of all when we pick killer theres like 1 player the 1st round Its stupid theres not sabotages to add that. 3rd it had ads to take away the ads please. Can you spell the bar as Crewmate and the 2nd one imposter. Its really bad.

Were are the among us charters and make this harder AND change the music.

All the ads are taken from Mx.

We hate this game the crewmates have 2 helmets! We are giving this 1 star!

This game is a knock off of Among us and during the ad it didnt let us skip the ad and it kept taking us to the App Store so you should fix that lil guy!

Ok here are the reasons this game is bad and how is it top free games!? 1. Imposter is the worst so terrible every game when we kill somebody finds the body and no matter what room we are in they ALWAYS vote us and for some reason you can not vote and you vote does not even count unless you watch an add to skip! Like seriously nobody wants to do that and this is minor but imposters can not self report. And sometimes when you are crew with not vents around the imposter will pop out of nowhere and kill you ending the game right then and there and one time we were crew we went down the map with purple, yellow and green. Red and blue go up we started this way then it says crew death we go see red and blue red is on blues body and we vote them they are not the imposter and even though we were with green the whole time they were the imposter. So dumb no work put into this people just randomly die. 2. For some reason crew can vent and you can not choose to report and finally only you can report bodies unless you are the imposter than everyone but you can report other people will walk over bodies when not being imposter 3. So many ads after every round there is like a 20-40 second add sometimes the ad is longer than the round. Also you stole your ad from a YouTube clip of the YouTuber aphmau and we doubt she would give it to you or if you even asked!? They should be in jail or at least fined for copyright or something like that, if we were old enough we would report this.. But Im not and you will notice as you scroll down reviews it gets to almost always 1 star the makers put all the 5 star reviews at the top and make bot 5 start reviews we feel like our bad ratings make no difference like they choose they rating and they dont want to be truthful to the ratings so they just give it the good rating despite the bad ones and there are soooo many rip off games like this on AppStore they need to handle this they make rip off games designed for Leeching money off of popular games AppStore needs to ban these games and control this ( is there anyway to give AppStore a review?) and this it literally just a rip off of among us so just play the real among us it is better (much better)

This game we s so fun we like being the imsopter an its like the real game.

WASHINGTON, DC on a No message.

Is so good but to much ads!!! Pleases no more ads to much and we whant to kill more people and n the game we can only kill 2 like why just to why?

This is such a nice game theres only one thing to say about this game so addicting.

Because it is so fun to play when you are board.

Awesome but plz add a feature where you can make your own skin and hat plz.

Its okay not as good as regular among us.

The game is rated 4+ but there are levels with dead bodies in a pool of blood and bloody blades. Definitely not appropriate for 4 year olds.

So it says that you can play it in Minecraft on the add so we got it it was a rip off.

We dont at all think that when the crew mates are freaking doing a task like they cant see us right Like the real among us game when youre doing a task but like they dont see you so its not at all like among us nice try about making another other among us app thing.

The ad for this game copied a Minecraft mod. The game is laggy, has too many ads, the controls are slow, its just another game trying to imitate Among Us. Our biggest problem with this game and many others, is the ads, they straight stole a YouTube at game play, and passed it as there own. And on top of that, the game play from the ad, is NOTHING like the game. Our advise for anyone reading this who hasnt already got the game… DONT, your wasting your time.

We wrote this review because we saw this was another copied version of among us, and stole from our favorite YouTuber, Aphmau. If you dont know, Aphmau is a mainly Minecraft YouTuber, and she made a few Minecraft among us videos, and sometimes normal among us. This game stole a clip from that video, and used it as an ad for their game. It would be fine if they asked Aphmau to use the clip, but we doubt she would say yes, or they didnt ask. Thats also technically false information to use it for an ad, since that was Minecraft, and not this game. Also, if you want among us, go get ACTUAL among us. Not this, its too easy, and in normal among us, the roles are randomized. This game is made for attention. If we could rate this no stars, we would. Stop copying from other people! >:(

This is about the ads. We’ve already seen the copying aphmau and we didnt think much of it at first but then you copied AGAIN! Form itsfunneh! Both really good youtubers whos work has been stolen by a cheap horrid mobile app! Very disappointed that you had to copy youtubers and among us!